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Dead men make new deals

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Dead men make new deals Empty Dead men make new deals

Post by Bahadur Sat Aug 21, 2021 12:03 am

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The howls and cries that echoed through the long forgotten walls were an ever present and ever comforting ambience. The wind was always so alive n nights like that night, it’s force turning every archway, window, every inch of the ruined home was now an organ for the very air to play, an instrument for it’s ceaseless reminder. A reminder that she was alone, with only the dark ceremony she was preparing. It was all there, every rune and ingredient, every line and image, the smell of blood, ash and countless other aromas poisoned the air of what once was someone’s castle, but now it was only the bones.

Her raven hair fluttered slightly in the breeze as it whispered past her, it’s voice carrying only it’s own judgement as the witch took in a deep breath. Her eyes darted around with control but caution, she could not be interrupted. She needed it to be perfect, only then could she become perfect. Power was a ladder with no limits, but one that if you fell too low on would find your life as a toy for the games of others, she would never become a toy. She would hold the power she craved, the power she deserved. She would wield power greater than almost any other alive on the continent, she had to, she would not settle for less. One of the biggest steps in this direction, the next rung on that ladder, would only be complete once this ritual was successful.

The hair's on her neck began to stand on end for a moment, a gentle heat burned into her attention as she found herself unable to start, not till she had acknowledged the creature who provided such knowledge in the first place. “Come forth Demon, i know you are watching me.” She called, no volume was necessary but despite the quiet projection there was a string sting in every word. A forceful demand which would summon the one she felt little respect for, but fear and curiosity where two feelings that tickled her mind with every instant in the presence of the one who lead her this far, the on who showed her how to find the tome she now read from for the preparation of her future.

At first she heard no words, only the giggles. High pitched but masculine, with joy like a child but the uneasy inhumanity of something far far older. The laughter circled around her like a vulture, her magic opening the book to the page she required as she refused to look up. Ignoring the faint blue orbs of light, like embers of ice, that were surrounding her. They flew higher, all grouping up on the top of a nearby wall, the roof long since fallen but its own strength somehow holding. The wisps condensed, combined, the crackle of a dying fire scratching at her ears until she heard that voice, that damn voice she always hated to hear.

“Come now, that is no way to greet a friend young one, you best be showing your elders more respect don’t you think?” When her glare finally raised itself from the book, piercing a path towards the uncomfortable appearance of her ally, she needed a deep breath to steady before her reply.

“I suppose you’re right. Thank you for helping me, Shadow Man.” What sat upon the wall was only a man in the loosest sketch of one’s imagination. If not for the fact it’s body appeared to be levitating just above the wall itself it likely would have crumbled further, for he stood at around ten feet in height with a scale that was more monster than mortal. Purple corpse like skin stretched itself over sinewy muscle, limbs that functioned as if attached were held in place by stitches and what should have been fingers were instead three large talons made of bone. It’s face was long and thin, with tusks like a boar that forced a permanent smile onto it’s features and with eyes that burned with a ghostly blue flame. Both orbs looking down at her with laughter leaping forth from the barely open lips of the being. It was only adorned in basic attire, a skirt woven from what appeared to be clothing gathered from a battlefield, banners, shirts and cloaks all stitched crudely into something that covered whatever modesty the demon kept. It’s face hidden in it’s top half by a mask seemingly made from the skull of a human and it’s back sprouted four poles made from bone that would fit with ornamentation of some traditions if not for the fact they were emerging from under the skin of the demon himself.

“Now now little girl, you know i love helping, knowing things is what i do.” His voice was deep and cheerful, almost playful in the way it bounced through every sentence. And in an equally weightless fashion he floated down from above, crouching beside her though still looking down at her like an ape admiring a mouse. “And if i know anything it’s that a deal is always fair with a man like me.” Her quickened breathing and clenching fists didn’t seem to agree. The deal had been a success yet still she didn’t trust him somehow, all that was left was to see if the ritual worked. If it did then she knew he had held up his end of the bargain, if not then perhaps she could see just how strong this jester really was.

