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Fool's Gold (Bleuenn & Wes)

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Fool's Gold (Bleuenn & Wes) Empty Fool's Gold (Bleuenn & Wes)

Post by Bleuenn Bosser Sat Sep 04, 2021 11:29 am

Looking down at the slip of paper that held only a name, Ashbrook Trust & Savings. Tossing the paper aside Bleuenn looked to the sigh with the same name as she entered the establishment. The clack of a latch and the ring of a bell signaled the hybrid's entry as she was faced with three men. “Welcome, ehh ah miss. I know I've never seen your face or some body like you before. Now while we expect all patrons excuse my assumption as you don’t seem like the kinda of person who comes here in need of our services”. Stepping forward towards the countertop ignoring the slimy words of the man on borrowed time she took note of the two large men on each side while leaning against the countertop. “Is Mr. Ashbrook in”?... Her question gave the bald overly breaded and plum man some pause as he leaned back with a smile as the act of critical thought flashed within his eyes. “Oh.. oh now I get the whole reason for the getup”. Point to the door, “Front doors for clients only you and your friends should know by now that you come in from the side”. Responding with only a smirk and a nod, Bleuenn moved back to the front door, clicking the lock closed while keeping her contact directly on the man.

Hushed remnants from the lock’s solid movement hung in the air for moments more before silence fell over the room as the two parties stared each other down. Simply smiling, Bleuenn waited, continuing to stare the man down as his eyes went from her to the gun he planned to reach for. A yell cut short broke the silence as her ice pierced the man’s skull pinning the still seated man to the floor. The two goons fared no better as their charge was cut short by the loss of fiction sending them towards the spike that sprouted out towards them. Shouting followed by the thumps of multiple sets of feet grew louder as one of the thugs reached the top. Ducking behind the counter, volleys of gunfire zipped around and into the counter trying to reach their intended target. Returning a bit of fire of her own, Bleuenn tossed out a spiked ball of ice into the air. Just as the ball’s arc began to falter to gravity it fractured sending out sharpened ice shrapnel in all directions clearing the area to allow for a safe advance.

Gunfire and screams continued to whistle and howl throughout the establishment ending in abrupt silence. Stepping over the bodies and ending the remaining that still breathed, Bleuenn opened the door to Ashbrook’s office to merely find the man himself sitting at his desk staring fearfully at the woman. Stepping toward the desk and producing a single Vyldergold placing it on the desk and sliding it towards Ashbrook. Coughing and clearing his throat he looked to Bleuenn confused and terrified as he thought on his words very carefully. “Now, Miss…”. Ashbrook opened his palm in an attempt to ask for Bleuenn’s name only to be met with silence. “... Wel.. I um.. Miss if there has been an issue with our customer service or a lack of understanding simply producing your…” Slamming her hands down onto Ashbrook’s ice would coil around the man’s wrists and body, rooting him to his chair. Struggling against his binding hopelessly his next words reeked of desperation. “Wait!.. WAIT! Alright no more games! Tell your boss that i’ll repay the missing money with interest”! Letting go of Ashbrools hands Bleuenn slammed the door close placing a trap within it to deal with any interruptions. Returning to Ashbrook she grabbed one of his fingers chillin it raw before slowly pulling it off the man’s hand. Unperturbed by Ashbrooks' animalist dreams and gurgles of pain, Bleuenn put the final bit of pressure needed to snap the finger off. Standing the first finger of many on his desk she waited for the pain to subside. “I’m not here because you embezzled from your boss, I'm here because I want to know where you're getting the counterfeit Vyldergold from”? Seating herself on the side of the desk as Ashbrook pulled and heaved from the pain before his senses returned to him. “You fucking bitch i’m not telling you..AHHH”! Pulling on the next finger Bleuenn ending the conversation hoping that his next response would be more informative.

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Fool's Gold (Bleuenn & Wes) Empty Re: Fool's Gold (Bleuenn & Wes)

Post by wes Sun Sep 05, 2021 2:49 am

all these little lies
and most of them are mine
my words are coated in honey and wine
He stood with airs of a man who couldn’t be bothered, smoke pouring of his cigarette, as wet heat pressed in around him. Another sweltering evening in the Lyndorian streets. Summer had struck sooner than he’d expected, and a few beads of sweat made their way under the layers that made up his usual work attire, fabric threatening to stick to his skin. Before him loomed a building like any other in the Port, lurid detailing swathed in the warm oranges of the setting sun. The familiar wooden sign of Ashbrook Trusts & Savings dangled on a rusted chain above the door. He’d been here before, once or twice, but not enough to really garner any interest. The place did nothing for him. Guys were about as fun as watching paint dry.

