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A titan's war on Nya

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A titan's war on Nya Empty A titan's war on Nya

Post by Luchta Dagda Mon Aug 02, 2021 3:08 pm

A titan's war on Nya Szg77D

Part 1


Rivengate, the outworlder’s city of dreams. A community brought together through their united love and comfort when surrounded by the technology and culture of lands that were not Vyldermire, lands where magic took on new shades and where creatures came in varieties that were unknown prior to their arrival here, it was a city that Luchta had not felt comfortable in since his arrival. There was no green in Rivengate, human hands had replaced it long ago with steel and stone. Some had vine come to know it as a concrete Jungle, he only considered himself lucky that he was not old enough to remember the island before such a transformation took place. Otherwise he would likely walk it’s streets with longing for the days of old, wishing that there was some sense of wilderness, but instead there was only emptiness. But he had to come there despite his attempts to avoid it, all thanks to his new job.

The Golden titans were a group he had long heard of, rarely meeting any of their number but always hearing tale of their deeds. During the war especially it is said they were fighting for peace, to protect civilians and bring the holy divide to an end. But it had only been in recent weeks he decided he should seek them out, and lend himself to their cause. For almost four hundred years after all he had resided on that continent, for almost three hundred years he had wandered it’s roads and forests and seeing it’s many sights. He wish he could pretend he had some noble cause but in truth he did not, his reasons were entirely selfish even if not evil. He loved his world and wanted to experience it’s many flavours, yet never bothered to truly try and defend it. Now, his path had changed, and as he looked down at the metallic brooch he bore on his cloak of the Titan’s insignia he felt an anchor within his chest, his heart reminding himself why he was there.

So it was that Luchta stood there on the rain soaked streets, his cloak keeping what it could from drenching his bright red hair, his eyes looking up as they reflected the neon pink glow of the lights above. While the sky was pierced by daggers of glass and stone, each one emitting its own artificial light, it was only the sign above that he focussed on. And it’s words read “The Dirty Nya.” Luchta Sighed.

While the half breed was no stranger or prude when it came to the more sexual lines of thought, himself having experienced his own companion from time to time over the years, he never found himself approving of the way Humans turned others into their own perversions. Elves, Anthros, Demons, they were accepted only as long as they appeased the eyes of man and even better, their wallets. This night club, or so it was called by the locals, was one such place where the fetishisation of an entire species had been woven into its branding in a way that had upset those of Anthro heritage within the city and the governing Council of Gaiyans. Yet here it was, the loud thuds of music and bass could be felt even out there, no wonder the Golden Titans had been dispatched to intervene. His first job as their agent was simple, convince the owner to change course, or evict them if necessary.

When the Hybrid entered through the front doors, their glass screens sliding open before he even placed a hand on them as if by magic, he was met by sights that he had dreaded. A low wall to his divided him from the main portion of the club, a dance floor filled with all manor of clientele from humans to demons and what he could only summarise as outworlders. But the horror was not in the diversity of those dancing but in the way they hired and dressed their staff. Female presenting servers only, not a man or androgynous member of staff in sight. Each one of them in skirts so short it was simply luck that each made it more than a few steps before some man in the crowd tormented them with their voices or their touch. The maid outfits and bikinis were each as poor quality and clearly single sized as possible, with each waitress being of a similar build as if their hiring process did not allow for any alterations in proportions. But worst of all was the headwear, for each wore what was clearly wigs, and poking out from under those wigs were false ears of varying Anthro species. Made from whatever artificial materials were available in Rivengate, the ears were no better than those of the offensive costumes he heard about for sale in Rivengate shops a few years back.

He knew he would be expected, and so without hesitating any longer he walked slowly up to the reception counter where he was met by a young girl, likely only barely an adult, but unique in her own way. Her tanned skin was contrasted by pale white fluffy ears, those like a bunny, but where others wore wigs and headbands hers could not be mistaken for such, she was a Lapin. “Why hello there Mister-Nya! I do hope you are going to be joining us tonight, shall i take your cloak-nya?”

The elf was, very confused. He was confused, caught off guard, and somehow more disappointed than he had been previously. So the headers and name wasn’t enough, but they had their staff talk as if starring in one of those cheap and mass produced comic strips? The ones for a single Vyndergold that he had passed on the way here, piles of them for sale in only the sketchiest looking of “Nerd shops”. But he knew that with her of all of them, the last thing he should do was lay the blame on her. Instead he simply pulled down his hood and nodded his head, the wooden portions of his face pulled back os that from the front he appeared only to be a regular elf. “I, have been sent to talk to your owner, Benny Brambilla. On behalf of the Golden Titans.”

