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Gold Plated Death [Daphne]

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Gold Plated Death [Daphne] Empty Gold Plated Death [Daphne]

Post by Colter Sat Oct 23, 2021 4:32 pm

֍ Aut Vincere Aut Mori ֎

Having left from their morning activities, Colter found himself dressed in the proper gear, or at least what appeared to be proper gear, as it was clothing specifically used for spelunking in the depths of caverns. What appeared to be a solid bronze helmet was fitted on his head. He wore dark brown coveralls which matched his hiking boots, socks, gloves and under suit. Naturally any protection added by the clothing was based entirely on Colter's own magic power. He took a moment to look himself over before he'd look back towards his apparent fuck-buddy, Daphne. Taking a moment to drink in her apparel. When they had gone out shopping earlier, he had told her of the proper clothing to wear for their excursion into the unfathomable depths.

"Alright, we've waited long enough. Let's go claim the treasure below. I might actually be able to snag it now that I've you at my side." He exclaimed with a charming yet egotistical grin upon his face that displayed the overbearing smugness that Colter often embodied. He was prepared to finally grasp hold of that weapon that he had seen all those months ago, yet he was cautious about acquiring it due to the limited experience he figured that Daphne had in these subterranean environments. Still, he placed his faith within the young dreamer. She had the passion to overcome his dreamscape and the horrors within. This would be a no brainer. "Let's get moving." He'd exclaim, adjusting the ring on his finger for a brief instance.

-Moments Later-

It took a moment before Colter used his magic in order to get the pair quickly towards the entrance to the cave entrance. It took him a little while to navigate past the wilderness, especially since the entrance was not directly on the base as many might have assumed it would be. It was a good idea to bypass traversal on the ground floor, especially since getting ambushed by the various fauna here in the Avalon Islands was not so rare once you were outside the grasp of civilization. Having landed only a few minutes ago, he crossed his arms as he gazed into the dimly lit maw of the entryway. Sniffing aggressively as he began walking forward. Feeling the dirt beneath his feet became compact and hardened as it transitioned into pure stone.

He waited to see what Daphne might have said about the dankness that settled in around the pairing. There had been no signs of physical excavation in the area. The examination of such a drastically dismal location might have been harder if not for the flame-like wisps that floated and hovered around the pair. Each blaze of spiritual essence racing down the corridor ahead and only following a singular path forward. Even when branching routes seemed to wind and twist their way into new passageways. To that end, it seemed as though it might have been easy to get lost among the catacombs. But Colter had been here before, fought through things both well within and beyond the imagination. He knew where the underneath led. He just had to get there peacefully.

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Gold Plated Death [Daphne] Empty Re: Gold Plated Death [Daphne]

Post by Daphne Sat Oct 23, 2021 4:49 pm


Baby long as you're here, I'll be floating on air cause you're my... you can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I, don't want to wake up from you...
Daphne Rose Ravenwood

In spite of the seriousness of the task they were undergoing, there was a certain ‘merry’ sheen to Daphne’s demeanour. A sated bliss that seemed to emanate from her very being, the afterglow of their morning workout still radiating off of her. Happily, she would follow behind Colter, excited about the job at hand. Treasure hunting, her first exciting escapade as a member of Velvet Reign - if you didn’t include the training session in Colter’s dreamland. Which she, most definitely, did not.

As he glanced back at her, she met his gaze with an enthusiastic grin. “Damn straight you will,”  She chirped with a wink. She wasn’t actually sure how helpful she would be during this quest, but at the very least she was confident enough with her arsenal to know that she wouldn’t be entirely useless. In spite of the strain it had put on her body, she certainly felt different after yesterday - magic wise. Being on Avalon Island had always felt a bit like wading through a fog, the atmosphere felt weighty to her, sometimes even uncomfortable. But waking up this morning she had felt not only well-rested but also more acclimatised to the energy around her. It was like a sense of claustrophobia that had eased up, giving her more room to breathe. With this positive mindset, she would nod at Colter’s order, happy to get started.

It was a few moments later that they would arrive at the cave entrance. Daphne would blink a few times, still getting used to this form of travel. However once she was accustomed to their location, she would eye the emptiness before them. Taking it in for a moment before returning her attention to Colty. “Anything else I need to know before we jump in?” She asked, she wasn’t particularly phased by the unpleasantness of the location. She and her sisters had once waded through a swamp in search of Boglettien lotus flowers, a necessary ingredient for a fertility potion. A wedding gift they had put together for the neighbour, Winnie Rheese, who was now the proud mother of two boys and a girl.

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