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Absinthe - Victorian London

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Absinthe - Victorian London Empty Absinthe - Victorian London

Post by AbsintheAdmin Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:34 pm

Absinthe - Victorian London Absinthewinter

Politics & Court Intrigue | Active Discord | PoC Canons & Originals Open | LGBTQIA+ & Newcomer Friendly Community

Absinthe is a realistic historical forum set in London in 1852 at the height of the Victorian era. Established in 2018, Our emphasis is on the written word and the ability to tell a dramatic and engaging tale woven with intricacy to entrap the reader. Our concept is based on popular literature, movies, tv shows, and musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Jekyll & Hyde, Jack the Ripper, Victoria, and Belgravia. The site was originally created as a complement to the field of historical sites catering to those who wish to step back in time and create a world around historical ancestry. We welcome dark intrigue here. As we are a 3/3/3 rating, we encourage well-thought-out plots that contain violence, mystery, calamity, suspense, and the macabre. Those of us who write here enjoy living in the shadows and writing in blood, or the angst and intrigue of a new romance.

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