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Post by Kyr Artanis Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:55 am

In the Forest of Omens, when song becomes silence and the light comes to lifeless eyes, the Bronze Court shall be lost.

Hoptus Forest.

Of all places she could've gone, this was the place where her heart had called for her to go.

A heart shattered only recently, in such a deceiving way that she had not wanted to face any human being when she left. So she steered clear from the inhabited world, shunned cities and dodged towns, living her life like she always had before; in the calming solitude of nature itself. Aimlessly she had wandered, until she'd found herself back where everything began for her in this strange, new world. That same lake where she'd plunged into only months prior, with shores inviting her to sit down and relax, which was exactly what she did. The hood of her cloak fell back as she sat down, the long stalks of grass brushing against her fingers. Only the sound of songbirds and the distant splashing of local wildlife playing in the water resonated near her, leaving the demonata to close her eyes and enjoy her moment of respite.

Even the sun deigned to shower her with its warming rays as she leant back, long white locks cascading past her shoulders. She'd been mindless in her pursuit for a new goal, leaving her instincts to guide her so she did not have to think, for thinking only brought her back to memories she tried so valiantly to forget. Until last week, that had been how she'd moved, but now she found herself chasing after a dream. A string of words that had been returning every time she fell asleep, a light chanting in the darkness, the same words over and over again, but never to reply. The why. The where. The how. Kyrenai knew nothing aside from the chant, etched within her mind like one's favorite song, on repeat.

"In the Forest of Omens, when song becomes silence and the light comes to lifeless eyes, the Bronze Court shall be lost."

She mouthed the words, allowing herself to slump into the tall grass. Some of it made sense; The Forest of Omens was another way to describe the very place she now wandered. Where 'the  light came to her lifeless eyes again'; surviving her descent into Vyldermire? 'When song becomes silence' however made her wonder... maybe it was the way how recent events had stomped her hopes? How her song had been silenced. But this Bronze Court... that was the true strange part, because the Bronze Court had been something from her previous life, an organisation that shouldn't have been known or even in Vyldermire for that matter. At least, she hoped so. For the Bronze Court was a unity of higher beings, set to reign the world like gods. To be the creators and the evil altogether; the true rules of fate. The damned beings that had made her thi-


"Ouch!" Startled the white-haired woman sat up, feeling something brush against her as she did. Tears stung her eyes as she rubbed her throbbing nose, feeling the soft indents of small teeth as she tried to see what had tried to munch her. In front of her the cutest little thing sat, eyeing her with the same curiosity as she did the little beast. It was roughly the size of a puppy, had a big belly one could be tempted to pet just by looking at it for too long, and the overall appearance of what she would dare to call a shark... with tiny little legs... land shark? Somehow the tiny thing made her melt as it waddled closer to her, trying to crawl over her legs with little success. It seemed to contemplate something as it struggled, but Kyrenai only felt the urge to pet it. She reached to it, slowly, but it didn't make any attempts to dodge her, instead granting her the honor of petting it. Although its skin was rough to the touch, Kyrenai smiled. It felt nice to see the small thing enjoy her scratches as it nuzzled her leg some more.


Sharp teeth pierced through her pants and lodged themselves in her calf, drawing blood almost immediately. Cursing profoundly Kyrenai wanted to kick the thing off of her, but was fast enough to realise it would only make the bite worse, and opted on grabbing its jaws instead, wrenching it open enough for her to break free. With a rough shove she pushed the thing away from her, watching as it rolled off and back into the water. A hiss escaped her as she tried to get unto her feet, feeling a warm stream of crimson liquid run down her leg and stain the shredded cloth. "Shit! You fucking little-"

More splashing alarmed her as she continued her cursing fest, her focus instantly on the water in front of her, where the little chump had returned with a handful of its friends. And its friends were a LOT bigger than he was. Leaving no time to waste, Kyrenai turned and made a run for the trees.

Or well, a limp.

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