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Rayne Empty Rayne

Post by Rayne Thu Oct 07, 2021 12:15 am

Willow "Rayne"


Alias/Nicknames: Rayne
Race: Gaiyan
Sub-species: Dryad
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Demi-sexual
Age: 100 years old
Alignment: Adventurers Guild


Much like other Gaiyans, Willow is sensitive to every change in the earth as she draws power directly from the leylines beneath Vyldermire's surface for strength and renewal. Although the peaceful dryad is not against any race, she has grown to be apathetic towards others that live in civilizations that have been slowly eroding the edges of nature to make room for more buildings and the like. Despite this, in efforts to avoid confrontations or conflict with other races, she would rather dismiss or concede to the person curtly than to engage in a fight. After making several attempts to give the others a benefit of the doubt, Willow will step in to defend a creature of nature if it is being harmed for pleasure or sport; she especially will fight to defend her home tree being threatened, as she does have a will to live and die by a natural means, such as a natural disaster, rather than by someone's hand.  In general, Willow can be described as quiet, emotionally aloof or apathetic to others; shying from crowded areas and from being put on the spotlight, she is more introverted than extroverted given her experience being among nature more than being among people. In her mind, she prefers all of Fleure'vir's creatures and plants more than people. Still, she continues finding accomplishment in helping people, as they are also part of Fleure'vir's nature, and provides medication to them, even lowering the price to a cost that someone can pay. Her naivete, of course, can be used against her if the person should be emotional or feign to be poor in efforts to get their medication for a cheaper price.

Although she generally does not involve herself in the quests that include the killing of any of Fleuve'ir's creatures for no reason other than coin or other personal gain, maintaining a general dislike for even hearing heroic tales of others that have killed monsters for glory, Willow is not against the killing of an animal or cutting a plant as a means of resource. When she needs to cut a plant to make her medication or kill an animal for food or pelt, she will say a prayer of thanks as well as one for the earth to accept them and rebirth them anew. She even actively takes part in the process of rebirthing them anew by assisting in the regrowth of the plants that she used for medication as an apothecary or by assisting in the birth of any of Fleure'vir's creatures as a veterinarian. Despite her rejection for quests that involve the killing of creatures, Willow can still be a little adventurous, eager to visit the peaceful, secluded places that are not crowded by people or civilization.  

As an apothecary and veterinarian, the dryad generally loves her line of work, finding a passion in something that she'd do for free if she could. Although her services have proven to have exceptional results, her customer service skills are generally poor. Regardless, the coin she does make in her line of work is mainly for the use of other medical tools or resources not found in nature in efforts to continue helping people and creatures.

About one hundred years ago, Willow was born of Vyldermire's earthy flesh in the forest among other dryads. One day, the whispers in the wind through the trees had told her about the portal in Hoptus Forest, from which people have been arriving through a portal from another world. These so-called otherworlders came without resources and without knowledge of this world, which was what prompted Willow to assist them. Perhaps she could assist them in providing the resources they may need and to embrace nature rather than destroy it. Growing up with the Gaiyan mentality that she is susceptible to the sins of the other races, she chose to be careful not to give her true name, Willow, to anyone in efforts to protect her home tree from harm. Thus, her new name to everyone else became Rayne.

Throughout the years in the Hoptus Forest, the dryad had experienced her fair share of deaths. Her unsolicited gift of premonition that causes her see death scenes of others, as well as her own personal experience in the witnessing deaths of other dryads or Gaiyan spirits only solidified her acceptance for death as Fleuve'ir's will.  The dryad soon had grown to be apathetic towards others that live in civilizations that have been slowly eroding the edges of nature to make room for more buildings, essentially doing away with nature. Nonetheless, Rayne continued to press on in carrying out Fleure'vir's will, clinging to a sense of accomplishment in protecting all the nature in Vyldermire, including otherworlders that have arrived here for a reasons only known to Fleure'vir.

Rayne's ability for seeing death scenes of others that have died before has received recognition only by word of mouth to those that would seek out a "psychic medium." For the most part, however, she is renowned by most as the dryad that is mostly found in Hoptus Forest, who travels to distant lands on occasion to provide medication to otherworlders or ill travelers from her herbal concoctions, as well as to provide veterinarian services to all the animals and creatures of Vyldermire.

