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Soot Empty Soot

Post by Soot Wed Aug 04, 2021 11:36 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Soot, Vella
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Higher Demon
Gender / Sexuality: Female
Age: 20
Alignment: Rogue


Personality: Soot is not someone who should be relied upon. She's lazy and generally useless when there isn't something in it for her. Depending on the situation, this might be obvious to anyone who meets her, but she's a pathological liar and sometimes she can be convincing. It isn't rare for her to use those lies to trick or attempt to steal from others. However, at the very least, her crime doesn't typically go further than the petty kind. When backed into a corner, her ability to talk her way out of situations goes down the toilet. In fact, when situations really start getting tough, she's the first to start getting frustrated or enraged about it and the last to cool off afterwards.

Of all the many negative traits Soot possesses, one stands above the rest, that being her jealousy. She gets envious very easily and hates it when others have things she can't have. A lot of the time, her envy can be a driving force for how much her other negative sides show. Though, in turn, she easily relates to the envious feelings of others and it can be one of the few things that gets her to treat someone nicer.

When faced with someone caring or nice, she has a tendency to abuse their generosity as much as possible. When faced with someone who doesn't respect her, she demands respect despite offering none herself. As one may guess, she doesn't work well with others in general, not that she's particularly successful alone either. For most people, Soot strikes a bad chord, coming across as an ungrateful twat that isn't worth getting to know. While this is totally the case, those who endure the treacherous journey will find that deep down she does have morals and can eventually feel guilt, and in some ways can be a magnet for fun and excitement, depending on how you define fun and excitement.

History: Soot grew up in Newdale, as the middle child of three and with the name Vella rather than Soot. She didn't get along with other kids from the get go, mostly as a result of repeating the things her father said about humans privately. Before long she didn't get along with her family either, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say she was neglected by them. As far as power, talent, intellect, personality, or appearance went, she was worse than her siblings in every possible way. In a family that valued each of those so highly, the runty middle child fell into the shadows of both her older sister and younger brother. She grew to envy them, to the point that it consumed her. For a while, all of her energy went into catching up. But after putting in the work and seeing little reward or attention, she stopped trying. She became bitter and blamed everything on bad luck.

One fateful day when she was around 12, a summoning circle appeared before her and out of desperation to be considered special, she hopped in. What awaited her was a land that was naturally bright and an unfamiliar young lady. It turned out she'd been summoned by a witch to be her familiar. After being forced into a contract, she had a master and was given the name Soot after she'd attempted to escape through the chimney and gotten herself covered in the black substance.

It was pretty rough at first, but over time the two grew to get along. The witch, Melody, turned out to have a lot in common with Soot. Melody had trouble measuring up to her older sister and had been desperately trying to summon a familiar because her sister had when she was that age. For once Soot somewhat got along with someone, growing up and occasionally aiding the witch on her quests. But quests are dangerous and nothing lasts forever, eventually Melody was killed by a Nightmare in Hoptus Forest. Soot escaped, at first pretending this was a good thing and that she was finally free, but quickly learning that her heart didn't truly feel that way. Another problem presented itself before long, with Melody shouldering most of the work up to that point, she needed to find a way to survive without her.


  • Food
  • Money
  • Power


  • Her family
  • Working
  • Being spoken down to
  • Hoptus Forest
  • Horses

Goal/Aspiration: Soot wants to reach a point where she is the strongest and most wealthy. Is that realistic? No it is not.

Key Fear/Adversary: Other people who have gotten closer to her goals than she has. To Soot, those who are stronger and more wealthy than her are that way due to luck and more beneficial circumstances. She feels a great deal of envy toward the rich and powerful, often leading to a completely uncalled for hatred. Not being amazingly wealthy or strong is why Soot doesn't usually take well to others.


Soot has two forms that she takes, a humanoid girl and her natural more impish form. she'll often take the humanoid form but when she's exerting herself or sleeping then her body tends to automatically revert to the natural impish one.

Natural Form
Height: 3'5"
Body Type: Shrimpy
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Skin Tone: Red with Black Sclera
Overall Natural Appearance:
Natural Appearance Artwork:

Humanoid Form
Height: 4'10"
Body Type: Average but short
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
Overall Humanoid Appearance:
Humanoid Appearance Artwork:

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Soot Empty Re: Soot

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Thu Aug 12, 2021 7:20 pm



Username amended to 'Soot' to match the characters app as pers site rules.
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Soot Empty Re: Soot

Post by Iris Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:58 am

Archived due to player inactivity.

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