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Ny-Ny Empty Ny-Ny

Post by Ny-Ny Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:05 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Ny-Ny, Ny, Nym
Race: Anthro
Sub-species: Draconyte
Gender / Sexuality: Female/Unidentified
Age: Around ten years old
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A


Personality: Ny-Ny isn't... The most complex creature. She's a simple being, letting herself be guided by animal instincts that strongly determine her whole self. It's the only thing she knows and her modified oneself alongside years of living in the wilderness made her a rather... Defensive individual. Untrusting. Devoid of burdens granted by civilization, but full of curiosity and primal fears. Ny-Ny is a stranger to cities and villages, straying away from others, having learned the hard way that she isn't welcomed there. Approached, she'll hiss, scratch, and bite in self-defense... Because other bigger creatures usually are closing in for an attack - so she'll run away at the first sign of trouble. Oh, she can be smart and very intuitive, but it's the self-preservation instinct talking. By modern standards she's naive and a bit dense, unable to read, write or comprehend simple social norms.

It seems that very little is in her that was once a person. She still has her quirks, severely limited vocabulary, and basic understanding of things... Explaining something to her isn't impossible, but it's hard to reason with a kid that knows fewer words than she has fingers, right? Yet the child thinks, behaves, and understands her surroundings like a wild animal. Her empathy is great, she learned very quickly to sense anger and hostile intent, adapting to her animalistic instincts. Ny-Ny holds certain curiosity and innocence, being amazed by simple tricks or entertained by simply watching clouds passing by. A free spirit that given chance could bond with others... Maybe. She sees the world through all her senses and quiet observations, reducing everything she sees to the simplest way. It's the only thing that's fully understandable for her. Everything else is just a mess... Loud, scary mess. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. If she's hungry, she hunts for prey, but if she'll be hunted and eaten, it's only a law of nature.

History: Her name was Nymphadora, a Draconyte.

She was born in captivity in the dubious part of the world where slavery, albeit frowned upon, was still alive. The child wasn't granted enough time with her kin, bought by an Eldritch soon after her birth. It wasn't an act of kindness or redemption, the baby was transported to the castle in the middle of nowhere with a certain purpose playing behind the scenes. A cruel faith awaiting her... An old female Witch, remembering well times of war and her race being slain by the various use of toxic blood, was planning her move. Her grudge might have been against humans, but it was the presence of Anthros that tilted the scale in their favor. And if ever Eldritch were to prove their superiority and gain what was rightfully theirs, their main threat should be disposed of.

The plan was simple. Tweak and modify the child with forbidden magic, using experimentation, prohibited substances, any means necessary. Reverse the mind. Let the wild instinct within overtake all and push away the reason, conscience, mercy. From a being with animal features, the child was turned into an animal with human-like traits, so she could hunt, hurt, scare and kill people once she'll be ready. Because the Anthros still weren't people in some eyes. Old Witch was aware of that... And she wanted to be able to prove it. To convince the humans that deep down they all are wild creatures, given the chance they would embrace their violent nature and run amok in the cities... Surely, the only logical way to put the end to them is not only to return to slavery but to kill them off. Even Gaiyans wouldn't be able to make any excuse for their friends' actions if suddenly they would start to turn violent, losing their humanity. Yes, it was a perfect plan in the Witch's mind.

Nymphadora was the very first test subject to this magical abuse. A prototype before a big-scale preparation could be done for sabotaging her race. She was kept in a special room, fed, taken care of, but treated poorly. Her earliest memory was her crawling under the bed and chasing bugs on the walls. Within years she was growing slowly, development of her body and mind under strict surveillance, heavily influenced by curses and wrongful magic. It seemed that during the first years the progress was slow, but soon enough the results were satisfying. The child's mind suffered the most and her body soon followed, becoming the animal the Witch wanted her to be. Her senses sharpened, claws and teeth grew bigger, scales appeared on the skin triggered by acute modification. Instinct indeed took over, but something broke in her subconscious, twisted beyond repair... But not quite. There was still a piece in her that belonged to an intelligent creature. And most of all, she lacked the aggression and hostility to attack others, climbing the furniture to stay away from them instead. That was a disappointment...

One day something happened. Loud noises. Explosions. Lots of angry voices and heavy stomping. Scared Ny-Ny climbed the wall, scratching the hard surface with her claws and hiding near the ceiling. Little did she knew, that somehow the schemes and plans of Witch's wrongdoings saw the light of day. She was to be taken care of and brought to justice, as a senile, power-hungry Eldritch, but... She wasn't aware of that. Another violent blast shook the walls and they started to crack and fall apart. Nym wasn't going to wait to see what will happen next. It's not like she could know that people attacking the place and fighting the Witch were her friends... Or foes. So when she only spot a chance, she crawled through the hole in the wall and ran into the wilderness.

