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Lyndon Port Details

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Lyndon Port Details Empty Lyndon Port Details

Post by Admin Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:12 pm

Lyndon Port Details

A hustling and bustling trading town, Lyndon Port is at the forefront of pure capitalism due to its access to the ocean. Not only does it have a naturally large seafood market, but the ships that bring goods to and from the Mirinah Region concentrate here. It has a large port to handle a constant crowd of huge cargo ships full of things to wheel and deal as well as huge vessels full of people. People can find anything and everything for sale here, though sometimes it's a real deal and sometimes the price is gouged. The people of Lyndon Port tend to be materialistic and constantly in competition to make more vyldergold than each other, which is generally good for prices, but sometimes bad for attitudes.

Though busy and crowded, the city is nice enough. Buildings are packed in together to maximize sales spaces for purchase and lease and stretch several floors into the air to accommodate apartment housing or multiple level businesses. The exteriors of the buildings are painted bright colors to attract attention, and colorful signage lines the streets and touts the best deals. For people who want quick work and don't mind retail, Lyndon Port tops even Engloria for shopping needs but is a little less expensive to live within. In the shadows of the alleys and beneath the boardwalks are deals too good to be true and small amounts of violence. Also, beware of con men, pickpockets, thieves, and other shady business deals.

Other than commerce and trade, there is another career option in Lyndon Port. A wealthy noble family, the du Villanells, owns both a massive shipyard that is responsible for producing the top of the line vessels in the industry and several storefronts for goods in addition to their booming trading company. It more than fuels their massive estate just inland in the countryside. There are other upstart shipyards and trading companies trying to keep up, but none have yet to become a threat.


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