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Damian St Clough & Aurora St Clough I_vote_lcapDamian St Clough & Aurora St Clough I_voting_barDamian St Clough & Aurora St Clough I_vote_rcap 
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Damian St Clough & Aurora St Clough I_vote_lcapDamian St Clough & Aurora St Clough I_voting_barDamian St Clough & Aurora St Clough I_vote_rcap 


Damian St Clough & Aurora St Clough

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Damian St Clough & Aurora St Clough Empty Damian St Clough & Aurora St Clough

Post by Damian Sat Aug 28, 2021 3:42 am



Alias/Nicknames: No.
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Vampire
Gender / Sexuality: Male/Pansexual
Age: 1,503
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A



Aloof, no-nonsense, domineering, and straightforward.

Damian has a high standard that is consistent, and despite that stubborn unwillingness to lower his quality in most anything, he attempts to make decisions in an impersonal way as he is highly dependent on rational reasoning. He doesn’t dance stupidly with the youthful idealism of faith, blind trust, and hope because he can’t measure such things like he can with cold, reliable facts, there is nothing logical about throwing caution to the wind.

Wide-eyed, innocent, happy-go-lucky souls are often the bane of his existence because they rely on that which could inevitably destroy them, which is why he can come off terribly harsh with such individuals. It depends on the situation, of course.

Despite this bitterness, due to personal circumstances and the natural interests that come with being a healer, he has the noble wish to preserve the living while his sister works artistically to preserve the dead. With that surprising knowledge, one would be wrong to think him above crushing others if such an action could potentially reap the benefits of personal growth and prosperity in the long run. Anything that falls under his management will either do impeccably or fall monumentally, there is no middle ground for Damian.

He is calculating, somewhat intelligent, and methodical; but the Achilles heel he bears could easily be seen in his insanely controlling nature, his overbearing ways, and his socially incorrect responses to things. People find him unpleasant, but because he’s such a devoted healer and will always bring about excellent results, he actually has a high client retention level.  What keeps him from being completely insufferable is his ability to see reason, his love of success, thus barring destructive behaviors that could easily come about from being such a complete ass.

He does come across as selfish, but he is strictly goal-oriented and will keep to mind the bigger picture for his patients, no matter what. Despite his love of structure and, oddly enough, balance; he has a modicum of space in his mind and his heart for certain members of his family and some people. Certain losses were from his past too great for him to fathom collectively, and so, through his grief, he found an unconventional means of dealing with it—- easy peasy— taking it out on everybody.

He’s very hard to stomach, but you would be very fortunate to have someone like him on your side, especially if you’re dying. His soul is the Hippocratic Oath.


Born with all the resources that prestige and influence can provide, thanks to their ambitious father, the once upon a time King of Tir Nan Dubhar, may give the more ignorant the very wrong impression of a simple, lazy and self-indulgent life, but it was all quite the contrary and very demanding (but there was love). Their father earned his place through his own blood, sweat and tears.

Matters of family were usually very harmonious, but anything outside of that was a wildcard. One could say they were quite united and would not allow their loyalty to be swayed by outside forces so easily.

Gracing every aspect of life, significant attention was paid to the education of the St Clough children. From the instant they could walk and talk, Damian and his two siblings would begin studying the customs and manners befitting of a proper high-born. Formal academics would come about for which the ministrations of many tutors could be employed and would school them in outdoor activities such as horse riding, hunting, fighting and plenty more. The children, once old enough, would take turns assisting in matters of warfare, diplomatic visits with neighboring kingdoms, treasury, household management, and more.

Damian was efficient and possessed an extremely causative mindset. It was why he was often trusted to carry out tasks. Aurora, while responsible and nearly just as capable, paid too much mind to the opinions others had of her, especially if they slighted her in some shape or form.

Small, petty rumors easily made her cry whenever she was alone and would occasionally seek out her parents for support. Otherwise, she would try to resolve her personal issues the majority of time without seeking out her parents.

A scandalous move on their father’s part was to become a hybrid. While it might have amplified his strength considerably, it cost him the loyalty of his followers and his family.

It was advised that he work on earning the respect of his people, but he didn’t heed such words and eventually lost the war and the throne.

