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Hoptus Forest Details

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Hoptus Forest Details Empty Hoptus Forest Details

Post by Admin Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:41 pm

Hoptus Forest Details

The furthest west of the Common Realm, just before crossing into the Outer Realm, there's a gorgeous forest teeming with life. Many monsters gather in the thick undergrowth, enjoying leafy greens all year long. As if blessed by either Fleuve'ir directly or by Gaiyans, the trees never lose their leaves, not even in the harshest of winters. They remain thick and lively, merely changing their vibrant colors depending on the seasons. Many travel just to see the changes in the leaves; blue in the winter, pinks and yellows for spring, lively green in the summer, and reds and oranges in autumn.

In the center of the forest lies a mysterious and ancient monument of sorts. It's a broken loop made of stone with weathered intricate carvings, and most call it the Sylvian Ruins. The Sylvian Ruins hold the Srinairea Portal, which is the only point of entry into Vyldermire for Otherworlders, though the Mirean people mostly treat this as a rumor or myth these days. How or why this portal between worlds exists is a complete mystery, but there's no denying the effect it's had on the world from the people who occasionally come and go through it.


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