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Blood on the Inn Floor | Emi & Kiigan

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Blood on the Inn Floor | Emi & Kiigan Empty Blood on the Inn Floor | Emi & Kiigan

Post by wes Tue Aug 31, 2021 5:15 am

all these little lies
and most of them are mine
my words are coated in honey and wine
“Merda,” he cursed under his breath, eyes closed and brows furrowed deeply, as the fur-lined coat slumped onto the wooden floor in a damp, bloodied heap. The inn room the group found themselves in sported nothing but a bed, side table, and some dingy chair off to a corner. Not the best room, really, with a few cobwebs here and there and the odd creaky floorboard. Another door that lead to the bathroom was slightly off its hinges, and he had prayed to God that it had a functioning shower that wasn’t too nasty. The trio could’ve afforded something nicer, but far be it from this Savaglio to leave a bloody trail in some fancy shmancy inn. He knew better than that. He also knew visiting a doctor would be the better option as well, but old habits were hard to scrap. So shady old inn it was!

Wes sat on the edge of the bed, black long sleeve shirt sticking to his wounded skin as he slouched. It had been torn at the back, revealing a gash about the length of an axe head that bled and seeped into the surrounding material. He gave no real inclination towards the pain this time, figuring no one needed to know that both his back and leg burned like all hell. He was tough like that.

“So, how’s everyone farin’? Peachy keen, I’m assuming?” he joked, looking from Emi to Kiigan. Though he had the spirit it didn’t quite reach his face. The redhead looked about as done with life as ever. Not because of the uncomfortable sensations, but because next time he’d be sure to bring the whole goddamn organization if he had to. Who the hell thought that many guys would show up just for some stupid logs? Religion be damned. Some people needed to get themselves a life. It also didn’t help that there was the disheartening fact that his hat had sustained damage: a bullet hole perfectly aimed at its center. He shuddered, eyeing the fedora at his lap with a small frown. Another kick to the head and who knows in what other godforsaken world he’d end up in… or he could just stay dead.

That was a possibility, too.
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Blood on the Inn Floor | Emi & Kiigan Empty Re: Blood on the Inn Floor | Emi & Kiigan

Post by Kiigan Wed Sep 01, 2021 12:36 am

"Just fine, boss," Kiigan said flatly with an unbothered face, though he was quick enough to head for the rickety chair in the corner and stiffly sit. Traveling so far after he expended so much energy was already exhausting, but doing so with the kind of damage he'd sustained and all the effort it took to pretend it didn't hurt was another level of drained. Hiding a limp was pure torturous exercise in itself. Though the bit of healing offered by the priestess had slowed the bleeding, it certainly wasn't enough to have any of the three out of first aid range.

Humans and their stupid guns. The angel's hatred for the cowards' weapon flared brighter than it had before. It burned way more than a stab wound and the damage seemed more substantial. Were the bullets still in there? A tense breath exhaled from his nose as he shifted and lightly poked around the hole in his leg, deciding that there was still a ball of metal in there. Though he wasn't scowling any more than usual, his eyes were tight and his posture betrayed his discomfort.

Kiigan was left a bit peeved about the whole thing. When he'd said he wouldn't risk his life for a stupid shipment of wood for a church in a place he didn't even think it should be, he'd meant it. And while he wasn't particularly in danger of dying nor had he done what he did in the interest of the shipment or the church, he'd still gotten way more involved in the fight than he'd intended. That's where his emotions always landed him. All the aggravation over whether everyone he knew was a witch or not had him sitting in this craphole hotel, his thigh and shoulder aching and stuck to the blood-soaked fabric around them, all because he'd wanted to let off a bit of steam and leapt into a fight where they were severely outnumbered. In the moment, though, it'd been pretty thrilling. It was also a great big ego stroke that they'd come out victorious... Perhaps he'd feel better about it when the world wasn't spinning around him.

Directing his attention off of himself, he glanced between the two potential witches he was now sharing a room with. Though he was wary, even if they did prove to be Eldritch, he wasn't the type to hope bad things happened to them or wish for them to suffer. He just wished there was a bit more distance. "There might be a first aid kit around here somewhere?" he asked, taking in both of their wounds and bloody clothes with concern. It was doubtful that a place that smelled this...er, interesting would have anything but mites and roaches stocked, but even Kiigan could have moments of unwarranted optimism. He would've gotten up to check for himself instead of asking, but... he wasn't actually sure if he could.

