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Solomon or Dives?

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Solomon or Dives? Empty Solomon or Dives?

Post by Hibiki Sat Aug 28, 2021 2:27 am

There were many mysteries for the former Soul Reaper to solve regarding his new life in this new world. One of the more puzzling ones in his eyes was that his anatomy itself seemed to have changed significantly. He felt more of a need for food than he was used to. Perhaps it was the lack of spiritual energy on this plane? He hadn’t been able to study this world enough to find a true answer, and he couldn’t realistically be expected to figure out the secrets of the universe on an empty stomach now could he?

No, no he could not. There was just one other problem though. He was flat broke. Hibiki hadn’t yet figured out a reliable source of income in this world, and that meant that he didn’t have a way to pay for food either. Though he wasn’t one used to belittling himself in such a way, he had little recourse but to meekly request food from those who might be willing to part with it. Though it was quite unlikely he would actually perish from hunger unless his anatomy had changed more than he realized, the gnawing pain of hunger was undesirable at best.

Hibiki found himself in front of a particular bakery in Engloria that seemed promising. A banner hung in the window proclaiming it was under new management. Though in truth it was the proximity fact that it was right next to a funeral parlor that really caught his attention. Anything related to death and the afterlife put him at ease, given his line of work. What harm was there in trying his luck?

Dressed in his traditional black Shihakusho and white Captain’s Haori, the Shinigami pulled open the door to the bakery and stepped inside. His presence alone was commanding, but his actions didn’t match the aura of power and nobility that seemed to emanate from his conservative Japanese appearance. He approached the counter, and put forth his situation to the man behind it quite plainly.

“I have no money. I need food. I’m willing to work to repay any kindness you may offer.”

No ambiguity was present in his explanation. The blonde had presented the facts of the situation, and what this bakery’s staff chose to do with that was up to them. Did they need help and see this as a blessing? Did they feel pity and a desire to help him? Hibiki couldn’t guess, but he also wasn’t really going to be bothered either way. If this failed, he would simply go elsewhere. Though it wasn’t his preference to be this way, his mind had contextualized this action as a mission essential to his survival. His emotional state in this endeavour was the same as when he was in active military service. The mission must be accomplished, his pride be damned.

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Solomon or Dives? Empty Re: Solomon or Dives?

Post by wes Tue Aug 31, 2021 1:51 am

all these little lies
and most of them are mine
my words are coated in honey and wine
He leaned on the counter, chin resting on his palm and fingers tapping rhythmically against its wooden surface. They played at a catchy tune, one that made him think of lounges and bars, of dance and laughter, and swishing skirts. Towers and baskets overflowing with sweet delights had been erected around him, framing his small stature with delicate confections and calling the attention of those who entered towards the rap-tapping baker. On his purple apron were the words Predigio embroidered in gilded, elegant letters, and underneath the fine cotton was an outfit akin to a waiter. A fedora crowned his head — a distinction among regular employees.

The bell atop the door chimed, starting him to attention. “Welcome— uh,” Wes blinked. Through the bakery’s entrance had stepped an oddity, lending itself to uncomfortable stares and glares from some of the patrons. The bold figure would issue respect, order. But in eyes of the baker, it only raised amusement and piqued interest. So he relaxed further into his palm, lips curling into an impish grin. “Hmm…?” he mused, sharp blue eyes carefully raking over the foreigner’s countenance. “Really now? Kindness,” the voice came smooth and honeyed, bordering on teasing.

Pushing himself off the counter with one final tap, he loomed closer to the stranger, auburn locks bobbing with each spritely step. “You barge in here, not even an introduction, and you ask for work dressed in strange robes and even unease my clients. You got some nerve, huh?” In an instant he was circling the blonde, scrutinizing every aspect of him in the likeness of a cat assessing a simple mouse. Wes made a show of stopping before him then, fingers gingerly cupping his own chin as he leaned close and peered up at the man who he supposed stood about half a foot taller. Although he gave no inclination to his thoughts, the redhead seemed to be looking, searching, for something.

“I guess your face is acceptable,” he stated after a pause, a final verdict. Then, tilted his head, “Now, why should a man dressed as sharply as you lack money? Much less food?”
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Solomon or Dives? Empty Re: Solomon or Dives?

Post by Hibiki Tue Aug 31, 2021 2:31 am

Well that hadn’t taken long. It seemed that Hibiki had already found someone who fancied him a bit. He wouldn’t go as far as to say that this man had hit on him, but the suggestion present in the word “kindness” was laid on quite thick. The Shinigami wasn’t the type of man to miss something like that. Not by a long shot.

Hibiki’s eyes locked on the man’s own as he listened. It seemed he didn’t take kindly to customers without money. What puzzled him more was the idea that he had uneased the clientele. Had they never seen someone apply for a job before? What a strange world he found himself in.

As the man circled him, Hibiki could tell what he was up to fairly easily. It was the same thing he did whenever he sized up a new recruit. An assessment of their form. What could be learned from how they carried themselves? Everything. Posture hinted at laziness or discipline. Complexion showed how much self care was present. Physical features indicated both genetic markers and training regimens. A person’s body was a wealth of information, even at a glance. When the man indicated his face was only acceptable, a frown appeared on that just-assessed face for only a moment before it vanished.

The Captain had forgotten himself. Rather than using his charm, he had used the voice he would during an operation. He had been cold. Calculated. Surgical. That was not what was called for here. Hibiki needed his social skills, not his military ones. He responded to the questions posed to him by first taking a few steps away from his assessor. They were not fearful steps, but clearly practiced movements that felt almost ritualistic. He bowed deeply, his head just below his waist before he returned to a standing posture.

With his eyes once more locked on the other man’s, a warm yet strong voice left his mouth. His words were formal, yet friendly. Powerful, yet tender. “Forgive me for letting my stomach guide my words at first. I am Kamikawa Hibiki. My intention was not to barge in, but merely to seek the mutual benefit of my talents being exchanged for food. I humbly apologize if I have upset your patrons, and will leave if that is what’s desired.”

His tone changed considerably with the conclusion of the formal part of his speech. As he continued his words dripped with playfulness. Each syllable danced on his tongue in a tantalizing display of his ability to captivate an audience. “If you’re recruiting for a modelling agency, then yes, my face is indeed acceptable. But I feel you’re more interested in the questions that you’ve left unspoken. Who am I? Where have I come from? What secrets do I hold, and what tales might I have that shatter your very perceptions of reality?” It was plain that Hibiki was aware of his status as an unusual figure in this world. Perhaps he would trade answers for some food?

A single coin was pulled from within Hibiki’s right sleeve. It was one that the other man surely wouldn’t recognize. The single black coin with a hole in the center bore a script that was foreign to this world. This 100 Kan piece was currency from Soul Society, and it was absolutely worthless here. “The answer to your question is that no one takes the currency from my homeland, and I didn’t think to visit a bank to exchange any money before I journeyed here.” It was all true, but he hadn’t said he came from anywhere outside this universe. Did they have foreign countries here? He probably should have figured that out before saying that much, but it was too late.

“So now the question I have for you is this. Is satisfying your curiosity worth a meal to you?”

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Solomon or Dives? Empty Re: Solomon or Dives?

Post by Iris Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:33 am

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