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Dionalor Plains Details

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Dionalor Plains Details Empty Dionalor Plains Details

Post by Admin Mon 1 Feb 2021 - 9:21

Dionalor Plains Details

Here is where the soft, shallow hills seem to roll on endlessly, carpeted in lush grass and wildflowers for most of the year. It has many lakes of various sizes dotted within the open, thinly treed area, making it an ideal place for monsters to roam and graze as they please as well as many Gaiyans to relax and, quite literally, be in their element. However, this also makes it the perfect place for Monster Hunters to come, especially those just starting out. Their targets are easy to spot and often rather calm for monsters, making for easy practice and drops recovery. The plains are so large that, unless you've formed a party, you're unlikely to run into anyone else as you explore, so plan accordingly. Occasionally there are quests that come up for an especially dangerous legendary monster within the plains, but for the most part, this is the safest area to take quests.


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