When she processed his words she looked sheepishly away from his eyes, brushing her ears slightly as if she knew already what it was about. Perhaps the numerous complaints had been brought up during staff meetings? Regardless he kept up his warm and gentle smile as best he could, his much taller stature remaining open so that he did not intimidate the poor girl. “Of course mister-Nya! He’ll be right down, but first let’s get you a drink Nya.” He sighed again, but this time quieter as to not offend the young girl likely just trying to make some gold in a city where gold was everything. She lead him around the corner to a seating area, a glass screen dividing it from the dance floor and instead it’s own chamber being filled with luxurious leather seats and well polished wooden tables. Like with down below, this room was lined with waitresses each in various types of “desirable” costumes but each wearing those same style of false ears, catering to an almost entirely human assortment of well dressed clients. Bringing whiskey, Tequila, Beers and snacks as they were admired, admired n a way that showed no respect for the people they were being made to imitate. Luchta took his seat and thanked his guide, but his expression went the coldest it had been in a long time as he waited.

Word Count; 1281
made bycapt. meows
Luchta Dagda
Luchta Dagda

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A titan's war on Nya Empty Re: A titan's war on Nya

Post by Luchta Dagda Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:41 pm

A titan's war on Nya Szg77D

Part 2


“Well well well, i always pictured a Titan to be rather larger in the flesh, at least i will not have to worry about you putting your foot down on me.” Luchta’s eyes rolled over to meet the voice though no expression of any nature accompanied it. Neither positive nor negative due to his inability to convey the former and control as to not unveil the later. Instead he simply offered a nod as he faced the man who had appeared to his right. A human man, one just short of six feet though with his hair tied back into a bun that likely crept him over the line if it was to be measured. His skin was tanned though seemingly from that of sun exposure rather than any natural hue and his facial hair was trimmed back to a stubble but with it’s lines cut too perfectly to have done so himself.

The grin he offered Luchta was filled with teeth, overly open and cheesy and his words carried the flair of a showman which didn’t bring much surprise at all. “Oh yes, elves, i forget you have that spiritual mystery thing going on. I love it, so deep and reflective.” With a click of his fingers a server girl, one of the many lining the room, approached with a leather chair similar to Luchta’s and placed it off to the side so that the men may sit side by side. “Much love darling, go fetch me and my friend here some refreshments. On the house.”

When he lowered himself into his chair he let out a deep sigh as if the weight of the world had been burdening his shoulders while stood on his feet. But whatever he was trying to convey through his body language was lost on the halfbreed for he didn’t look, instead his eyes scanning the room and taking in the distances between every guest, every table, every server, and the only two entrances. He stopped though when he saw the face of his host turn fully, his grin now staring  up at his red headed guest. So with a quick save Luchta spoke, making it seem as if h had been watching for the waitress’s return. “Thanks Mr Brambilla, i’m yet to enjoy a drink in Rivengate.”

“Oh well then, i cant wait to impress. You see my friend you may here on the mainland all this talk of how wines or vodka or beers best when they’re sourced from all these picturesque locations, hand picked ingredients and family owned distilleries or breweries. Such a lie, such an out of date concept. No the real talent in the making of any good drink is technology, progress and experimentation. What i sell here? It’s what keeps everyone coming back with such excitement.” Whether or not Benny believed the pitch he was selling was lost on Luchta, for the man’s confidence and enthusiasm surpassed what most people could achieve through natural or acted responses. However the fact he was underplaying the aesthetic of his location made it clear he knew exactly why the newest Titan was there.

“I see, well if you don’t mind sir i would like to get to the point.” Luchta spoke just in time, pausing just as the sound of aggravated yells came from behind them. Another man, dressed in a fine and rich suit was patting down the front of his jacket and pants a his legs battered away what seemed to be the wooden table he had been provided for his drink. The table itself now rolling along as one of it’s legs lay broken and the drink’s container sat empty beside the man’s feet. Just when Benny was about to stand up and speak, likely to apologise to his customer for a faulty table or some other explanation Luchta continued. “You see sir, it is well known that your club here has been accused of numerous cases in which racist stereotypes and fetishisation of Anthros has been used to attract customers with such preferences and fantasies. Yet despite these complaints as to your use of these tropes, you continue to run your club as it is.”