With another sudden gust the wind howled through the fallen castle, seemingly dispersing the demon untill she was all alone again, too determined to begin to care what tricks he was performing for his own amusement and dramatic flare. She began the chant and within the first verse the ground was arcing with colour. Arcane markings came to life with the vibrance of lighting and fire but the icy chill of the far north. They moved out from her and the ritual drawings as if fleeing, escaping as best the energy could until it was all sucked back in, every strand of loose power swirling in a whirlpool of dark intent. It reformed itself into a black ink, a thick liquid void that swirled and fought with itself, both wanting to shrink into nothing but also expand and devour. The very air around her seemed to both pause into nothingness but be drawn in, the gravity of her magic making every dark strand of hair lift from it’s usual resting place and edge forward.

The joy on her face was at odds with the scene as it took place, tears rolling from her eyes as she looked up to the sky, her chant completed but now only her will and might left to complete the transference. Her hands tightened and her stance widened, her gestures keeping the portal like apparition contained but also forming arcs of purple light to shoot out and surround her. Her own cackle replaced the silence, whatever laughter the demon had provided long since vanished. “I did it, i’m…  it’s all mine.” She called out her joyous roar echoing around her until it stopped. Her breath catching, her stance straining, and it was only after a few moments of consideration she looked at the purple light, her eyes stretching wider until they were almost free from her skull. “What is this?! Bahadur! We had a deal, help me, it’s… it’s draining… I can’t…”

“Oh my, you poor thing.” a voice whispered from behind her. The monstrous form of the demon now laying back as if floating on a lake, though slowly orbiting the ritual as if he was far too intrigued to get closer or further from it’s now treacherous embrace. “You made a deal with the Shadow man for knowledge, knowledge on where to find the ritual.” Once more he disappeared, where he went she had no idea but she heard his voice one more time. “But Bahadur never promised to see it succeed. Maybe you should have chosen your words more...carefully.”

Word Count; 1357
Total combined word count= 1357
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Dead men make new deals Empty Re: Dead men make new deals

Post by Ahriman Sun Aug 22, 2021 4:29 am

Blair strained against the spell in vain as the waves of purple swirled and coalesced around her, her mind equal parts rage and terror as the ritual threatened to consume her. Not only had she been tricked by that rotten demon, now she was going to die before her reign had even begun! It wasn’t fair! She had put in all this work, she had betrayed, stolen from, and killed in order to get what she deserved! Countless hours, pain, sweat, blood and tears, maybe not all her own but nonetheless washed down the drain… she knew she never should have trusted that blasted demon! Tears streamed from her eyes as her emotions mounted, every second in this inescapable hellish vortex she felt herself growing weaker and weaker…

Then something changed, the vortex of energies seemed to stabilize, encircling her like a purple tornado. For a few seconds the vortex simply circled her frozen body, and she was vaguely aware the drain upon her had lessened considerably. She blinked back her tears and scanned the room, trying to understand what was happening now. Had the ritual failed after all? Had her resistance been enough to change her fate?

Before she had a chance to truly comprehend what was happening, the vortex flowed like a raging river rising towards the center of the ritual site before crashing down almost violently into the pooling void in the center of the circle, a torrent that ended as abruptly as it began. Blair was finally allowed to collapse into a heap upon the floor when the last of the purple energy left her. The bright lights of the sorcery extinguished themselves upon striking the pool of void, leaving only a handful of candles keeping Blair from descending into total darkness. The witch took a few shuddering breaths into her lungs, her sight blurring from the effort. Blair had never in her life been so tired, so completely drained as she was in this moment.

She fought against the pull of sleep, fearing that the trickster might still be around… if there was anything to be gained from the torment she just went through, she WOULD have it. Then perhaps she would be able to seek revenge on the fool who dared to laugh as he thought her demise came! No, he had underestimated her, just as everyone else did. He would pay, just as everyone else had.

It was a few moments before she was finally able to rise to even a sitting position, and even that felt as though it took a herculean effort on her part. She had to admit, this was likely the closest she had ever come to losing her life… but she had survived after all. Her eyes scanned the dimly lit room trying to understand what had become of the energy she had expended. It hadn’t all been for naught had it?

