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Country Girl (Bleuenn, Shane & Pom)

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Country Girl (Bleuenn, Shane & Pom) Empty Country Girl (Bleuenn, Shane & Pom)

Post by Bleuenn Bosser Fri Sep 10, 2021 12:07 am

The bright lights and sounds of the otherworlder haven known as Rivengate overwhelmed Bleuenn. While she had heard about such things from Bassui, mere words did not prepare the hybrid for a face to face encounter with otherworldly societies and architecture. Couple with the over stimuli of the city and it's weak connection to the ley lines made for a very disoriented Bleuenn.

A sudden obnoxious sound mimicking that of a bird's chirping, but far louder, caused Bleuenn to jump out of the way. Backpedaling the unhorsed carriage speed past at an alarming speed with the rider barking obscenities at her as they passed. Still distracted from her recent encounter with the iron horse, she accidentally backed into someone while still looking towards the odd blackened street that contained the strange modes of transportation.

I’m so sorry….”! As Bleuenn quickly turned around to apologise for her carelessness the person who she bumped into merely gave her an annoyed look before continuing on as the sea of people crowded around her. Excusing herself as she tried to pass through the other people, her meek attempts were met with nothing as they continued along. Forgoing manners she tried to squeeze and slip through the wave after wave of people. However, their numbers and larger frames won out as they forcefully guided an unwilling Bleuenn along their path. Increasing her pace, Bleuenn almost broke into a jog to avoid being trampled by the uncaring group that reminded her more of cattle than individual people. Keeping pace with the hivemind esque glob of humanoids that seemed hellbent on making it to their destination no matter who or what was in front of them. Out of the group she took note of their bland almost uniform clothing that quickly outer her as an outsider. However, the most concerning of all was the odd glowing boxes that they held. Not once did the members take their eyes off of the strange glowing box. Is that some manner of mind control or dark magic that has entranced the host? Placing a pin in the theories of what the magic box could be for the moment, Bleuenn looked around for an opening or less crowded area. Peering through the cracks in the mass of bodies ahead of her she spotted an opening between the large dull buildings that dotted Rivengate. Breaking into a slight jog, Bleuenn attempted to squeeze, slide and duck through the openings in the crowd.

Finally finding a reason to be thankful of her small frame as it made the task relatively easy. However, as she slipped through the last of the group, she felt a hand grasp at her backside. Clenching her teeth she turned around with spell in hand to punish whoever touched her. Though as she faced the wall of people it was impossible to tell who it could have been and if they were still among the current wave before her. Crinkling her nose and canceling her spell Bleuenn decided against combing through the group of innocent people to quell her anger. Exhaling a defeated sigh she turned her attention towards the open area that she had managed to escape to. As her eyes fell upon the collection of stands and tents that resembled the sort of markets that she was used to; the hybrid felt far more comfortable than she had been among the cold and soulless stone and glass buildings that towered over the area.

Closing in on the market, she hoped that at least one of the stands sold more suitable clothing for the area. While she would prefer to wear her normal clothing, more suitable clothing might improve her chances of traveling throughout the city. Peering and looking at all the odd wears that each stand had on display clawed at her curiosity. Stopping by one of the stands she noticed a similar box that many of Rivengate’s population carried. Pointing at one of the boxes, “Excuse me Sir, but what are those magical boxes and how do you make it glow”? The merchant paused for a moment as he looked Bleuenn over, smiling with a small chuckle at her questions. “Must be your first time in Rivengate young lady. Let me be the first to welcome you to our city”. Picking up one of the boxes and pressing down on some sort of button or latch the box would expel a jingle before lighting up with a symbol and name. Quickly blocking her eyes, Bleuenn made sure that she would not be subjected to the item's magic. Keeping her hand up only made the merchant’s chuckle upgrade to a hearty laugh. “I see you have already seen many others that have taken a bit too much of an interest in their phones. Don’t worry there is no magic that will bind your body and mind to it”. Placing the phone down and taking out his own, the man would scroll along the box until he tapped it, releasing a ring. After a few more rings a voice echoed out from the box. “Hey, no it’s nothing just showing a customer what phones are… Okay sorry for disturbing you”. Tapping his phone once again he looked at the mesmerized Bleuenn. Filled with wonderment she begun rallying off questions about how and what made the boxes known as phones tic.