Righting himself in his seat, eyes still glancing over at the man who was beginning to get up and go to the bathroom, Benny forced his smile to return as he tried to answer Luchta’s words. “Oh, i can promise you that the complaints are just misguided and completely missing the truth of the matter. People here rumours about what goes on herald then those who haven’t even come in pretend to be outraged. In reality all we do is provide a selection of attires for our staff that is inspired by the beautiful appearances of the Anthro culture, there is nothing offensive in appreciation as im sure an intelligent elf like yourself can understand.”

The smile that warmed onto the Half elf’s lips should have been a good sign for the host, yet the eerily apprehensive look on his face made it clear he understood this was not a smile of approval but of amusement. “Of course, the elf in me admires the beauty in all things.” Shattered glass cut off further discussion as the waitress who had been carrying their drinks found herself dropping the tray, seemingly having stumbled and lost her footing, their drinks struck the ground and left broken glass and alcohol all over the carpets. Yet again, Luchta gave no sign of looking and only continued to speak. “But the other half in me has been around a long time to know the nuances of judgement. And there is no nuance to the way you run the establishment. So it is with great confidence i provide you the terms as presented to me by the Golden Titans on behalf of the community of Rivengate.”

Benny looked at Luchta with more frustration now, as if he was about to tell this upstart where to take his terms. But his expression turned to shook or horror, maybe a bit of both, as a tendril of wood appeared from behind the seat and lowered a glass of wine into the redhead’s hand. As he looked around he saw that the other customers within the lounge had left, their drinks either knocked over or left there as each seat was empty or likewise knocked over. The servers as well had left, a couple leaning around the entrance opening to spy into the room as if afraid to enter. “Mr Brambilla you are to refurbish, rename and retime your club immediately. Apologising to your staff for the way they have been made to dress and act while providing less blatantly offensive attire and direction. It is that or i have the authority to close you down, active immediately and let your customers downstairs know that they are to enjoy their nights somewhere else. And i’m sorry but what i have seen here tonight was bloody disgraceful, so much so ive made sure that the more wealthy of your patrons left without the nicest of feedback for your service.”

The human stood up, seconds away from opening his mouth and demanding Luchta leave the premises immediately he expected, but he was instead left slack jawed by the sight of the room behind his chair. From underneath his guest’s seat wormed a tangled but skinny collection of vines and branch like rope, slithering under seats and tables, along walls and seemingly causing havoc more and more throughout their conversation. It was he who had caused drinks to spell, furniture to break and who knew how much else when he hadn’t been looking. As the elf took a slow sip of his wine he looked out over the dance floor and shook his head disapprovingly. The only sound bar the music being that of a high pitched squeaking. The sound of one of his branches loosening the lights hanging from the ceiling, causing the small chandelier to plummet and shatter just a meter or so behind him. “Oh im so sorry about that lad, i mean im not, but i had to make sure you took my words very seriously.” He turned to face his host, and for the first time that night his features had turned to their natural state, half elven and half creature of olde.

—— 4 Day’s Later ——

Luchta stood in the street not far from the front door, his pale feature’s reflecting the sun as he smiled warmly. A construction crew were beginning to lower the neon sign of “The Dirty Nya”, much like the crew’s inside were removing every last trace of the old owner’s influence. Supposedly after his visit, the man in charge had decided he wanted to move to the Avalon islands. Allowing the club to be closed that night but unwilling to provide some kind of recompense for the staff he was unwilling to pay for their contract’s remaining wages. But there was a bright side to some stories like these and he had been made aware of this one’s just that morning.

An Amarok entrepreneur from the neighbourhood stepped in with an idea, one that would employ the ex employees if they desired but filled the remaining staff requirements with unemployed Anthros from around the community. “The Golden cup”, a cafe and coffee shop. But one where they would take the publicity from the previous location’s reputation and turn it to something better. A place where they would take in stray animals, cats and the such, from Rivengate and take care of them on site. Allowing the animals to wander around and interact with the clients while a percentage of the proceeds went to a charity dealing with supporting Anthro’s who had been the victims of crimes due to their species.

With a much more pleasant sigh Luchta turned away, walking away from the site with pride in his new line of work. Though it was also at this moment he realised, he had quite forgotten the directions to the docks from here.

Word Count; 1677
Total word count= 2958/1000 Apprentice rank up quest
made bycapt. meows
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