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Post by Admin Sun Aug 15, 2021 6:12 pm

☆ Star Sign Contest! ☆ CrL6rPS

Hello! In honor of the site's Six Month Anniversary, welcome to our first worldbuilding contest!

Our world needs some fresh star signs and constellations since Vyldermire is a world unlike any other. Some Vyldermireans are quite superstitious about them! While it'd be lovely if submissions have the corresponding constellation sketched out, it isn't necessary. We're more interested in the unique mythological stories of monsters, creatures, heroes, and villains! These are independent of any certain religion and race and thus are universally accepted. Looking to the cosmos is one thing everyone has in common!

Tales may be cautionary, scary, funny, hope-inspiring, tragic, and/or joyful, but they cannot be anything referencing existing real-life mythology or zodiacs. We also discourage drawing too much from other fantasy media, as we'd prefer these to be as original as possible. If you choose to use a well-known monster as the subject, just make sure the story surrounding it is as unique as possible, please.

The stories you write for these can be long or short, though we do want you to be mindful that we want others to be able to read through them easily. While it's not a strict limit, try to keep larger stories around 500 words.

Participants that have their creations accepted into Vyldermirean lore get their names credited to the myths, the reward of other writers mentioning your content in their own stories, as well as 7500 VG per accepted submission.

The deadline is 9/15/2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

Submission Form:

[b]Star Sign Name:[/b]
[b]Star Sign Season:[/b] [Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter]
[b]The Myth:[/b] [Insert storytelling here, making sure that the subject of the Star Sign is clearly described and that the myth that goes with it is engaging and worth retelling for hundreds of years.]
[b]Constellation:[/b] [This is where the image goes if you have one. If not, simply leave blank.]


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☆ Star Sign Contest! ☆ Empty Re: ☆ Star Sign Contest! ☆

Post by Daiko Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:11 pm

The Wyvern:

The Wyverneer:

The Salamander:

The Salamander's Tail:

The River:

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Post by Jian Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:16 pm

Star Sign Name: The Moth
Star Sign Season: Winter
The Myth: Several hundred years ago, an Otherworlder fell into Vyldermire. Originating from a tropical island, the Otherworlder found themselves swiftly on death's doorstep as the freezing, mountainous environment took its toll. Desperate to survive, they made a last ditch effort to save their life by using all of their magical energy to dig deep into the snow. Absolutely spent, their magic faded away as their eyes closed, the hole quickly filled in by freshly fallen snow.

A week later, a small child was playing in the snow on the outskirts of the mountain village they lived in. When they leaped off of a rock into a fluffy snowpile, they saw a strange sight when their head poked back out of the mound. Fluttering around only a meter from their nose was a large brown moth. With warm notes of orange and yellow in its wings, the insect didn't look anything like the pale white and grey variety that one could occasionally find around there. Curious, the child tried to grab at the moth, only for it to flit barely out of range. They ended up chasing it, reaching out as it flew just barely ahead of their fingertips. After failing to realize that they had pursued it for so long the sun had begun to set, the child found themselves in a strange area by the time they finally snatched the hovering moth successfully. Never had they been this far outside of the village before.

From then on, everything moved very quickly. The child's feet disappeared first, then their knees were quickly swallowed up by the snow as it pooled around them. The white slush felt heavy and unresponsive to their attempts to kick their legs and pull themselves up as the solid ground was rapidly giving way underneath them. Soon, only their shoulders and up remained uncovered. Meanwhile, the moth, now free from the child's grasp, soared up into the air until it disappeared, too small to see. The last thing the child witnessed was the twinkle of new stars in the night sky as the moth was immortalized above, its work done. As a blanket of snow covered the collapsed hole, the Otherworlder rose from their temporary resting place with bright eyes. Reenergized, they started down the mountain.