+ Dark colors, especially black
+ All animals, from insects like spiders to monsters
+ Plants and making medication from them as an apothecary
+ Death - it's part of Fleuve'ir's natural way of life
+ Feeling helpful/accomplished in carrying out Fleure'vir's way of nature
+ Art, especially in the form of nature, even tattoos
+ Poetry or music, as long as it's not peppy music
+ Adventuring to lands that are not largely inhabited by crowded areas

Dislikes: (Please list 3)
+ Showing positive/enthusiastic emotion unless towards animals
+ Her own sensitive nature that she tries to hide, but she is especially susceptible to guilt trips
+ Being put in the spotlight or given too much attention
+ Excessive Compliments - it makes her shy and she hates blushing so much, similar to above
+ Crowded places - actively avoids situations that could make her feel awkward or embarrassed
+ Stupid or annoying people/customers when they come for medications or veterinarian services
+ Animals being in cages
+ Quests involving the killing of monsters, unless they are for used for resources.
+ Fighting or confrontations
+ Sharing her real name, Willow, to anyone
+ Excessive touching/hugging

Goal/Aspiration: Rayne is driven with the need to feel helpful. Despite how avoidant she may seem, she does care about others enough to sell them medications as a traveling apothecary, even lowering the cost for those that are unable to pay much. She also strives for the care of all of Vyldermire's creatures as a veterinarian.  

Key Fear/Adversary: Rayne fears large crowds due to her shyness and need to avoid embarrassing situations. Her poor social skills that makes her appear avoidant or apathetic due to not being around people often and also due to shyness can be an adversary as she needs customer services skills to maintain customers happy. Her naivete and her sensitivity to emotional people can be used against her  should a person pretend to be poor in efforts to get their medication for a cheaper price.


Height: 5'9
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Black, but they can turn into vines
Eyes: Silver, which can appear blue or purple in some lights. It does turn green, however, when she is using her dryad magic.
Skin Tone: White, but it can turn green or into wooden tree bark when she transforms

Overall Appearance:
Willow Tree form :
Tree humanoid form:
Human form:

Wysteria "Claudyne"


Alias/Nicknames: "Claudyne" "Clouds" "The Wise Twin Sister," "The Burned One"
Race: Gaiyan
Sub-species: Dryad
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Bisexual
Age: 100
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A


Personality: (200 words on your character's personality? What are they like? What are their key traits?)
Nice. Not as blunt as sister.
Outgoing but can be quietly scrutizing people
Bossy/ talks over quiet people like her sister / makes decisions for them
Traumatized - Easily jumps to conclusions and judgments
Sensitive to her scarred face, quick to blame others for embarrassing her on purpose

History: (100 words on your character's history, where did they come from, where did they grow up? How has their life moulded them. Note: Please do not mention nobility in your history unless you have staff permission.)

Likes: (Please list 3)
+ Cooking when stressed (But poor baking experience -  Only knows how to bake cookies and salt biscuits)
+ Party Planning
+ Exterior design, including floral decor
+ Dancing, even alone
+ Protecting her sister at all costs

Dislikes: (Please list 3)
+ Being touched in the face because she is a survivor of abuse in the past and will feel threatened, but also feels insecure about her scar
+ Invaders that are too close to her home tree or other dryads
+ Fake or dishonest people
+ Adventurers that kill for greed

Goal/Aspiration: Claudyne loves to organize festivities as a party planner and also loves decorating in exterior design. She aspires to build a network of reliable professionals.  

Key Fear/Adversary: Claudyne feels threatened by anyone attempting to be close to her, to her sister, and other dryads. She fears undergoing abuse again, as well as her sister and other dryads. Although she is a lot more vocal and outgoing than her sister, her past trauma of abuse works against her being able to get close to anyone, often treating people at the surface level as acquaintances.  


Body Type:Slim
Hair: Purple/Black, but can turn magenta/pink
Eyes:Purple/Brown, but it does turn a yellow green when using her dryad magic
Skin Tone:White, but it can turn pink or into wooden tree bark when she transforms

Overall Appearance:
Wysteria Tree form :
Tree humanoid form:
Human form:

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Rayne Empty Re: Rayne

Post by Iris Thu Oct 07, 2021 11:04 am


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