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Country Girl (Bleuenn, Shane & Pom) Empty Re: Country Girl (Bleuenn, Shane & Pom)

Post by Shane Wed Sep 15, 2021 5:28 am

The stark contrast of Rivengate with the rest of the world never failed to amaze Shane every time he set foot into the city. He could remember the first time he arrived, and he would just stay rooted to the spot for a long period of time, just turning around and around, his head swiveling around to no end just to catch sight of everything that the city had to offer. In Rivengate, technology had replaced magic, with the population here relying on technology to live their lives. Everything ran on electricity. As a non-native, Shane had did his best to assimilate by learning as much as he could, but there were still many things that escaped his ability to understand.

Shane navigated through the streets of Rivengate casually. Miriad being so close to Rivengate was one of the reasons why he had been here quite frequently in the past, thus knowing his way around. A mobile phone vibrated in the left pocket of his pants which he quickly pulled out to answer. It was a small rectangle with rounded corners, a screen that took up around 70% of the front side and a small black button below it. It was a rather dated model that Shane had bought in the past. The newer models had more features and looked better, but for a device that he could only use in Rivengate and him being out of Rivengate most of his time, Shane never saw the need to waste his money.

“I’m just around the corner, Byolan,” Shane spoke out the moment he pressed on the button to take the call. An unintelligible snort from the other end of the call was the only reply before Byolan cut off the call. Shane shook his head with an amused grin at his old friend’s impatience. But the man wasn’t to blame. Every time Shane stepped into Rivengate, he would definitely be swayed out of his original goal and end up flirting with some girl he met. For Byolan, he was already used to Shane arriving late. The call was just a reminder.

Shane let out a sigh of exasperation at his friend’s impatience and for once, picked up his speed to head directly over to Byolan’s. As he walked, his eyes caught a glimpse of a blue-haired girl in a rather traditional attire. However, what really got his attention was the talisman hanging from her hat, and fixing is gaze onto her face. Shane had every intention of stopping to chat her up, but for once, he fought against it and instead decided to humor Byolan this time by arriving on time.

“Let’s wrap things up with Byolan quickly,” Shane decided as he averted his gaze and walked away. The girl was currently speaking to a merchant about a phone, which Shane assumed she was going to purchase one for herself. If he got his stuff done quickly enough, he could rush back here before they wrapped up the transaction.

It was really only five minutes away, rounding around a corner and into a more shady part of the city. A huge neon sign board that was malfunctioning, flickering every once in a while and then going dark before suddenly coming back to life to bombard his eyes, was hung above the store’s door, shouting out “Magic Weapons”. In a city where technology reigned supreme and where everyone was looking for the next best weapon with the best of the best crammed in, Byolan was the odd one out that specialized in magical weapons instead. However, when it came down to it, Byolan was definitely one of the best.
Shane knocked twice on the rusty metal door and pushed it open with force. The door swung open on its hinges and slammed into the inside wall loudly, closely followed by a yelp from inside the neat shop. The exterior and interior was entirely worlds apart. Shane had told Byolan to fix his outside countless times but all the guy ever said was that it added character to his shop.

Byolan’s store was simple. A forge sat on the left side of the spacious shop, protected with a barrier so that the intense heat he works with doesn’t affect the rest of the shop. Shelves that reached from top to bottom and spanned the entire wall of the shop’s right displayed all the weapons and armors that Byolan had ever crafted, regardless if they were successes or failures. A small pantry was set up on the wall facing the door, with a small coffee table and few chairs. The man appreciated tea as much as he did magical weapons. And finally, in the middle of the room was a long wooden table. A piece of black cloth was draped over the table, covering whatever was placed on the table.