The redhead had only reached for the door when a bullet broke through its surface and nearly grazed his face. “Huh,” he blinked a few times, be it from surprise or confusion it wasn’t clear. From inside the beginning of what appeared to be a shoot-out could be heard, guns and screams warning off any passerby. Maybe he’d sit this one out. Sounded like the problem was taking care of itself. Besides, he found out, the door was locked.

So he casually strolled around the structure amid the chaos, taking his time to finish his smoke at the backdoor while picking the lock. With everything that was going on, he was pretty sure most of the attention would be diverted to the front. Easy pickings. Though he did momentarily wonder what might’ve caused the sudden gunfight. Wes knew Ashbrook wasn’t exactly on the most legal side of things. Hell, a lot of people weren’t when it came to the seaside town — himself included. The guy probably idioted himself into a bad deal.

Lock picked and door opened, he breezed by the empty backrooms and down a small hallway until he reached the front of the business. “Huh,” he repeated, brows raised slightly. Not the usual shoot-out, was it? Vyldermire never ceased to surprise him. Through the light from the (possibly shattered) windows and among the casted shadows lay a scene of blood and ice, bodies strewn across the floor impaled with cold shards that adorned even the walls. Wes wiped at his forehead with the back of his hand. At least the room was a little chiller.

“B-boss…?” came the choked voice of some schlub, and Wes’s hand instinctively went for one of his daggers. A straggler, it seemed like, left behind in the onset of a small massacre. The boy stood at a door to what the mob boss believed would lead to an office. His twiggy frame shook something fierce as he reached for the knob. Then—

“Dear God,” Wes wasn’t sure if he was appalled or amused. Maybe both. Like a bomb, ice exploded from the door, taking down the wood and the boy in its wake. He fell to the floor a frozen, wide-eyed statue. Pretty snazzy, honestly, though kind of over-the-top. Not that Wes disliked some extra flair.

He stepped over and around the body, head poking into the office only to see a very scared, very icy Ashbrook and “…Bleuenn?” he asked incredulously from his position at the door, his voice loud enough to be heard. The amusement he’d felt at seeing the bomb go off now doubly so as he looked to the petite ice witch going about an interrogation. A scream left Ashbrook’s mouth and he swore he heard a distinctive crack before that. Nice. His kind of interrogation.

A grin crept on his face. “Don’t mind me,” he excused himself as he stepped into the room slowly as to not set her off. While he knew of Bleu’s powers and had experienced her ability out in the field and the girl had seemed amicable enough (if not a little too serious while on the job), he knew it was better to proceed with caution despite them knowing each other. He’d rather avoid a repeat of the bakery... or worse. “Not here to kill ya or anything. Just Velvet Reign business and all that. You know how it is.”

Spoken casually with a shrug like someone who obviously knew that she obviously didn’t know but didn’t care enough to elaborate beyond that, he leaned on the wall next to the frozen doorframe. Wes tilted his head, a quizzical, amused look sewn into his brow. “So what’s your deal? Don’t reckon it’s normal for you to go around offing an entire building, is it?” Though he had a pretty good idea why she was here conversation never killed anyone. Then again, given what he just saw, maybe it could.
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Fool's Gold (Bleuenn & Wes) Empty Re: Fool's Gold (Bleuenn & Wes)

Post by Bleuenn Bosser Sun Sep 05, 2021 10:24 am

Adding a second finger to the collection, Bleuenn stood the second finger next to the first while waiting for Ashbrook to stop screaming. Tapping her fingers against the hardwood desk she waited for the screams to subside in hopes that the man would be more cooperative. The screams turned to whimper than panting as sense returned to Ashbrook. “You don’t know who you're dealing with, my associate will make sure that...UGH”!!!! Pulling back a third finger Bleuenn was preparing to add a third to the stack. However, as she pulled harder her trap triggered. In mere moments the door was blasted off its hinges splintering not only itself but whoever attempted to open it. Quickly snapping a third she hopped off of the desk and readied a spell in case of another.

