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An Ancient... Evil? (Daiko)

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An Ancient... Evil? (Daiko) Empty An Ancient... Evil? (Daiko)

Post by Cole Fri Jul 09, 2021 1:30 am

An Ancient... Evil? (Daiko) POxU7Mr

Spontanaeity is the best kind of adventure

What kinds of things are sealed away in prisons or tombs? Perhaps an ancient evil, or a force a nature to be reckoned with, or maybe even a beast of such awesome power which the likes of Vyldemiere could not conquer. There were bound to be plenty of prisons scattered across the realm with such fantastic tales detailing their existence, but there was one crypt like no other in a small, unremarkable spot.

Somewhere in a quiet, desolate corner of Hoptus forest was a small stone crypt so old and weathered that moss had nearly covered the entirety of the runes scribbled underneath. It was entangled in thick, green vines, and it was placed in a tiny clearing that very few people have stumbled across. This crypt might as well have been forgotten, but never purposeless.

In this old, unremarkable crypt in the middle of nowhere, what could it be sealing away? What terrible, unforgiving power was awaiting its freedom? And who, if anyone, would grant that?

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An Ancient... Evil? (Daiko) Empty Re: An Ancient... Evil? (Daiko)

Post by Daiko Fri Jul 09, 2021 9:40 pm

… Oh-

After having searched around in Hoptus Forest’s further outskirts, Daiko spotted something heavy and solid under his foothold. This was something flat and even, almost like a laid marble floor… upon closer look, he noticed the stone underneath and wondered why such dark granite-looking stuff was just sticking out like that.

Weirder than so was the rune that he spotted exposed just a tiny bit among all the moss covering the entrance. Coda, too, paid more attention to it and began pecking the rock, while Daiko scratched his chin… wait…

A flicker of hope illuminated his eyes as he went down to wipe the moss off with his bare hands, desperate to expose the runes below. Was this what he had been looking for? It was also here, in Hoptus Forest, where he opened his eyes and seemed to have travelled across space-time from his home world, so maybe this was one of those areas containing a portal of sorts? Maybe… m-maybe, he could finally return back home again-

W-Wait… shouldn’t he notify Kura first? What if she went to look for him and found him to be lost… wouldn’t she get angry or sad? He didn’t want to upset her like that… b-but this was important! At least, he did want her to try and find this portal alongside him, so he turned back and walked away while whistling to Coda: “Come, Coda, we’ll return once we find K-“


His words fell on deaf ears, for Coda’s strong beak had pecked a crack upon the runic inscriptions. She simply glared at him with oblivious, raptor eyes, not sure what she had done.

“C-C-C-Coda… C-Coda, what’d you just d-do?”


“D-Damn it, we shouldn’t even- d-don’t break the weird stone thing, it might be a ruin or something!” he scolded her before returning to the crypt and pulling away the many vines and remnants of moss that covered it up. He wanted a closer look at the crack that Coda had caused… which quickly let to him entering deeper into the crypt, not exactly feeling the same aura as he did when he first arrived in Vyldermire. Ohhhh, please don’t be a dud…

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