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Appreciating the world

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Appreciating the world Empty Appreciating the world

Post by Sacha Sun Oct 03, 2021 9:48 pm

How long had it been since he last felt the soft grass of Hoptus Forest between his toes? Gentle steps almost soundless carried the boy through vibrant foliage and radiant light. Fond memories of meeting Elder Logos tickled Sacha’s soul, sadness and curiosity snuffed out the smile he once held. Where was Elder Logos? Was he alright? White brows furrowed beneath an unkempt mop of hair; ever since his return with Eloise things had not been quite the same. Another flashback of her village sense rage coursing through his slender frame.

‘How dare they! How dare they!!’ His emotions welled up within, threatening to break past his restraint like a tsunami. Magic trickled forth from his feet coverying the grass in a thin film of frost. Rage boiled down to sorrow once more causing the flow of magic to cease. A gentle trail of frosty footprints was all that marked his presence on the path.

In his left hand there was a fishing rod and lunch box, in the right were his shoes with the socks hanging out of the tops. Unlike before he was not dressed up in his usual silken shirt and dress slacks; instead he wore shorts and a tank top that allowed his pale skin to reflect the light like Cullen. (Yes yes I went there..) Thanks to the overgrown canopy overhead, the lad did not need to worry about sunscreen!! One less thing to pack on such a warm day. Turning along with the path created by the forest residence, Sacha appreciated the works of nature.

In fact, just being here in this forest already made him feel a bit better. It was a pity E could not come along. Set out on another mission she had chosen to go alone for once. In truth it troubled Sacha, however he had come to the conclusion that right now E would need some time and space for herself. Wrinkling his nose slowly Sacha halted the thought process of his brain.
”She will be okay.. Trust in Speedy E.. For now, we are here to relax and enjoy ourselves with nature.” Placing his right forearm across his chest, he called his own heartbeat.

As his heart rate slowed the gentle pop of water caught his attention, looking off to his right he had arrived at his destination. The same large fishing hole that Elder Logos had been soaking in to escape the heat of the sun. A fond smile now crossed his lips as he made himself at home, sitting along the waters his feet slipped into the cool liquid. Setting up his fishing rod and lunch box, all there was to do now was wait for a bite and enjoy the weather. Laying backward his back rested upon a moss bed vibrant with insects doing as nature intended for them. Rolling onto his right side, his back to the lunch box and woods behind, he now faced the largely fallen stump to his right.

”Hey guys, how are you all doing?” Sacha questioned as he rested his head upon the right palm and watched the creatures work. Taking up a stray leaf he placed it next to a line of ants moving supplies to their den not too far off. He hoped they found it helpful!!


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Appreciating the world Empty Re: Appreciating the world

Post by Cassidi Mon Oct 04, 2021 8:38 pm

Even though she felt naked without her armor, the simple linen dress that Cassidi wore was at least comfortable, which was what she was aiming for. It had been a while since the hybrid had enjoyed the calming and soothing atmosphere of the forest. Ever since she became an adventurer, she learned to navigate populated areas like towns and cities to seek quests. However, the sights and smells always felt a little overwhelming. From Cassi's perspective, everything felt so restrictive. There were too many people, too many sounds, and too little space. Not to mention, most people (regardless if they were human or Eldritch) weren't particularly welcoming to her kind. So, here she was. A soft breeze caressed her face pleasantly as she took her time walking around the woods. The faint sounds of nature were all she could hear around her while whistling softly. It was more than perfect.

Strolling through the vibrant woodland, the memories of Cassidi's younger self and her mother began to cross her mind. Recalling a particular memory, she remembered the first time talking to her mother about her emerging wolf-like instincts. It was a chilly and quiet night as Cassi laid with her mom underneath a canopy with only a thick cover resting her back. The white-haired pre-teen asked so many questions about the werewolf instincts she was beginning to experience. Her smell and sight had heightened dramatically to the point where nearly everything bombarded her senses. And, most importantly, she started to feel spikes of intense anger and an urge to hunt. All these feelings alarmed Cassidi, but her mother was calm and patient while her daughter expressed her issues. Her mom would be there to help her with these emotions. At that moment, she actually felt safe and protected. Those kinds of memories made her feel like a somewhat normal child, and not some odd, easily frightened waif.

Before she could reminisce about her past any further, Cassidi's concentration broke when she suddenly stepped into a small frosty patch on the grass. Following the icy trail with her bright golden eyes, her nose picked up a scent. Most likely, a human. Slowly, she continued to walk until she caught sight of a large fishing hole, although Cassi saw something else that was strange. A pale-skinned person with white hair was lying on the soft grass. Squinting her eyes further, she realized that this person was male. And she could hear him speaking. Who was he talking to? Cassidi doesn't see anyone around. Her curiosity was piqued ever so slightly. While she tried to approach carefully, Cassi accidentally stepped onto a broken wooden branch, making a fairly loud crunch sound. Her eyes widened a bit. Shit! She only hoped that this stranger wouldn't be too bothered by her presence.

Word Count: 466
Total Word Count: 1,016
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