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Post by Ilias Fri Jul 23, 2021 7:20 pm



Alias/Nicknames: N/A
Race: Gaiyan
Sub-species: Creature of Olde
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Pansexual
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: N/A


Ilias is what you’d call a blank slate. Having been emotionally stunted to the world for the entirety of his life he’s only just recently begun to grasp a sense of self. What used to be only a few trickles of feelings and thoughts now have a larger impact on him. This can lend itself to extremes as he knows very little on how to handle himself when faced with situations that would bring about these outbursts. In other words: he has no idea what he’s feeling most of the time – go figure. That being said, his inexperience in life drives him to be more of an open book when it comes to others, and it very much has its downsides when confronted with those who would wish to do harm.

For the most part, he appears to be relatively stoic when unprovoked. Though he does seem to light up when approached as he enjoys basking in the attention he receives or when quoting random passages from a book. As books have been most of his life so far, his interpretations of them can lead to some strange behaviors and the every-so-often misinterpretation.

As an added note, it’s not hard to catch him spaced out or staring off into the distance. Sometimes even seemingly talking to himself or looking a little too far beyond someone’s shoulder, if not catch a few more than intent glares. He does also seems to be naturally attracted to churches, graveyards, and other more ritually-inclined or battle-torn areas.

Its first sightings had been dated to the origins of magic and life itself; its form described as an intangible mass vaguely resembling a humanoid creature. It had been a spirit bathed in light, born of magic, and willed to ensure safe passage in the afterlife. Yet during its early years it would find itself mostly dormant, only brought forth from its slumber by heed of its purpose. For wherever there was death, the spirit would manifest and begin its commune in order to guide souls towards the great river of life.

With time and growth did it become akin to wayfarer. Its presence was solely within the company of the departed as it drifted across the land devoid of passions. Thus, the psychopomp had come to be acknowledged by those that would chance upon it and the offerings often left behind in the wake of its journey. Even in the face of war, it had stood a silent watcher very much dulled to the pains of loss. As it was marked by a lifetime of chasing death, it seemed that it had been largely spared from the weight of sympathy.

As the world changed it would gravitate nearer and nearer towards civilizations. It was during one of these tentative moments that the spirit drew upon a wounded man nearing his deathbed. During his last moments, the spirit would be consumed by the dying creature for reasons still unknown. It had managed to embody him and, for the first time, had acquired a tangible form. It was now he and from this form he would begin to experience life outside of its otherwise impassive existence.

It was then that he happened upon Ilyanor. And it was within the confines of Ilyanor that he would receive his name via a letter addressed to his person. And it was within the confines of Ilyanor that he would come to realize a truth best kept a secret. His body was deteriorating rapidly. He was dying. Ilias Belvedere Remus was dying.

Likes: Stories, Books, Nature, Music, Kindness

Dislikes: Cruelty, Bad Scents, Pain

During his time in Ilyanor, Ilias has become fond of mysteries thanks largely to his odd circumstance (as well as days spent reading to no end). He wants to decipher the history behind the real Ilias, why he was able to take residence within his body, and the reasoning behind his apparent condition.

Key Fear/Adversary:
The time he’s spent as a feeling, understanding and presumed mortal has been brief and most of it has been done away at the hands of a church that recognized him for what he was. Before then, Ilias hadn’t really garnered any preconceived notions that would strike fear into him as he was mostly unapproached throughout his life. Now, however, he does seem to be apprehensive at the thought of turning Eldritch.


Height: 5'8"
Body Type: Slender
Hair: Green, long
Eyes: Green (left), Red (right)
Skin Tone: Pale, greying

Overall Appearance:
Ilias is mostly on the softer side of the spectrum when it comes to his looks. From the silky green hair to the long lashes – some would even say he borders on feminine if not wholly so. If anything were to be more striking than that, it would be the much-too-pale and nearly greying skin as well as a pair heterochromatic eyes that sport pupils in the likeness of a snake. He carries a slender build with some amount of muscle that suggest a life of wellness. Little to no scars can be easily perceived, though across his chest lies the memory of a large wound. He appears to be around his mid to late twenties.


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Ilias Belvedere Remus Empty Re: Ilias Belvedere Remus

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:22 pm


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