The death of their beloved mother and treasured brother was, perhaps, the breaking point for Damian and Aurora. Taking their losses to heart, the siblings vanished silently into the night and traveled very different paths.

Aurora found unusual freedom being alone, delving more and more into her taxidermy and making something of her peculiar talents. Preserving the dead by beautifying them.

Damian found that his experiences, his losses made him want to preserve the living and practice healing. It didn’t improve his prickly attitude, however.


Longevity, extreme honesty, cooperation, making jewelry, studying, praise, success, the confidentiality of health records, order, blood, affection (but he will never tell you that), and writing poetry.


Extremely sweet foods, prescribing anything more than the recommended amount, tending to female patients without another pair of eyes (although that isn’t always a possibility), and people that deliberately go against his sound advice. He dislikes everyone.


-When Damian was much younger, the idea of being a part of a profession focused on helping others gain a better quality of life regardless of circumstance, focused on granting people healthier and longer lives, was really what he wanted. His present demeanor does not align well with his noble ambition, but that is what started it all.

-Maybe to one day stop being so moody, petty, and hateful?

Key Fear/Adversary: What do they fear, alternately what works against them?

-He is highly independent and self-confident. He does well alone, but what he cannot tolerate is anyone or anything controlling him. Anything bad that happens, anything out of his control will scare him considerably and cause him to fight back with tooth and claw.


Height: 6’0
Body Type: Muscular yet lean
Hair: Dark, long and sleek
Eyes: Blood red
Skin Tone: Fair

Overall Appearance:




Alias/Nicknames: Rory
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Vampire
Gender / Sexuality: Demisexual
Age: 1,500
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A



Diplomatic, creative, and fallible.

From the outside, Aurora looks seductive, playful, and vivacious, but in reality, and quite oppositely, she holds herself accountable for everything that goes wrong in the lives of others and that of her own, an old habit that has all but died. Her bubbly, sprightly appearance will lead most on until they take a chance and talk to her. Most will be disappointed to learn she is terribly boring and be on their merry way. Behind what seems to actually be a mask of composure and regality, she is a turbulent sea, troubled by the events that intricately led to the downfall of the royal family.

She, much like the remainder of her kin, consequently chose isolation from everyone she loved, severing all ties with her friends, stemming from the presumption that her going away would protect them and everyone else from her incompetence, her powerlessness to prevent what she naturally couldn’t. Self-blame took its toll on her when an assortment of tragedies and unsavory surprises struck her loved ones and caused a shift in her confident, stern and wise demeanor. Such political clashes pressured her to the point where she could no longer bear it.

Once a benevolent and giving woman, she became emotionally unstable and anxious. Fortunately, time has been a relatively good healer, revealing to those in her company, with restriction and briefly, that she is diplomatic, warm and receptive to those that treat her in kind—- when she isn’t feeling particularly moody, that is. Being on her own and allowing herself to do what she loves has encouraged her to make business connections and, selectively and carefully, friendships. She is starting to actually care a little less about the opinions of others. Still, it doesn’t wipe away all her insecurities.


See Damian’s history for more information!


Creating cute origami (but this is usually a sign of her sadness), her profession in taxidermy, animals, peace, patience, privacy, carbonated drinks, humor, small talk, paintings, music and blood because she kind of needs it in order to live.


Criticism, drama llamas, lamenting, riding anything without a chest binder (she gets aggressive, hopelessly embarrassed when her breasts join in on the waving), back pains, and recalling the death of her beloved beasts that took part in the war.

Goal/Aspiration: What drives them?

To practice taxidermy in an ethical manner, to stop being so neurotic.

Key Fear/Adversary: What do they fear, alternately what works against them?

-Aurora strives to avoid loss and fragmentation. If she has a wonderful thing going on in her life, she tries to preserve it for as long as she can. She fears the end of a relationship, the end of a good opportunity, ect.


Height: 5’6
Body Type: Voluptuous, curvy.
Hair: Long, dark black and messy.
Eyes:  Wine red
Skin Tone: Fair

Overall Appearance:


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Damian St Clough & Aurora St Clough Empty Re: Damian St Clough & Aurora St Clough

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Tue Nov 30, 2021 8:13 am


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