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Rebel Scorpius Faction Guide

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Rebel Scorpius Faction Guide Empty Rebel Scorpius Faction Guide

Post by Rebel Scorpius Sat Jan 30, 2021 7:30 pm

Rebel Scorpius Faction Guide Rebel-Scorpius3


Rebel Scorpius is a faction focused solely on Eldritch supremacy, who believe that becoming an Eldritch is the true fate of all Mireans. They not only strive to gain power for Eldritch kind, but many of their members work towards the steady conversion of all species. Getting humans, Gaiyans and Anthros to forsake their races and convert into that of an Eldritch. Not to mention killing anyone who stands in their way.

"The ascension of the Eldritch sleeps within us all, but only the awake know its glory."

Nestled into a mossy, thoughtfully carved rockface on the inland outskirts of Deathrock Wharf is the faction headquarters for Rebel Scorpius. The location is advantageous to their goals due to access to potentially both Monarchs, allowing their ambitions to carry a little weight behind them.


Faction Leader

Veghul Raidruin

Rebel Scorpius
Rebel Scorpius

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