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Prose: A Period Drama RP

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Prose: A Period Drama RP Empty Prose: A Period Drama RP

Post by Faietal Tue Sep 28, 2021 2:41 am

Prose: A Period Drama RP 5305632e9cbe1dc83654baefa9b595ca0986b35e
Enter the Proseverse, a world of Period Dramas colliding in the Romantic Era and flinging our most beloved literary and dramatic characters into society alongside original muses as they navigate their own stories, the narrative of Prose, and Gothic Nature.

Community Highlights:

    :sparkles: Accessible and Accommodating- Flexible Activity Paces, Multiple Application Options, Canon & Original Characters, Site & Member Plots, Fluid In-Game Time, and Open Lore:sparkles: Diverse and Inclusive- LGBTQ+ Friendly & Inclusive, POC Friendly & Inclusive (w/ Blended Casting Options), Title & Wealth Options for Female Characters:sparkles: Unique and Open World- Regency Romance, Victorian Intrigue, Gothic Horror, and Fae Magic

Prose: A Period Drama RP Tumblr_pwh1izfNAS1yp430jo7_400
Series One, The Hunting Season; Episode Two: A Curious Concourse has begun with the introduction of Madame Tussaud by the mysterious Viscount of Lambourn.

    "Did you hear? The mysterious Viscount Lambourn has opened his house and invited a travel party to join him at Lambourn Manor!" Society has been intrigued by the unexpected arrival of Viscount Lambourn, returned home from Grand Tour with a scandalous artist in his patronage- Madame Tussaud, a French woman who sculpts from wax with such skill that one must question her methods. A demonstration has been promised, capturing the attention of the inquisitive. The promise of viewing the enigmatic Lambourne manor is equally provocative as none have seen it; and all good, prim and proper, or hopeful members of society are eager to dine with the reclusive Duke of Cluaransios, whom the Viscount has found himself in the good graces of. With the event sure to be the last of the Hunting Season and such appeal planned, who could possibly stand to miss it?

:negative_squared_cross_mark::negative_squared_cross_mark: September is also ending with a Character Drive and a game of Proseverse Bingo!!

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Prose: A Period Drama RP Empty Re: Prose: A Period Drama RP

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat Oct 09, 2021 8:02 pm

Approved & Linked Back!


Prose: A Period Drama RP 63344_s

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