The story of the Moth has been perpetuated over time mostly by cautious parents, who find it a method of telling their children not to go chasing things and wandering off. Unfortunately, the survival of its story can also be credited to less tolerant inhabitants of Vyldermire who discriminate against Otherworlders. As a cautionary tale meant to dissuade listeners from interacting with anything or anyone that might be Otherworldly, it has been whispered more than outright said in recent years. With movements to prevent racial prejudice, the myth of the Moth has become a far less popular narrative. Regardless, travelers might still feel a sense of unease upon seeing an apparently innocent moth fluttering around in the snow in the dead of winter. If one follows it, there is no telling where it may lead.
Constellation: MS Paint Gang (this is just a sketch :D)
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Post by Soot Mon Aug 16, 2021 12:52 am

Star Sign Name: The Dragon's Flower
Star Sign Season: Spring
The Myth: Long ago there existed a flower that was as powerful as it was pretty. There was only one and despite its existence being well known, nobody could locate the flower. That was, until a wounded dragon came upon it on a dark night. The flower's power healed the dragon and in return the dragon stood guard, protecting the flower for years to come. An unspoken bond of admiration formed between them. The flower impressed by the dragon's loyalty and the dragon seeking to return the unmatchable gift of life granted to it by the flower.

They lived in peace for ages before word got out of the flower's location. Thousands would come to slay the dragon and claim the magnificent flower for themselves and thousands would fail. However, one day, a force far stronger than the dragon arrived, and the dragon found itself unable to compete. With its defeat almost certain, the dragon used the last of its energy to take the flower into the sky. The dragon was defeated in the end but the flower was left untouched in the night sky, forever outside of the grips of others. It is said that when this constellation is seen in the sky, magic will be more abundant and powerful in the land below.
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Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat Aug 21, 2021 11:27 pm

Star Sign Name: Heknys' Eye
Star Sign Season: Autumn
The Myth:
From the black sea above, she watches. The dark goddess of the void, queen of the witches and Mother of the Eldritch to ensure that balance remains and all debts are paid. So it is told by those who believe in her, this array of stars are seen as a direct link to the deity. Heknys, who is of Eldritch faith, is believed to be the one who balances the Obsidian scales and rules over the void.

There are numerous theories regarding the manner in which Heknys takes appearance, able to take on any guise that she pleases. There have been many rumoured sightings of Heknys in Vyldermire, however arguably the most famous proclamation found to be told in the story of the Late witch, Elise Poisker. Hundreds of years ago in the midst of the Holy War, it is said that Elise was a victim of human wrath. A village leader, Francis Noble had recently attempted to bed the witch only to be rejected, a slight he took very personally. It was around this time that a child from the village vanished and as a result, Francis would accuse Elise of kidnapping the child for one of her Eldritch rituals. With no trial to speak of, she would be sentenced to death by fire, strung up on a pike and set aflame. It is said that as flames licked the soles of her feet, she would cry out for her 'Dark Mother', begging for her to pay back her killers in kind for their injustice. The moment that Elise's body felt limp as life left her, a ferocious wind blew through the village, the flames were from the base of the pike were blown outwards, catching the bystanders and nearby buildings. The flames spread like wildfire, almost as though jumping from body to body. Sparing none of those who caught her, and none who stood by and let it happen. A small child, peering from the window of her hut remained the only witness. The young girl would swear that once all the bodies had fallen, a woman stepped out of the shadows, almost as if from no where. She would walked through the flames, untouched, and climbed up to Elise's crisp body. She would untie her, and take her into her arms before disappearing into the smoke without a trace. The various retelling of this story has often described Heknys' appearance differently, however the one consistent element to the tale being the crescent shaped marking on her forehead, which once she touched Elise's body, had opened up to reveal a a third eye.

It is upon these speculations, that this particular gathering of stars, shaped like an eye with a crescent shaped pupil is believed to be a reflection of Heknys herself, peering down on the vessels of Vyldermire and passing judgement. Sighting this constellation has been known to be interpreted under various meanings, to some it is an ominous notion. Meaning that the pseudo-goddess is passing judgement, and that there is an unbalance that is about to be rectified, which can be good or bad for those involved depending on the situation. To others, particularly witches, it is seen as a very lucky omen, that their goddess is keeping an eye on them, and offers her protection and support in times of need.  It is for this reason that some Eldritch kind have even taken the constellation and adapted it into its own symbolic representation of Heknys. Now used as a mark of those who worship her, found in books, rituals and sometimes even found to be tattooed on those especially devoted to the Eldritch deity.

