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Post by Veghul Mon Oct 25, 2021 2:44 pm

※ Acta Non Verba ※

Arkhain Raidruin found himself infiltrating this gaggle of no-good beatniks a few days ago and so far he had been playing the role of security for the thieves. To his surprise, they didn’t seem to catch onto the fact that he had been studying them and taking notes on their behavior. He wished to experiment on these criminal elements, but wasn’t exactly sure what the best course of action would be just yet. He wanted to get this over with as fast as possible, but it wasn’t yet time to spring the trap and harvest the results of his hard labor. No, the time to unleash his modified serum was just around the corner. For now, he had to prepare dinner for these weighty hooligans.

Not that he minded the process of preparing a good meal. He wanted his test subjects to be at their absolute best before he started to dismantle whatever constitution they claimed to have. He wasn’t a sadist by any stretch of the imagination, but he did have a very strict ideology when it came to the lengths he’d go to meet his endgame. Plus, he did enjoy the acting of putting together a culinary masterpiece. That was why he made sure to source the proper ingredients for a large meal. One that was full of protein and an excellent use of flavor. That was the main reason that he found himself making his way from the food stores with a crate full of illicitly gained produce.

It was perhaps this dedication to getting the meal made that made him unaware of the various warning signs that something was amiss here at the bandit stronghold. It appeared that something occurred with an individual who likely was not meant to be here. This was indicated by the fact that several of his bandit kinsmen were running around frantically in a manner that seemingly indicated they were in pursuit of someone or something. Little did Arkhain know, however, his path would intertwine with this pursued individual. As he felt something crash into him the moment he rounded the corner, carrying his crate of produce. The force of which was enough to cause the rather tall man to stumble back just enough to lose balance.

Catching himself momentarily, he’d scowl at the individual in question. Noting all of his gathered resources strewn about the dirt like trash. “Ugh… What the hell?! Do you people not want to eat tonight?...” There would be a momentary pause as he looked over at the new arrival. Eyes narrowing as he sussed out the myriad of details that comprised her visage. There weren’t any women in the brigade to his knowledge. Not that they’d be unwelcome by Arkhain specifically. But this wasn’t his outfit to run. His curiosity took hold and his need for understanding dominated him outright. “Uh… who the heck are you?” He questioned the fellow criminal momentarily. Making sure that he didn’t allow the female to flee from his sight line.

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