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Post by Admin Sun Jan 31, 2021 12:38 pm

Canon Claim WMJkciS

Need some ideas for a character? Here you to find cannon characters/ families that you can apply to claim and create! To apply for a Canon Claim, just DM an Admin with your interest!

Canon Characters are characters pre-designed by the site's staff that play a particularly important role in site lore. The layout of a character is a little more specific than the family. However, as long as you meet the base criteria for a canon character, you are permitted to play them and their development however you like.

There are no Canon Characters slots available at present, more will be added soon.

Canon Families are designed with a little more freedom in mind, you can make a member of the family but you get to decide wholly how your character fits into that family. Granted that you include the mentioned notes in your lore, how you play your character within that family is completely up to you.

The Winchester family is the family of nobles that currently oversee Otenshire, the head of the family is known as the Earl of Otenshire. This family is known for its great understanding of agriculture and has helped Otenshire grow into one of the greatest agricultural landscapes in the entirety of the Mirinah region. They are known to be firm but fair, taxing when necessary but not to the point where they saturate the livelihood of their people.

The Belmont's are the family that assists in the nobility that rules in Engloria, working directly with the Royal family and the King of the Commons. They are one of the most prestigious families in the Mirinah regions and perhaps one of the most powerful. The head of the family is known as the Duke of Engloria and always takes the place as the right hand of the King. The Belmont family are extremely strict in their upbringing and are perhaps one of the more difficult names to uphold. For they are always in the eye of the public and must adhere to the expectations of the highest nobility.


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