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Blood on the Inn Floor | Emi & Kiigan Empty Re: Blood on the Inn Floor | Emi & Kiigan

Post by Emi Kazama Thu Sep 02, 2021 6:24 am


joker's always wild

but I just can't smile without you

The pitiful room of the dingy inn that lacked a compassionate hand and that appeared somber from the endless dusk through the windows had gotten no complaints from the poor thief that considered this a step up from the streets. Instead, the streetrat wore a smile so bright, it reached her eyes with a jovial crease of her dark green orbs as she peeled away with a smiling wince at the three layers of oversized jackets to reveal her sweater tank top, bloodied lower arm, along with her dark pants. This was better than the abandoned place that she lived in! This one came with a real bed and an actual chair! Now if it only had a shower or a bathtub-

A loud creak at the slightly unhinged door with green eyes that peered curiously into the room allowed the scrutinizing jade thief to spot the shower curtain. "Wow!!" A giddy squeak softly escaped from the gasp that fled from Emi's lips as she enthusiastically dashed into the bathroom.  To anyone else, it was a paper thin, flimsy excuse of a shower curtain; but to Emi, it was a shower curtain and it was an actual shower! This was so much more private than what she was used to! Ah, coming home after being spoiled like this was definitely not going to be something she was looking forward to!  

After seconds of being alone in the bathroom, Emi tightly gripped onto each side of the porcelain sink that was showing signs of rust by the drain as the petite girl tried to catch her quivering breath by breathing in slowly, lifting her head to stare shakily at her reflection in the mirror that revealed all the fear that she had felt. The clown thief had laughed it all away earlier, but that experience was a lot worse than she had ever imagined, more than the fighting she was used to in the streets. She could have died out there, which was something she had said time and time again, but this time she really could have been left to die by the people that had given her a death wish in the first place - the same two people that were in the room with her now, who also happened to be the ones that had covered her when she was prepping the cannon. A nervous, breathless laugh escaped her lips at the irony as she turned on the faucet and cupped some water to splash onto her face, removing some of the blood splatters on her face that did not belong to her before cleaning the blood from the wound on her arm.

"Mmhm!" Emi responded to Wesley's snarky joke with a soft giggle after she came out of the bathroom in her sweater tank top and applied pressure to her wound in her lower arm with a small towel. "Gotcha covered!" She responded to Kiigan with a wink and in an instant, her hands dove into her pockets to enter her pocket dimension and pulled out bandage tape that seemed endless the more she pulled out of her pocket. Before she could take out more first aid, Emi pulled out a wine bottle from her other pocket with a grin.  "I also brought some wine to take our mind off of things..your clothes just need to do the rest," A soft giggle escaped her lips at her teasing joke that attempted to spark a reaction, although she was actually meaning for them to take off their clothes in order to tend to their wounds. "Or I can always tear at it to make some room for cleaning your wounds, if you're into that!" A playful smirk formed on her face before pulling out a duffle bag from her pocket and taking out from the bag numerous items: a large bucket, water bottles, and the "free" soap packages with their hotel brands on them.

"Can you both keep your wounded legs elevated right up here on the bed so that you won't bleed out?" Emi asked sweetly with a smile that wore some measure of concern for them, "C'mon Kiigan, bring it in, buddy! Scoot your chair right on over to the bed!" The jade haired tomboy encouraged the blue haired grump with a grin, hoping that he could at least scoot his chair close to the bed to elevate his foot on the bed. Emi then pulled out various towels from the bag, laying them on the floor and on the bed. "That's right. Take off your shoes and step right up!" Emi joked very much like a carnival barker as she patted the bed for them to literally step right up by placing their feet onto the bed, "Don't be shy!"

"Looks like it's our time of the month, boys!" Emi remarked with a playful grin as she pulled out several new menstruation pads, waving one in the air at them with a snicker before rolling her eyes reassuringly, "Don't worrrrrry, I'll cover it with bandages! Your secret's safe with me! Heehee!"  

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