She's been living in the forests for some time now. The memory of the room, castle, and the Witch was a blurry one, even her full name was shrouded in mist, so the girl started referring to herself as Ny-Ny. She stole some clothes from the dangling string near a small hut. Found out that she doesn't like swimming. Hunted her first pigeon which she has eaten as a whole. The world around her was big and wast, overwhelming her... But she learned how to live, to hunt, how to take shelter. Some lessons taught her useful things. Remember to find water. Hunt only when hungry. Never stay in one place too long.

And the most important - it's better to stay away from people.

Hunting - Ny-Ny stalks her prey silently, staying vigilant and careful until it's time to strike. Her favorite animals to run and kill are rodents and birds, so she might help if someone has a rat problem...
Meat - She's carnivorous! She prefers meat fresh, raw, and still warm as a proper hunter should. The cooked one is alright too, but she does not eat something like that often.
Naps in the sun - Not like she's a cold-blooded reptile, but Ny-Ny enjoys laying in the right spot, soaked in warm rays to bathe in the sun.
Learning new things - She's an easily amazed and curious creature, so giving her a simple toy or tool could leave her occupied for hours. She also loves observing others - from a safe distance that is.
Playing - A simple session of the game of tag or hide and seek is easy enough for her to understand and she'd love that. If she'll only have someone to play with.

Starvation - Before Ny-Ny learned how to hunt, and even before that when she was refused meals as a part of the experiment, she hates the feeling of a sinking stomach.
Cold - Being a skinny, bony little thing, there's not much fat on her body. Tattered clothes she's wearing and strips of material wrapped around her forearms and legs give her some warmth, but it's not ideal. She spends nights in burrows or from time to time sneaks into the barns, to sleep hidden under warm hay.
Water - It's so wet and cold and... Wet! It makes her scales creep. She avoids diving into pools of water and bathing her is a suicidal mission. The sand bath is all she needs.
Being stared at - Ny-Ny is aware that she doesn't look like a typical dweller of this world. She hates being pointed at, but at the same time, it's hard for her to fit in... She understands that too much attention could lead to trouble.
Yelling - That's a very triggering sound. When she hears that someone towering over her is raising their voice, instinct and panic will lead either to self-defense or her running away. For Nym yelling is always followed by an attack, she protects herself this way...

Goal/Aspiration: Curiosity. For someone who has trouble understanding social structures and abstract thoughts, living peacefully with a full stomach is all she'd ever wanted... But also Ny-Ny likes to meddle and see new things, so that's her main motor drive. She might not understand much, but that does not mean she isn't going to put her finger into boiling soup or won't try biting a golden coin. All the new stuff!

Key Fear/Adversary: She fears others because she does not understand them. How could she know that a piece of food in someone's hand is a sign of friendship? Very well it could be a trick... Her simple mind does not comprehend the entanglement of the world. She cannot put that fear in words... But it's there. Right next to the very primal concern of being hurt or killed by something bigger than her.


Height: 4'0, but appears smaller when slouching.
Body Type: Smol. Thin, bony, lithe.
Hair: Grey blonde.
Eyes: Lizard-like pupils, both eyes are covered fully with ash grey color. They gleam bloody red when her emotions run high, and on a fair note, that happens quite often.
Skin Tone: Light grey, full of irregularly placed rough, sandy scales of various sizes.

Overall Appearance: At first glance, Ny-Ny is a small, unkempt child. A stray. Walking around barefoot, wearing loose clothes, and letting an oversized hood obstruct her face. But as soon as the dirty and tattered clothing is taken off, it's easy to see that she's a malnourished, forsaken kid. Her skin is grey and pale, the skinny face looks impish with big eyes and bared teeth. Draconyte heritage tempered with magic and experiments messed her body to some degree, giving her an unnatural appearance. Ny-Ny doesn't have wings, she's quite a small, ungrown girl. She makes good use of her sharp claws and her mouth is filled with needle-like teeth, and when she's curious she'll slip out her split tongue. Slightly pointy ears and two tiny horns are hidden under the knotted mess of ash blonde hair. The most prominent thing that catches the eye is her body - full of scales that grew on her skin in irregular patches, smaller and bigger, rough like sandpaper. Be it her hands, face, legs, or torso, there is no principle on how they have grown. Along her spine, small bone plates create a line that draws from the base of her neck to the end of her lizard, long and thin tail. She might not present herself as a decent Draconyte, but she sure looks like a wild little lizard.

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Ny-Ny Empty Re: Ny-Ny

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:13 pm


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Ny-Ny Empty Re: Ny-Ny

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat Oct 09, 2021 8:08 pm


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Nessa Cordelia Lux

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