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Cassandra Empty Cassandra

Post by Bonifaz Sat Jul 10, 2021 10:05 am



Full name: Cassandra Éliana Augustine du Guesclin
Alias/Nicknames: Sandra or Cass
Race: Otherworlder
Sub-species: N/A
Gender / Sexuality: Female, Bisexual
Age: 30
Alignment: Rogues
Faction: Factionless


⧫ Adventurous: Cassandra is in every fibre of her body an adventurous and curious person. She would often sneak out of the house, in the mid of the night to wander around in the forest, looking for the rumoured monsters and the treasures they guard. Or she would wander off during shopping or school trips. She also explored every nook and cranny of the private school she attended.
⧫ Intelligent: Cassandra is quite intelligent but doesn't always use her brain. She is both academic and street-smart. She studied ancient languages, mythology, history, and archaeology in university but was far from the best student in her class; she had the capacity to be at the top of her class but often she was bored or her mind took her to different places. She is a lousy archaeologist in practice. Archaeology was different in her imagination, where it was exciting and dangerous but in reality, it was mostly recording measurements and the texture and colour of sediment. Looking at tool marks in bones, at pottery shards and the endless sieving of sediment. Which is the reason she became a tomb raider.
⧫ Stubborn: Cassandra is stubborn when she sets her mind on something she will do it. Thoughts she doesn't like commitments.
⧫ Assertive: Cassandra is confident in her abilities, her knowledge and isn't quick to doubt herself.
⧫ Rash: Cassandra pushes boundaries, and can throw oil on the fire; it can, if she is bored, escalate a conflict into something physical just for the fun of it.
⧫ Rebellious: Cassandra has a creative vision, is easily bored and is spontaneous combined with insensitiveness towards other peoples feelings is a recipe for disaster. Breaking rules is no issue for her when they seem illogical or even if they are logical, it doesn't really matter. Her parents, and their servants, had their hands full with her and twice had she been moved to a different private school due to her actions.
⧫ Independent: Cassandra is an independent person, loving her own space and enjoys being on her own; delving into her mind. She is an ambivert but is more introverted than an extrovert.
⧫ Loyal: Cassandra, once she made a friend, is fiercely loyal to her friends.
⧫ Rationale: Cassandra bases her judgment mostly on logic rather than feelings. It's only logical to do so.  
⧫ Resourceful: Cassandra, being quite smart, is quick to find a solution (or temporal solutions) in sticky situations.
⧫ Insensitive: Cassandra, being more logical than heart, can be quite insensitive to others.

Cassandra was born into a noble family in an island nation from a world in another dimension. Her parents, and the servants, tried to teach her the manners and etiquettes befitting her noble birth, but Cassandra rarely used them. Superficial farce, she thought. Living like nobility was like a golden cage, and Cassandra escaped that cage often to explore the busy streets of the common people, the forest and in particular ruins. Her adventurous nature and interest in history led her to study archaeology, history, mythology and ancient languages. Her image of archaeology, which she had formed from reading books, proved to be wrong. The recording of the minute details of where artefacts were found and the colour and texture difference of sediment were a bore. Thus she became a high-risk (freelance) archaeologist, in other words, a tomb raider. One of her adventures into a temple complex whisked her away to a different dimension.

⧫ Mystery: Cassandra loves mysteries, she wants to solve them and uncover the truths.
⧫ Artefacts: Cassandra is a tomb raider and what is more important than rare and ancient (magical) artefacts?
⧫ Adventure: Cassandra loves to leave behind the known for the unknown, to discover new and strange places.

⧫ Commitments: Cassandra doesn't like commitments, neither for jobs nor in relationships; she wants to be free to go and do what she wants.
⧫ Boundaries: Cassandra doesn't like to be boxed in by rules, laws and commitments; she often breaks them anyway.
⧫ Parents: Cassandra's parents were strict, tried to mould her into a proper Napedian of the higher class. That didn't work out, and they are now very much estranged.
⧫ Treasure: Cassandra, as a tomb raider, seeks treasures from ancient tombs, graves and temples. Finding the wealth of knowledge, or money from the black market is what she is after.
⧫ Freedom: Cassandra values her freedom and tries to maintain that indefinitely.
⧫ Novelty: Cassandra is easily bored, thus seeks excitement and interesting things.

Key Fear/Adversary:
⧫ Trapped: Cassandra is afraid that she will be trapped, bound and unable to move.
⧫ Attention: Cassandra prefers to be in the shadows, she has staged fright and hated to give presentations during her classes.
⧫ Creator: Cassandra is afraid that the Creator shall toss her aside for a different character.


Height: 1.79m
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Long black hair
Eyes: Green
Skin Tone: Light

Overall Appearance:

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Cassandra Empty Re: Cassandra

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sun Jul 11, 2021 1:17 pm


Cassandra ROjNQKP

Username changed to 'Cassandra'.
Nessa Cordelia Lux
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Cassandra Empty Re: Cassandra

Post by Iris Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:55 am

Archiving per user's request.

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