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Cassidi's Quest Tracker

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Cassidi's Quest Tracker Empty Cassidi's Quest Tracker

Post by Cassidi Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:20 am

Cassidi's Quest Traker
On-going Quests/Threads
Apreciating the world (Thread)
Thread Summary:
Amidst the beautiful Hoptus Forest, Cassidi encounters a snow-haired individual.

Location: Hoptus Forest (The Common Realm)

Player Participants: Cassidi, Sacha

End Results:

A Festive Fair! (Open Thread)
Thread Summary:
A small festive fair settled in the Cardinal Outskirts, attracting the attention of some common folk.

Location: Engloria (The Common Realm)

Player Participants: Cassidi, Alfalfa Walden, Wes

End Results:

The Bitter Leaf (Thread)
Thread Summary:
Traveling through Newdale, Cassidi seeks out a drug or a medicine that could help with alleviating intense emotions. As a result, she ends up in the Bitter Leaf, searching for a remedy.

Location: Newdale (The Outer Realm)

Player Participants: Cassidi, Scott Youngblood

End Results:

A Night on Black Sands (Event)
Thread Summary:
Cassidi attends one of the Moondance festivals in Sinhaven.

Location: Newdale (The Outer Realm)

Player Participants: Cassidi, Lilith, Shane, Sage

End Results:

Mama's Letter (Thread)
Thread Summary:
Cassidi gets a message from somebody she's been waiting to hear for a while. Interestingly, she encounters a fun-sized mail carrier.

Location: Engloria (The Common Realm)

Player Participants: Cassidi, Hugo

End Results:

Phylactery (Thread)
Thread Summary:
After rescuing the hybrid orphans, Cassidi and Bleuenn continue their quest to find and take down their evading kidnapper. They two decide to venture to Riverforte to continue their investigation.

Location: Riverforte (The Common Realm)

Player Participants: Cassidi, Bleuenn

End Results:

Owe a Post in order: Bleu (Thread)

Posted: Sacha (Thread) | Hugo (Thread) | Alfalfa, Wes (Open Thread) | Lilith, Shane, Sage (Event) | Scott (Thread)

Completed Quests/Threads
Lost Ones (Quest)
Featuring Bleuenn
Quest Turn In(s):
Quest Summary:
In Otenshire, there is a quaint orphanage for hybrids. While the foundling home has been through some troubles with prejudice, it is one of the few safe havens for hybrid children. Although one morning, a small group of their orphans ends up missing. According to various rumors, they were lured by someone/something at midnight. Even though the caretakers of the orphanage can't offer much for a reward, there are a few adventurers that have decided to accept the quest to find the lost children.

Location: Otenshire (The Common Realm)

Player Participants: Cassidi, Bleuenn

End Results:Cassidi and Bleuenn rescued the four orphans that went missing. They learned two of the orphans' names (Ronna & Callum). The two young adventurers get to know each other more and they seem to make a pretty good team. Unfortunately, they were unable to capture their assailant. The two are seeking out leads for where their quarry could be heading next.

Cassidi's Relationships

None yet

Bleuenn Bosser
Cassidi teamed up with Bleuenn to rescue the lost hybrid orphans and track down the kidnapper. After rescuing the children, the two warm up to each other, forming a good bond.

None yet

Romantic Interests
None yet

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