It took a moment but a circle of utter darkness caught her eye. It seemed to swallow the light, slowly writhing in a puddle in the very center of the room. Was this it? Blair squinted trying to see through her blurred eyes to catch a better look, but with such little lighting she could barely make out anything at all. With a frown, she tried to crawl forward to get a better look on unsteady hands and knees.

Without warning, the puddle of void seemed to bubble and rise, reaching up about a foot into the air before toppling over and splattering across the ritual site. It didn't behave like normal liquid though, maintaining a symbalince of form instead of spreading like one might expect liquid to. Blair didn’t have much time to consider what this could mean though as another bit of the liquid rose up and toppled like the first had before it. It still didn’t occur to Blair what was happening until a third shape rose from the pool, linked to both of the first two shapes.

Blair gasped as it hit her that altogether the shapes seemed to form the top half of a vaguely humanoid shape. The noise seemed to attract the things' attention, much to her dismay as the “head” of the thing turned towards her. The vague shape dripped whatever light absorbing liquid it was completely covered in as it seemed to stare in her direction, though she could see no visible eyes or ears. Something about this disturbed her… despite her experience over the years with rituals and making pacts in order to increase her strength, something about this just felt so wrong it made her skin crawl. It certainly didn’t help that she was in a weaker state than she had ever been before… she couldn’t even stand, much less defend herself.

One of the things hands reached up slowly towards it’s own face to trace a finger like black protrusion along where it’s mouth might have sat if it had had one, almost as though it were drawing one upon its inky blank slate of a face. Blair jumped back in utter terror as that part of it’s face fell open in a vague facsimile of a mouth, unleashing what sounded like a torrent of many many screams that seemed to echo all around her. Despite the fact the sound didn’t seem to be coming from it, the screaming ceased as the mouth closed, leaving an eerie silence behind. The mouth turned upwards in an imitation of a smile as the head tilted to the side as though it were considering her.

“I… I am Blair, the one who summoned you.”
The witch said after a moment, swallowing her terror at the wrongness of it all. This was her ritual! She had survived the summoning despite that blasted demon, and it was time for her to reap the benefits. If she backed down now, it would all be for nothing, just as she thought just moments before. “I wish- no I demand you give me the power I was promised!”

“...SUMMONED.... US…?” The creature replied after a moment, as though it was attempting to figure out how to use the mouth it had drawn upon itself. It sounded as though many voices were speaking at once, all around her. It was somewhat disorienting, but the witch put on a brave face.

“Yes, I am your master.” Blair insisted, doing her best not to back away as the thing spoke. Its many voices sent shivers down her spine, and it was taking everything she had not to visibly cringe as the thing mocked a mortal body. She couldn’t help but notice that no matter how much it dripped, she couldn’t seem to get a peak at what lay underneath the inky substance that coated it.

“MAS...TER…?” the thing replied, its many voices echoing the questioning in it’s voice. Still, its voices were stilted as it continued, as though it were struggling to form the words. “YES… OFFERING… ACCEPTABLE…” The thing moved with some difficultly, turning its body towards the witch who claimed to be it’s master.

“Wha-what are you doing?” Blair asked, her voice trembling. While the thing hadn’t actually taken any actions against her, there was some part of her that just felt a wrongness too it and she couldn’t shake the feeling of terror that welled up from the deepest parts of her. She struggled to shakily to her feet in an attempt to get away, but collapsed right away. Tears formed in her eyes for the third time tonight as she turned back to the ink thing. “I order you to stay where you are!”

The thing paused for just a moment, and for the barest moment Blair thought it might listen to her command. Then the mouth, the only real part of this thing with any definition at all, split into a cruel grin dashing any hopes she might have entertained all at once. “YOU… WANT… POWER…? WE… SHARE…” The thing stated in it’s many voices as it’s body melted all at once back into the pool from whence it came. Well, almost all of it’s body. The flickering flames of the candles that gave all too little light to the room revealed the top half of a skeletal form, still dripping with the inky blackness but finally showing something aside from a vague glob of darkness. The dripping skeleton stared directly into her eyes, it’s empty sockets capturing her gaze and holding her just as tightly as the vortex had moments before. In her peripheral she watched with abject horror as the puddle moved independent of the skeleton, creeping towards her.

