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The Balloon Sharks Are At It Again!!

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The Balloon Sharks Are At It Again!! Empty The Balloon Sharks Are At It Again!!

Post by Yoruen Thu Sep 16, 2021 2:32 pm

“Blazefire Smash!” Shane roared out loud as leapt to the side, turning his body the moment he landed and punched straight into the side of the Pot-Bellied Chomper that slid past him. The flames wrapped around his fist exploded outwards, causing the Chomper to roar in pain and anger as it was knocked out of its sliding trajectory and onto its side. Its short legs whipped around frantically as it tried to right itself, but with it temporarily out of the way, Shane could pay attention to the others. It was the same situation as the first time he had came over to Mackemm, minus the trapped lumberjacks.

The breeding season that had caused large jump in the Chompers’ population had pushed them inland, further and more frequently than usual. A few days after he had saved the stranded lumberjacks that were ready to become Chomper food, he had been contacted again for another task. Another group of Chompers had ventured inland, laying their teeth on whatever they could to sate their hunger. The lumberjacks had quickly retreated after failing to chase the monsters away, leaving no one behind this time.

It was how and why Shane was now in the middle of the forest again, battling it out with another group of five Pot-Bellied Chompers for the second time. After the first time, he had gained a better understanding of how the monsters moved and attacked. But it was still tough as ever to ignore their apparent cuteness just so that he could lay his hand on them.

While he had toppled one of them over, Shane still had four more to deal with, until that one got back up. He wasn’t as lucky this time compared to the first round. The Chompers in this pack were either smarter or were completely incapable of cooperation. All five of them were bouncing and sliding all over the place, crisscrossing each other’s path here and there, but never once had they collided with each other. That would have made things so much convenient for Shane. But nope. This randomness was working well for them.

As though playing in traffic, Shane was constantly on his guard, hopping and leaping left, right, front and back as he avoided the sliding balloon land sharks. Any wrong step would leave him in the maws of one of those cute monsters. It wouldn’t be so cute then.

“I have to finish this quickly. This is tiring,” Shane sighed as he wiped the sweat from his brow and took the initiative to attack by leaping forward at one of the Chompers that were heading his way. With a sudden burst of strength, assisted by the eruption of flames from his left leg, Shane rocketed up into the air. At the peak of his leap, a faint ring of flame clouds appeared around his ankles, activating his ability of flight to hover for just a split second so that he could position himself over the Chomper sliding below him.

The moment the Chomper was right below him, Shane released his flight and dropped into a freefall. Flames erupted around Shane’s right hand as he pulled it back and as he landed on the Chomper’s back, Shane hammered his burning fist into the top of the creature’s head. The Chomper roared as it tilted its head back from the attack, throwing Shane off its body. Shane rolled backwards on the ground when he fell, mitigating the damage, but before he could stand back up, another Chomper rushed in his direction with its mouth open.

“Great,” Shane exclaimed drearily as he hurriedly leapt up into the air again, just barely escaping the jaws of the Chomper. Dropping back to the ground and taking advantage of the time it would need to turn around, Shane prepared his next move. Flames flared up along the entirety of his right arm, and with a thrust forward, which was actually unnecessary, the Draconyte launched a blast of flames at the Chomper. A huge explosion ensued from the collision, and the painful roar of the Chomper triggered the rest of the pack into an even more aggressive frenzy.

Shane didn’t let up on his attacks. A flaming spear was created out of thin air in Shane’s grip and he threw it straight at the burning Chomper. The fire spear stabbed deeply into the Chomper’s flesh, prompting it to call out in pain again before finally weakening and just dropping over on its side. Shane turned around to the other Chompers that were moving around more fiercely now, including the first one he had knocked over on its side and the one he had punched on its head.

“This is reaallllly taking too long,” Shane repeated again before rushing straight into the monsters. He targeted the one he had knocked over earlier.

“Blazefire Kick! Blazefire Kick!”

With flames sheathed around his legs, Shane released flames from his back in powerful burst to propel himself forward and roundhouse kicked the Chomper on the side of his head. A second roundhouse kick was made possible by shooting out flames from the heel of his kicking leg, the sudden increase of momentum keeping Shane in the air as he made a full spin and slammed his flaming leg into the same spot on the Chomper’s head again. The rapid double roundhouse kick was powerful enough to lift the Chomper off its feet, sending it flying into the nearest tree. As soon as it collided with the tree, like air let loose from a balloon, the Chomper beginning to deflate.

“Jetfire Fist!” was the next spell that Shane roared as he landed on the ground in a half-kneel, one hand pressed onto the ground while his right hand was held to the side. Flames rippled instantly around his entire arm and burst outwards as a horizontal pillar of flames, entirely covering the Chomper trying to attack Shane from the side. The agonized roars of the monster pulled on a particular chord in Shane, getting his sympathy, but leaving the monsters to roam free would cause harm.

With four Chompers deflating from the beatdown, there was only one left that was starting to show a chink in its conviction to attack. Flames blazed into existence on Shane’s left hand this time, manipulated to spin around menacingly, as he stared right into the Chomper’s eyes.

And then the Chomper ran. The rest of the pack, beaten and no longer inflated, squealed painfully as they ran off after it, heading back towards the coast. Shane let out a long and heavy sigh as he finally allowed his body to relax.

“It was worth it taking this quest,” Shane spoke out loud as he began to float up into the air, his flight sustained by the rings of fiery clouds around his ankles. The moment he ascended above the tree line, Shane began flying towards Mackemm Village where he would be able to call this quest a success and collect his rewards before taking a good night’s rest.

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