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Voyage of No Return [Solo] Empty Voyage of No Return [Solo]

Post by Abelios Sun Sep 05, 2021 4:49 pm

Voyage of No Return [Solo] X4zJMoO

“Escape pods inspected?”


“Crew packed and ready?”


“Perfect,” Abelios gave a tight smile and leaned back against a crate on the ship. He was reading from the preparation checklist on a clipboard in his hand. A black pen tapped against the corner of his pursed lips as he read it over once more. Next to him leaned another man, shorter than he. His companion stared up at the ceiling, blowing a strand of brown hair out of his face over and over. Silence filled the room for a few moments.

“You should have taken a nap today, Abe. It’s gonna be one long trip through the portal.” The shorter man glanced over at the titan.

“Pfft, I’ll be fine, Skip,” Abe dismissed his concern with a wave, tucking the pen into the top of the clipboard and placing it on top of the crate. Skip was short for Skipper, a teasing nickname he had given his friend when the two had become partners on many missions. The brunette was always at his side and picked up on areas that Abe lacked. The two were an unbeatable team.

“It’s too late to take one now anyway. We’re leaving soon.” Abe looked over at his friend with a smile. It felt good to be going on an adventure with his buddy again. He’d been so caught up in wedding planning and, more recently, his heartbreak. There hadn’t been much time to spend on his job.

Skip rolled his eyes and grinned back. “Why am I not surprised?” Pushing himself off the crate, he extended a hand to Abe. “Half an hour until we’re out exploring again, just like the good old days. Don’t forget your toothbrush this time, I don’t want to be smelling your nasty breath all through space!”

“I’ve got my toothbrush, jackass.” Abe gave him a playful punch on the arm before clasping Skip’s hand with his own and pulling him in for a hug. “Thanks for coming with me. Hopefully this is what I need to clear my mind.” He pulled back with a grateful expression on his face. “Sounds like we’re on schedule. Let’s head to the Arborium then.” Turning, he led the way out of the ship, clipboard in hand.


The trees swayed gently above them as they walked towards the control room of the S.S. Endeavor. The giant, whale-shaped airship dwarfed the size of their expedition ship, which was sitting out on the main deck. Around them, the majority of the top layer of the ship was covered in a massive, flourishing forest. Birds chirped from branches above the two men, and squirrels chattered among the trees. This forest is what drove the ship, the oxygen produced by the plentiful plants providing fuel to keep it afloat.

This vessel was the home of the guild that Abe’s father had created twenty years ago. Captain Dagda MacLean had gathered together like-minded people who wished to preserve and restore the natural world and live in harmony with it. Over the years they had worked tirelessly researching, saving and rehabilitating creatures, and fighting back against overdevelopment of the human world. When he was finally of age, Abe had joined the ranks, working his way up until he was leading missions himself.

Abe and Skip approached an elevator, having crossed the wide expanse of the top deck. The lift led upwards in a column to where the control room of the ship was. Last he had checked, Dagda and his deputies as well as some members from the research division were going over final safety protocols. The warping technology that would be transporting Abe and his crew today had only been used on items before, so it was of utmost concern that every part of the machine worked immaculately.

Before they could reach the elevator, the doors hissed open. From within stepped a group of people led by a rather tall man. Though he wore a simple outfit of a black tee shirt and cargo pants, it was clear to tell he was in charge by the rapt attention the rest of the group paid to him as he spoke. He gestured with his hands to match his words, one of which was a metal prosthetic that glinted in the newfound sunlight.

“Pops!” Abe called out, cutting off the man’s speech. A wide grin came to his face. The Captain’s voice trailed off as he turned to look. While his face had been hard-lined and focused just moments before, he now held a relaxed and affectionate expression at the sight of his son. The skin at the corners of his eyes crinkled in familiar paths worn by age and laughter.

“Abe,” Dagda greeted warmly, his deep and powerful voice breaching the space between them with ease.

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