Tears streamed down her face as her doom flowed toward her, but despite every bit of her instincts screaming at her to move, to flee, to get away however she could, she remained frozen. She couldn’t even blink, her gaze was locked upon this monstrosity watching her. Even her worth nightmares couldn’t have prepared her for this, being forced powerless into such a slow and agonizing fate.

“P-p-p-please…” Blair barely managed to choke out as the puddle reached her. Tears streamed down her face in a steady flow now. Under normal circumstances she would be hard pressed to utter such a disgraceful word, as she had been raised to know the Eldritch way was to take what you deserved by any means necessary, but right now such thoughts didn’t even enter her mind. She just wanted to avoid whatever was about to happen to her. From the puddle that surrounded her, more barely defined hands and arms reached out of the inky blackness to grip her gently but firmly. She could no longer see them in her peripheral, but she could feel every touch as countless hands emerged from the void gripping, tugging, feeling every inch of her body. The ink felt disgusting, slimy, and wrong… it was uncomfortably cold, but without the eventual numbing that typically came with such a coldness. It was almost as though ever moment in the thrall of whatever this was made her more sensitive to every finger, to every touch of the entity that held unto her.

Then it moved. The skeleton moved in stilted, clumsy movements still only a torso, head and arms it slowly dragged itself towards the helpless witch. The countless grasping hands also continued their trek, leapfrogging over one another as the void consumed more and more of her body. Already it had reached her neck, grasping just tightly enough that she felt as though she were being choked but not so tightly that a blissful unconsciousness actually came. The thing paused mere inches from her face, to the point where those empty sockets took up almost the entirety of her vision. It paused here, tormenting her with the soulless stare as the grasping hands made their way up her face. Fingers felt as though they were finding purchase on her, gripping her hair, covering and digging into her ears, her nose, her eyes. She clenched her jaw, somehow managing that little bit of movement to keep the grasping hands out of her, but it made no difference.

Perhaps the only blessing throughout this whole ordeal was that now that her sight was gone, she didn’t have to see what would come next. The inky hands gripped at the edges of her mouth, slowly forcing it back open despite Blairs best attempts, then she felt even bigger hands slip into the gap. They found purchase, with fingers digging into both her tongue and the roof of her mouth forcing it as wide as it would go… and then with a sickening crack, going beyond those limits. The pain was excruciating, worse than anything Blair had felt in the entirety of her life by a wide margin, but even then her scream was shortlived as her throat became home to more and more of the hands. More and more of the entity seemed to be forcing itself down her throat, before long clogging her airways entirely. Without air, it couldn’t have been but a few short moments for true darkness to truly claim her but to Blair it felt like an eternity of torment…

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Dead men make new deals Empty Re: Dead men make new deals

Post by Ahriman Wed Aug 25, 2021 11:21 pm

(OOC: I was planning to detail out the following week, but it was getting a bit lengthy and I kept getting ideas for things I wanted to add in that time frame, so I’ll just make that a solo topic so we can continue before we both die of old age!)

A week later, the small shack was almost unrecognizable from the destitute place it had been before… at least from the inside. The floors had been scrubbed clean of all of the markings from the years worth of rituals that had been conducted in this small home, the various tomes Blair had collected over the years had been organized in a bookshelf along the back wall, even the cobwebs had been entirely cleared out. Not even a spec of dust remained.

Blair found herself standing behind the chair that faced the front door, awaiting instructions from the chair’s occupant. Much like her shack, Blair looked to be transformed from the past week; the distraught, previously power-hungry witch from before looked far more composed and wore a form fitting black dress with long gloves to match. The most striking new addition to her form was a crimson magic circle that sat emblazoned on her chest just above the lip of the dress.