Slowly stepping to the door side wall a familiar voice uttered her name followed by the striking appearance of Wesley’s red hair. Responding to the address by moving her ice javelin close to Wes, hover just slightly out of reach yet close enough to quickly end the grinning baker if need be. “No I do mind, first the escort now here. You seem to be everywhere but the places a baker should”. Stepping closer to Wesley, her spell moved aligned with the man’s eye, as he told her of his peaceful intentions. “Yes I can see that, I would remain passive unless in the very lest you wish to lose your depth perception”. Taking the remaining steps over to Wesley, “However you know what they say, allies today enemies tomorrow, sorry can’t take risks”. Bleuenn lightly dragged her hands along Wesley’s arms squeezing in small intervals to check for hidden weapons. While Wesley looked to have a small weak frame the truth was opposite of that as his clothes hide the ‘baker’s’ well toned body. Moving to his ribs knocking the back of her hand against the grip of a gun in the man’s shoulder holster. “Moved up to firearms now? Last time we met you strictly used knives like the ones on your thigh and back. Might want to carry more than just one". Trailing her fingers along Wesley’s backside she’d pluck the man’s wallet revealing it’s contents. Thumbing through the contents of Wes’ wallet Bleuenn kept her eyes locked onto Wesley peering down only to lift a Velvet Reign membership card at eye level. Her eyes flicked between the membership and Wesley pondering on who the baker truly was. Sliding his identification and his wallet back into his pocket Bleuenn dispelled the magic.

Returning to the desk and her captive. Her ears peaked up at Wesley’s comment. Taking Ashbrook's decanter, Bleuenn poured a glass for Wesley as she motioned him to sit down. Letting the rushing sound of liquid break the silence, Bleuenn kept her eyes on Wesley as the glass filled. “ Normal? If you recall I wiped out the remaining extremists after you and the others dealt with the cannons and magi. It’s not was not a first or a last, let’s just leave it at that”. The thunk of the decanter resting back in its place broke the conversation as she stepped towards Wesley, chilling his glass before handing it to him. Whether or not Wesley took the drink was of little consequence. Lifting herself back onto the edge of her desk she took hold of Ashbrook’s index finger as he had enough of a break. Snapping and categorizing Ashbrook’s fingers with little care for his response as her focus was on Wesley. “ I never did get to thank you and the others for your help as I would have died if it wasn’t for your help”. Raising her voice to speak over the screams of Ashbrook as the collection grew. “I also want to apologise for not being able to tend to you and the other’s wounds, though it seemed to work out in the end”.

Brining the majority of her focus back onto the now sobbing Ashbrook. It was clear that the man had been completely broken. Taking hold of one of the fingers placed just in front of the stumps that remained from their departure. “What are you doing”!? Giving him no answer, Bleuenn began to reattach Ashbrook’s fingers one by one until everything was back in place. “Now we begin anew”. The colour drained completely from the man’s face as his sobbing grew more intense as he struggled and pleaded with his torturer. “No please! No more i’ll tell you what you want to know just please stop”! Full on balling Ashbrook was at the point where he would give up his firstborn if it meant he would be free from the pain. “If you tell me where and how these fake Vyldergold are produced I will free you from both the pain and your capture”. Sniffling Ashbrook stared at Bleuenn as if she was Fleuve'ir herself. Looking back down to compose himself the man took many attempts before he winched, “I don’t know”. Going right back for Ashbrook’s finger the man struggled as he protested. “WAIT!… wait! I can’t tell you where, but I can tell you how to go about learning the where and how of it”. Still holding onto his finger Bleuenn let the man continue.

“Okay, so we have a collector who comes and picks up the Vigs we make off those we loaned to with the fakes. We make the exchange and continue to offer more loans at prices no others can compete with as we don’t lose anything on the initial transaction”.

When are they coming to collect”?

“Funnily enough sometime today actually, no doubt that’s why your friend is here today. I’d ask him as he seems to be more in the know than you”.

Yes I plan to”. Letting go of Ashbrook’s finger she had all she needed from him as now it’s just a matter of waiting. “Alright, okay… good so am I free to go”? Smiling at his question she nodded, “Yes”. In one fluid motion Bleuenn brought her arm down on the man’s forehead pulling it back using the chair to break the man’s neck.

With Ashbrook Trust & Savings closed indefinitely Bleuenn rustled through the former owners pockets taking out the keys to the vault. Continuing her search she pushed the corpse off the chair seating herself while going through the desk’s drawers. “Velvet Reign business, did not know baker’s made enough money to join the ranks of Vyldermire most wealthy. Perhaps I'm in the wrong field of work”. Rising from her search she dropped a leger onto the desk as her eyes focused on the baker. “Nice clothes, combat prowess and a member of the Velvet Reign I did not expect to meet such a person when shopping for donuts”. Flipping through the leger she looked for any information that stood out. Slamming the book closed she would stand up chilling the freezing the leger. Smashing it against the edge of the desk the book would shatter into countless shards. Leaning on the side of the desk she merely looked at the only remaining person within the building. “Why are you here Wesley”?

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