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Maybe The Real Treasure Is The Friends We Made Along The Way [Emi, Bleu, Theo]

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Maybe The Real Treasure Is The Friends We Made Along The Way [Emi, Bleu, Theo] Empty Maybe The Real Treasure Is The Friends We Made Along The Way [Emi, Bleu, Theo]

Post by Daiko Thu Oct 07, 2021 10:30 pm


Spewing deadly gas from your mouth didn’t quite cut it the way he liked it, not when he first used that spell in that pinch they found themselves in on their way to Newdale. However, he witnessed the effects it had on all those bastards trying to prevent them from bringing materials to the town… his Poison Magic could injure people very deeply. Fire Magic sure burned people’s skin and caused severe immolations when pushed to a corner, but… there was just something so much more bizarre and crueler with Poison Magic. Maybe it was because that Fire Magic had more utilities, while Poison Magic – at least, to Daiko here – sounded like Magic specialized to killing living things.

But it was his Magic, for now at least… and he had accepted that a bit more. And thus, along with his growing acceptance, a bit of Vyldermir’s air made space for his presence in the cosmos, granting him a little push closer to mastery of his new arcana.

One day, he found himself standing right at the edge of Newdale’s northern shore, staring north towards what looked like a large island in the far distance… but he wasn’t able to see it clearly. Y’know, ever since setting foot in Newdale, the lighting around him – the skies, the fields and the colors as well – just grew so much dimmer and darker that it felt like it was nighttime at all times! He could’ve asked some stranger he passed by, but… nobody else batted an eye to it, so it must’ve been normal here. And he didn’t want to expose his irregularity…

Kura’s worry and Auntie’s warning still lingered in his mind. He didn’t want to draw the wrong kind of attention.

Urrghhh, being on guard all the time was so annoying!!! Daiko felt so out of place that it almost ticked him off his balance and down the salty waves…

“… Hnnh… Obsidian Isles, eh,” he mumbled while taking out a map that he conveniently bought with the coin he was granted from his work with the Sister, “Almost sounds like a mage guild, eh, Coda… w-wait, are those-“

He squinted his eyes and zoomed in on a couple boats paddling down to the coast from afar. They were about a couple hundred meters away, maybe more, but Daiko could make up their long, identical cloaks and assume that they probably came back from some kind of business. Whatever that business may have been, they took off from a small, wooden port with boats and paddles available… and Daiko got an idea.

His Poison Magic was dangerous to wield around people, and he didn’t want to hurt anyone near him… hell, he’d have to master it soon – what if Coda suddenly got hurt or something?

But he needed a secluded place to practice, in case if his Magic went out of control or if he suddenly overdid some new, fancy spell. The island far up ahead looked like it could provide with wide, uninhabited shores for him to train at… and he could do some sightseeing at the same time. Two in one.


Henceforth, if you wandered near the wooden bridge that led out to the wood boats, you would spot a dark-skinned man and a vermillion raptor taking a nap on one of the boats, enjoying the swaying and rocking that the waves granted them… it was difficult to tell morning from evening with the lighting like this, but Daiko did feel a little fatigued. He had prepared a bag with snacks, needles, a knife he bought as well as some bandage in case if he ended up hurting himself during his training.

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Maybe The Real Treasure Is The Friends We Made Along The Way [Emi, Bleu, Theo] Empty Re: Maybe The Real Treasure Is The Friends We Made Along The Way [Emi, Bleu, Theo]

Post by Bleuenn Bosser Sun Oct 10, 2021 12:54 am

Listening to the clacking of hammers the grinding zip of saws and the tightening of fibers. Bleuenn watched the construction of the wooden skeleton of the church that Trishna, Herself, and many others that help provide the building its wooden bones.