Heknys Eye' Symbol:

Blank Constellation:
Line Constellation:

OOC NOTE: Please note that as I am an admin so I am dabbling a little deeper into site lore than would be permitted. But hopefully, I wanted to throw an egg into the basket and hopefully, this inspires others.
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Post by Sharqkan Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:49 pm

Star Sign Name: Velveteen Swan
Star Sign Season: Winter
The Myth: Greed brings out the worst in those who fail to contain it. Leading them into the pursuit of immensity and wealth at the costs of themselves and those they love. But with a bit of luck, even the greediest denizens are capable of circumnavigating such pitfalls.

If one can not be blessed with this natural affinity for positive circumstance, one need only tilt their head to the constellation of the Velveteen Swan. For it shall assuredly point you in the right direction. All one need do is know their history.  After-all, Velvet Reign was capable of being founded due to this very swan, or at least that is how the myth goes.

A street urchin whom found themselves scraping by day to day with whatever measly amount of coin they could gather. Without much in the way of good fortune, it'd take a miracle to even get their plot off the ground. Fortunately, the young urchin would be granted such an opportunity. A young woman passing through their home village with eyes of velvet and hair of stark platinum caught the eye of the urchin and it didn't take long to tell that the woman was made of money. She came from a type of wealth that the cretin could only dream of and with that the urchin pulled together all of their friends and fellow cutthroats and launched a surprise attack on the woman's entourage that very same night. Stealing away deeper into the harsh winter that surrounded them.

In these woods they met with a powerful hag. This witch offered to aid them in their escape, so long as they allowed her to cast a spell on his captive that would ensure that her value would not lower so long as the hag lived. Given the urchin's goal being only to ransom the swan, they agreed and with that the beautiful girl was transfixed into the form of an elegant swan. The hag in exchange, took the girl's beauty and youth. Outraged, the youth turned his attention to the hag, but the hag had already vanished from sight. It didn't take long before the urchin returned to the town with his new captive prize, though they were vastly disappointed with the situation.

Unfortunately for the urchin, many of his compatriots found themselves captivated by the beauty and splendor of the swan. They could see that each feather seemed to be of platinum and those velvety eyes were mesmerizing to the point of driving the street punk's friends into a frenzy. That night, each of the men who had taken part in the kidnapping had found themselves slaying friend and foe alike in their pursuit of this wonderous creature until only the Urchin remained. Horrified by what he had done, he took the swan and fled his village,  though no matter where he went. Though the urchin seemed unnaturally lucky all the while. The same occurred. Soon, he had no choice but to flee civilization. Chartering a boat to escape to a far off chain of islands.

The Avalon Islands.

It was there that the Urchin's luck seemingly ran it's course. As they found themselves in the middle of a brewing dispute between several cutthroats, arguing over a cache of doubloons. These pirates seized the urchin, took the swan and prepared to kill the poor youth until the swan seemingly mesmerized everyone with a dazzling display of it's feathers. Raising them high above it's head and causing the light to pool and reflect off their wings with sheer brilliance. Seafarers are often superstitious, and this display of unnatural beauty was enough to lure these crooks away from their selfishness. Taking the opportunity, the Urchin explained that countless people had died trying to take the swan as their own. Yet he had always been made fortunate by following the swan.

As if by supernatural means, those who bore witness to the swan's display could feel themselves burdened with confidence. As though the bird held some deeper magic than anticipated. They knew that if they worked together, then perhaps they could amass a fortune greater than any other. For many lucky persons was far better than one. Over the years, many variations of this tale have been told, yet one thing is consistent. The swan represents unity and luck, and how both factors can led even the greediest of people to their goal much faster.

Constellation: [This is where the image goes if you have one. If not, simply leave blank.]

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