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Current Threads:

Under New Management
ft. various

A deal gone bad.
ft. Lilith

Single's Night [Event]
ft. various

Sex on the Beach
ft. Sebastian

Wine & Dine
ft. Louie, Emi, Trishna

Priestly Visit
ft. Edwin

Solomon or Dives?
ft. Hibiki

Blood on the Inn Floor
ft. Emi, Kiigan

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Mafioso & Clown
ft. Pomme

Completed Threads:

Back-Alley Business
ft. Kiigan
Apprentice Freeform (125 EXP | 50 REP)
Initiate Freeform (625EXP| 350REP)

Blood & Snow [Event]
ft. Bleuenn, Emi, Daiko, Kiigan, Trishna
Special Event: (500 EXP | 350 REP)
Apprentice Freeform (125 EXP | 50 REP)
Adept Freeform (1,875 EXP | 1,000 REP)

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