“Hey, hey, HEY”! Sighing, Bleuenn would turn her gaze to the small creature cage made out her magic that held a particularly annoying creature. “As much as I like staring at your succulent legs I’d rather you either let me go or delivery us as fast as possible to the order; cause your a terrible concierge”! Blankly staring at the red imp that had caused her so much trouble. Tuning the winged rat out. The half witch slowly covered over the breathing holes of the cage muffling the imp. Taking in the sounds of the construction yet again all Bleu saw before she turned her head was the imp pounding on the cage. Despite what she thought of the pest in both actions and appear he had a point. Glimpsing at what she helped accomplish for one last time Bleuenn turn to the far larger cage that held the far larger though far easier target. Focusing on the oni her rudy eyes looked at his singular horn and stoic features. “You have not said a single word since I’ve met you hopefully your fellow takes on some of your habits”. Stepping past the ice cage legs would sprout out from the base and follow after the ice witch.

While she had helped provide the wood that went towards the construction of the church, she had never seen Newdale due to overexerting herself. It’s said to be ‘a town filled with both races living in harmony, striving to be a shining beacon of what should be to the rest of Vyldermire’. However, it would only appear that way to the willfully ignorant or the blind. The fake looks and the tension that could be felt throughout the town showed the truth, and the truth is that the town was at its breaking point needed only another church incident to push it over the edge.

Seeing the harbor just on the edge of her vision the half witch’s path would be blocked by a group of lower class eldritch no doubt curious as to why a superior had their fellow kin in cages. Their leader steps to the forefront crossing his many arms and towering over the small ice witch. “I have never seen you before, care to explain why you have our brothers in cages”? Leaning to the side and peering at the mob it seemed as if the town had been split in half with the harbor claimed by the eldritch part of the citizenry. Leaning back, Bleuenn clipped the handle of the cage around the large cell before looking through her bag. “You little bitch don’t ignore me! Just because you are…”. Quickly choking on his words as the black scrolls roll down revealing the descriptions of the two eldritch behind Bleuenn with the seal of the Order Of The Eternal.

“We’re sorry milady we did not know, please…”!

I don’t need your explanation nor excuses now remove yourselves before I do it for you”. Packing away her scrolls she stepped forward giving them no time to speech just move as Bleuenn and her captures pass. Once the half witch fully passed and moved out of earshot she exhaled softly as her mother’s culture was far harsher and more intense than her father’s side.

With no more interference, at least currently none that Bleuenn was aware of she finally made it to the harbor. Just like the ones before her, the docks seemed to be completely eldritch since the only things that would come into Newdale by sea would be from eldritch lands since the town has a direct road right to the capital. Walking along the docks her ruby eyes scanned through the bopping boats till her eyes stopped on an odd and concerning sight. Resting on one of the boats were Daiko and Coda, two of the seven who helped protect the shipment and save her from an early grave. Looking around to see if anyone was paying attention Bleuenn would casually walk to the boat and place the cage in front of her and Daiko to cover them from onlookers.

Leaning down and slightly shaking her former ally, Bleuenn would whisper to Daiko as this was one of the last places a human should be. “Daiko…. Daiko, wake up”. Continuing to lightly shake the tanned skin man lightly she would look around once again before looking back at the sleeping falconer concerningly.

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Maybe The Real Treasure Is The Friends We Made Along The Way [Emi, Bleu, Theo] Empty Re: Maybe The Real Treasure Is The Friends We Made Along The Way [Emi, Bleu, Theo]

Post by Theo Sun Oct 10, 2021 11:36 am

It was Theo's turn to sail, something he greatly enjoyed within an existence generally devoid of such things.

Even if this new world and new life both solved some old problems and caused new ones, one thing he currently grinned about was his regained ability to sail on the open seas! As a dragon slayer back in his homeworld, he lost the ability to sail without his stomach violently evacuating his body, which was a real downer for someone who was once a pirate. Then again, Theo had been a lot of things in his screwy lifetime, so moving from one profession to another had been no big deal. There was more than one way to find the shinies. He made do with his skyship, the Crystal Jr. Oh, he missed the Crystal Jr....

