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Engloria Details

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Engloria Details Empty Engloria Details

Post by Admin Wed Jan 27, 2021 8:47 am

Engloria Details

All roads in the Common Lands lead to Engloria for a reason. It's the capital and the seat for the Royal Family. As such, it is a lavish and wealthy area, filled to the brim with people from all walks of life. Whether one aspires to start a thriving business, pursue politics, or make it big in Engloria's thriving entertainment industry, people flood the "Marble City" with their big dreams. The buildings are meticulously maintained on the main streets and it is expected that everyone keeps the city clean. Even businesses, who already pay fairly high rents and leases, must keep their storefronts well-groomed, painted, and in good repair.

Engloria is a place of order and hope, but any bright beacon such as it casts its own shadows. Off the main city streets and especially in the alleyways are where the seedier parts are hidden, where a constantly moving black market thrives and businesses of ill-repute use the facades of harmless warehouses and vacant buildings. The Royal Police must be vigilant to keep Englorians safe, which they generally do a good job of.

Engloria encompasses such a large landscape that it is often sectored off into something Mireans colloquially call the Cardinal Outskirts. The proper city sits at the Center Cross, and only the wealthy and/or connected can afford to live within those walls. Many opportunistic landlords have capitalized on cheap housing in the Cardinal Outskirts (North Engloria, South Engloria, East Englora, and West Engloria) where they take in the hopeful and all their Vyldergold in the meantime. This is also where the more common folk live, so the large landscape is dotted with little sub-towns made of wooden and stone buildings. While they are all a little less glamorous than Engloria Proper, they are still expected to be well maintained.

The Guardian Knights and the faction Golden Titan are also located in Engloria, naturally.

The highest family in Mirean nobility also lives in Engloria. The Duke of Belmont is at the right hand of the King of the Commons, and thus all of the Belmont family are treated nearly as royals themselves within both Engloria and all of Mirinah. The expectations placed on them by others are high, but the expectations they place on themselves are even higher due to the amount of power they possess.


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