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Post by Artemis Dagger Thu Jul 01, 2021 12:39 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Art, Arty, The Chairman
Race: Human (Otherworlder)
Sub-species: Warrior
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Hetero
Age: 23
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A


Artemis is your run of the mill rebellious bad boy. He doesn't like to play by the rules unless it works in his favour. Otherwise, he finds it quite boring. He isn't necessarily evil, but doesn't like borings situations. Sometimes being good can be dull, whereas being bad can be oh so fun. But he knows where to draw the line, and when something has gone too far. Hence why he isn't in a dark guild. Art loves a good fight, most of the time without his magic, a punch up for him is a good sport. Most of the time he will just egg on his opponents, just to get a reaction. He loves to get under peoples skin and he's good at it. Quick-witted and cunning, he's often considered a jerk. However, when he does trust someone, he has their back, although he likes to pretend he doesn't.

Despite his reckless behaviour, Artemis is a great leader, once the leader of an Assassins guild. He used to run an underground agency of employees who would kill for money, gather intelligence and dealt with other sordid activities. Artemis was once apprehensive about killing but after being forced into the career of an assassin by his family, he became accustomed to it. Somewhat desensitized to killing, but not so much that he does not value life.

He doesn't really trust people, and only has a handful of people he would even consider his friends. Deep down, he doesn't want to get close to people, because he fears his takeover magic could hurt them. He doesn't trust his own magical ability and secretly fears that if he does let someone get too close, it will snatch them away from him.

Art was a playboy by every meaning of the term. He loves women and he loved to flirt. He used to flirt with pretty much anything in a skirt. But he didn't like commitment, and it was nearly impossible to get him to settle down. The only woman that could win him over, if someone that keeps him on his toes. As soon as things got dull, he would move on, leaving behind another broken heart. Because of this women either flock to him or find him repulsive. If a girl doesn't take to him, he will just chase them more, unless they became dull in his eyes. This was the case with Sivvy, his girlfriend and the love of his life. He is completely devoted to Sivvy and whilst he maintains his playful charm, he has boxed away his playboy mannerisms for a life with the woman of his dreams.

Art is always looking for something mischievous to get up to, even in the most serious of situations. One might find him playing a prank, which can make him a real pain to others. It takes a real patient person to put up with his lack of respect.

Born in raised in the world of Earthland, Artemis was the eldest son of the Dagger family. A highly influential and wealthy noble line, descended from the once household name of Jaeger. Artemis was raised with very high expectations, as the firstborn male, it was up to him to take over the family business Dagger Corp and become the main representative of the family's name. However Artemis never wanted this for himself, he became quite the rebellious family member. A typical rich bad boy who didn't wish to abide by anyone else's rules, despite this he still fell victim to his family's control and could never really escape them.

In the Dagger family, magic was always key to their might and much to his parent's disappointment, Artemis was born without any magical abilities whatsoever. This created a huge amount of pressure for the child, to find a way to redeem what he lacked, it was this pressure that drove him to make a contract with a demon, who would give him its powers in exchange for a home. Stumbling across Morte at the age of ten years old, he took the creature into his body and played host to its soul. The demon was an evil beast, however, and enjoyed creating chaos. Artemis had a hard time controlling the demon and soon discovered that he had made a terrible mistake.

He would suffer from the demon inside him for the rest of his years, distracting himself from the monster within and the parental pressures with partying, pranks and once he was old enough, women. He was a notorious playboy, flirtatious to a fault and commitment-phobic. He fell for a girl once, but lost her quickly because of Morte's need for chaos. She died and Art quickly gave up on the notion of love - until he met Sivvy.

As a means to control the heir, Artemis was forced to burn down his previous faction; Black Rose. Following this, he was put in charge of the family's underground agency, a shadow faction that no one knew about it. Secret mercenaries who completed jobs for clients, anything from espionage, incriminating targets, theft or killing. It was during his reign of this that he became the target of an Ex-Black Rose member, Giri, who was also a wanted target for Dies Irae, a bounty hunting guild. It was during Giri's attempt to kill attempt that Sivvy arrived, intervening with the fight and killing Art's attacker. Artemis would thank Sivvy, and offer to take her to dinner, a decision fueled by his immediate attraction to her. Dinner would progress to a night on the town in a high-end spot known as Club Maria. During a steamy dance, Artemis would make a move on Sivvy, only to stop himself when he realised that she wasn't interested but rather felt obligated to give herself to him.

As such he would decide to treat her as a friend and so a long, complicated and sexually tense friendship would ensue. Artemis would fight his attraction for her, along with the eventual feelings that developed. As time went on, however, she too would begin to share the same feelings and during a fight with one of Sivvy's clones who had tried to seduce and harm Artemis. The pair would finally give in to their feelings and come together. Things were good for a bit, until Sivvy was beaten by dark mage Thana and Artemis lost control of the demon within. After learning Sivvy was okay, Artemis attempted to break things off with her in order to protect her from him and his family. However she would chase him down and after a shouting match, his resolve would crumble and he would stop fighting it. Coming together finally, the pair would move forward only to face a huge amount of backlash from his family.

The Dagger family found her inadequate for their heir, not to mention that Sivvy's and Artemis's guilds were on opposite sides. He would choose her over everything. The Daggers tried to sell her back to Dr. Raelin, who had now deduced that his 'failed clone' actually possessed the spirit he'd been seeking for so long. After a violent end to the encounter, they would disband both of their guilds and go on the run as fugitives. As the Daggers closed in on them, Artemis would make a deal with his demon to trap his father's soul in exchange for letting him and Sivvy be free. The demon opened a portal for them to escape into, and thus they began their new adventures in the world of Vyldermire.

- Sivvy
- Playing pranks on people, he finds embarrassing people to be hilarious, and will often use it as a source of entertainment for the day.
- Drinking/Partying, He loves to cut loose and forget about the world, but the kid can't hold his liquor.

- Boring people, those kinds of people with no personality that don't react to any form of teasing.
- Using his magic, although it's a great source of power, it always makes him uncomfortable because he can't always control his personality.
- Attention seekers and victims, People that want others to panders to them really piss him off, he will usually belittle them until they cry or get mad.

To start his new life with his girlfriend in Vyldermire, to find a new purpose.

[For the future] To reestablish his mercenary agency, Hidden Blades. Building it up from the ground and making it a success.

Key Fear/Adversary:
Losing Sivvy.


Height: 5 ft 11
Body Type: Lean & muscular
Hair: Straight red lengthy hair down to his chin.
Eyes: Scarlet red
Skin Tone: Olive and smooth.

Overall Appearance:
Artemis' body is built with a good stack of muscles. He keeps him in good shape and relatively well-groomed. He is often seen sporting jeans, but will sometimes switch up to shorts when it's especially hot. He likes to wear like tees, usually black, with a black jacket.  Sometimes he will just forgo the t-shirt, and wear the jacket with nothing underneath. This is for the benefit of his admirers, he had handsome features, that usually bear a mischievous look on them.


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Post by Iris Sun Jul 11, 2021 9:40 pm


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