Anyway, the voyage had been uneventful. It was initially hard to adjust to the permanent twilight of...what was this called again? The Outside Rim? Whatever, Theo still didn't know too much about the world, and even what he was told usually slipped his mind quickly. It was a lot to learn at once, okay?! They were in the scary people's territory, and the darkness was offputting, but nothing he couldn't handle with a map and a compass, which was what he was consulting right now. "Arrrgh, Emiiii! Land ahoy, matey! " he called in a goofy pirate accent. Though he really had no idea if she'd understand such a reference, the gag was one of his many ploys to seem and feel normal, despite the persistent tug of depression. Twisting back to the wheel and peering into the distance to make sure, yep, that was an island alright. All dark and gloomy and rocky with a scary-looking castle stabbing its multiple dark spires into the gunmetal sky. Didn't look dangerous at all, ha ha... But it did look like it was hiding many things that would not be nicked without some risk. "Blimey," Theo muttered to himself with a cringe, swallowing hard and trying to convince himself this was a good idea.

It was his idea, but that didn't mean it was good. He was neither a smart man nor a consistently lucky one, so it wasn't unusual for things to go super sideways. In fact, his life, mental health, and physical health were in shambles due to his prevalent, curse-like bad luck. There was no way in good conscience he should be traveling with Emi, and reminding himself of that did run a pang of guilt through him, but apparently not enough to travel alone. He tried to keep the delightfully jokey girl at an arm's length, tried to work together without ever really being friends, but he also craved contact and relationships with people. He loved to laugh and make others laugh, and both were easy between them. It was his horrible selfishness that had him on her boat, potentially putting her in danger by merely hanging out with him, let alone waltzing her into the catacombs under some sort of dark king's castle. Or queen's castle. Theo believed in equal opportunities, after all.

Pulling the boat up to a particularly low but flat slab of black rock, the anchor was dropped and he pulled a satchel onto his back that had a few necessities. "I really hope that grandpa that mugged me was right," the ebony head said, luminous aquamarine eyes gleaming like glaciers in the sun at the mere memory. As an accomplished treasure hunter, Theo Silversong could never pass up a hint or rumor when it came to shiny things and riches, so the toothless old man's ramblings about the heaps of coin and gems he wished he could get his wrinkled mitts on had been a nice consolation prize for having Theo's scrawny coin pouch yoinked and shoved into the crotch of the thief's pants right in front of his eyes. As the old man's bow legs jingled him away, Theo had pressed for more details. The caves under Obsidian Isles, he'd been told. Supposedly the religious dudes and dudettes frequented the Blood catacombs at certain times of the month, and by Theo's research, it should be empty right now, at least until tomorrow.

Wasting no time, the pair would leave the boat as Theo rambled off some more random pirate lines. "Hope ye arr readeye to find bountiful booty!" he grinned. Should they have tried for more stealth? Probably as a precaution, but his quick scan of the back cliffside being hammered by surprisingly cold ocean spray for the summer had come up empty. No guards or anything. No monsters either. Weird for somewhere that could be chocked full of the good stuff, but hey! He wouldn't complain. He'd charge confidently into the lowest yawning mouth of a cave.

"Yaarrr, it be creeepy..." he added once inside, ready to bring out a magilight but finding it unneeded. Only a short distance ahead in the black-rock tunnel there were torches glowing with mystical crimson flames from gothic-esque wall sconces and your average groupings of wax candles in varying states of melt. To double down on the horror and edge, skulls had been shoved into little alcoves burrowed here and there on the walls. Nice touch. Nice and ominous, as if the occasional skittering of insects, crumbling obsidian, and dripping water weren't already enough. Still, not a voice was heard echoing from the maze of tunnels and rooms. Theo thought he heard a hollow shuffle in the distance every now and then, but it must have been his imagination. No movement caught his eyes.

Peeking into one of the first smaller rooms they passed, the easily spooked treasure hunter caught sight of something. An altar with a shine of skulls arching over it, the smooth slab reflecting the candles burning above it. On it was large, black scales. The scent of stale blood hit his nose all at once, causing the tracksuited man to dramatically convulse his way through a shiver. He hurried on.

Coming to the first fork in the sprawling labyrinth, they were presented with three options. He'd let the lady choose, but he wouldn't ask normally. The silliness comforted him when he was freaked out.

"Yo ho ho, which path shivers ye timbers, lassie-bucko?"

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