At the table sat Ahriman, his chin resting in his hand as he casually perused the tome in front of him by the light of the lone candle at the table. He sipped at the white wine in the glass in his other hand, then frowned and tore his eyes away from the tome to find his glass had been emptied.

“My dear, my glass is emptied once more.” Ahriman broke the silence, breaking Blair out of the trance she had been in with a start.

“Y-yes, right away…” The witch replied, hurriedly opening the bottle she held to refill her masters cup.

“I do hope you’re not gonna force my hand again.” Ahriman said to the witch as she filled his glass, prompting her to quiver slightly and spill a bit unto his hand. Ahriman brought his amber gaze up to meet the witches' own crimson eyes, causing her to shrink away from him in fear. He watched her for a moment, then gave her a smirk, satisfied with her reaction. She was beginning to learn. Ahriman took a sip of his wine and sat the glass down once more, turning his attention back to the door. “How long before the one you sent for arrives, do you figure?”

“Ah, um… I’m not sure, sir.”
Blair said, breathing a shaky sigh of relief. She was safe for the moment at least, but she could never be sure when his mood might sour. “He isn’t exactly the type to adhere to anybody else’s schedule.”

“Hmm…” Ahriman sighed, returning once more to the tome. “I hope for your sake he decides your summons piques his curiosity. As interesting as this tome is, these same four walls are beginning to bore me.”

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Dead men make new deals Empty Re: Dead men make new deals

Post by Bahadur Mon Aug 30, 2021 12:14 pm

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“Well well well, how special i must be” The words were heard long before anything was seen, the deep reverberations of the voice echoing around the room theatrically as the demon’s playful tone heralded his arrival. “My curiosity has been piqued since your pet came to me, asking for knowledge few knew existed. How curious i was, death has served you well my friend. Looking as lively as ever, im sure there are many who would hate to see it.”

As the voice trailed off, now distant as if carried by the wind, it was only a moment before three orbs of pale blue light began to float into the shack. They flickered like flames but gave off no warmth and only the scarcest trail of light. They swirled slowly for a moment before lowering to eye level, orbiting each other like a wheel, a clockwise steady spin of three ghostly lights. “I take it you have made yourself at home young one, as comfortable as a itch could dream of.”

The almost giggle like laughter behind his words was soft and gentle but almost taunting in it’s cheek and disconnected nature. As if it and the man they spoke to were world’s apart, even if even the entity behind the lights knew the power wielded by the one now called Ahriman. After hanging in the air for a moment later the orbs began to float closer, forming together into a single orb which began to stretch out. The licks of flame at the corners grew, flailing more wildly yet with a wispy nature as if confused whether it was meant to be smoke or not. The light in it’s centre grew brighter until a single white line standing almost 6 feet in height ran down the centre of the burning form. On either side the fire split, forming two hanging arm like shapes, at the topic reformed to form shoulder like curves either side of a head which roared with cold flame, but within an instant it all ceased to be. The flame vanishing and only floating embers surrounding the new very material appearance of a young man.

He was dressed smart yet comfortably, in suit trousers, a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, a perfectly fitting black waistcoat lined in blue and a slightly open collar. All would appear very human if not for his skin, pale as if long reduced to a corpse, with a thin fragility that in places made it appear you could see the bones under his coverings yet in other ways made him appear like his body fat was simply an extremely refined lithe muscle. The true disfigurement however laid in the large patches of purplish black flesh, burns and exposed flesh which were connected to their healthier counterparts by stitching and patches which were at their most noticeable along his lower jaw. A smile so artificially reconstructed that it seemed wider than should have been possible for an ordinary man, yet underneath the great main of styled hair he was not ashamed or shy about his appearance, but standing with a confidence most would crave more than anything.

The seemingly young man approached the chair slowly, bowing low with a stance that was equal parts respectful and mocking in it’s exaggeration, his eyes looking up after a short while to meet his two hosts as both hands came to rest on his hips, thumbs in his pockets as the hands themselves sat casual. “Now then, why do you wish to see me?” He asked intrigued, sinister grin wide with excitement.

Word Count; 598
Total combined word count= 4441
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