“Be careful!!!” Byolan hissed as he turned around to look at Shane with a venomous look in his eyes. He quickly gave his whole shop a glance over to make sure that everything was in place before putting down whatever he was doing at the forge and walked through the faint blue barrier. Sweat was pouring down the side of his face, and his clothes stuck to his body as he moved over to the pantry to grab a towel and wiped himself around the brows and neck.

“So what you working on?” Shane said as he moved across the room, looking over to the forge but before he could even see anything, the faint blue barrier suddenly turned opaque, blocking away the forge from view entirely. Shane turned to Byolan with a mild frown. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

What he wanted to ask was “What are you doing that I can’t see” but those words never left his mouth. Close as they might be, if Byolan wanted to keep secrets, then Shane wasn’t the type to pry unnecessarily.

“I’m working on something big. I will let you see it when it’s done,” Byolan answered casually as he pointed at the rows of tin containers for his tea on the pantry counter. “Tea?”

“Nah, I’m in a hurry. What did you want me to see?”

“I don’t even wanna ask. I finished the weapons you asked for,” Byolan announced with a grin as he walked over to the long table and pulled off the black cloth with a swish. “Ta da!”

A wide smile appeared on Shane’s face as he walked over expectantly. The pair of gauntlets was exactly as he had envisioned it. No, it was much better than what he had requested with Byolan adding on some finishing touches to make it bolder. Shane put on the gauntlets without hesitation and began his testing. The air around him shook from the fast and furious punches that he threw out in rapid succession. Next, he began clenching and unclenching his hands. The overlapping of steel as he moved his fingers in all sort of ways was so buttery smooth that it was non-existent. After that, Shane held his right fist out in front of him, and flames began flaring into existence around the gauntlet before dissipating.

The excited grin on Shane’s expression was more than enough to describe his feelings. Byolan, standing opposite him across the table with his hands on the table, looked on with satisfaction of having another job well-done. Just as he was about to speak to Shane about the skills he had used to produce the weapon and about the spell embedded into the gauntlets, Shane looked at him.

“I will pay you back later! Gotta run! See ya!” Shane exclaimed rapidly before bolting out of the store. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the money to pay but since he had already gotten the weapon, then there was no more reason to stay here. The door closed loudly behind him with another loud bang.

“Rotbrain!” Byolan cursed with another new wave of anger, and again gave his whole shop a quick glance over to make sure nothing was falling over. Mumbling string after string of insults under his breath, the weaponsmith walked around the long table and went over to the door to lock it, which involved five different locks of multiple variety. A gem shone in each lock, carrying magic that would activate the moment those locks were broken. When he was sure all of them were in place, Byolan nodded to himself and walked over to his forge, ready to resume what he had been working on earlier.

Outside on the street, Shane was in a particularly good mood. Although he had only tested the gauntlets briefly, he could already feel the compatibility of the weapon in his hands. However, what he had in mind right now was to look for the blue-haired girl he had seen earlier. Shane moved swiftly through the crowds on the street towards the merchant where he had seen the girl earlier. As the phone store came into view, Shane was glad that the girl was still standing there, firing off questions at the merchant who was beginning to have a queer look on his face.

“Hi Miss, how about we have a drink together and I can explain to you in more detail about the phone and their functions? Let’s not take up too much time of this kind mister since he’s running a business after all,” Shane said with a smile, hoping that it was as warm as he envisioned it to be. He was currently dressed in a casual outfit that fit very well with Rivengate’s residents which consisted of a loose black T-shirt that hid his physique slightly, a faded blue jeans and red sneakers. By the standards of Rivengate, he was already considered quite appropriately dressed, hoping that it would be enough.

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