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Sivvy and Hollow

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Sivvy and Hollow Empty Sivvy and Hollow

Post by Sivvy Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:41 am



Alias/Nicknames: Sivvy
Race: Human
Sub-species: Mage
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Heterosexual
Age: Mid-twenties
Alignment: Adventurer's Guild
Faction: N/A


Personality: Sivvy has grown so much as a human being in the last year of her life that she's hardly the blank, obedient slate she was in the beginning of her life. While she remains stoic and unreadable at times, she's developed into a stubborn, outspoken young woman who doesn't shy away from saying exactly what's on her mind. The concepts of right and wrong are still a bit hazy to her, so she requires someone to point her in the direction they should go. Once she knows what needs to be done, though, she's nigh unstoppable. She's used to being commanded and wielded like a tool, so at times she still operates as one when she's unsure what to do. Her actions and decisions are logical and efficient unless emotion gets involved. There was a time where she shoved all emotion down, but she's only just starting to allow them in and so she can learn to feel them and deal with them. Ultimately she'd like to have the understanding and control of her emotions that she does of weapons, and that means feeling each one at its most raw and powerful. Doing so has changed her into a passionate individual when it comes to people and things important to her. It took her so long to grasp something for herself that once she has it, she refuses to let go. Sivvy also doesn't handle failure or insecurity well, so she will relentlessly better herself and keep learning until there's no problem that she can't conquer.

History: 7 wasn't raised like a normal person. In a lab, she was created by Dr. Raelin and kept in stasis until physical maturity. Once revived, she embarked on a nurture-less training so she would become perfect. 7 was expected to be completely emotionless, have no will of her own, and be unquestioningly obedient like a servent. She learned the common tongue of the land to a near expert degree, while also knowing a few other dialects and languages just as well. She is well learned in most common knowledge and even some advanced studies and skills. The doctor made sure 7 and the others like her would be useful and powerful tools to anyone who used them, from knowledge to combat prowess. 7 was basically a well-oiled machine, pre-programmed with useful things and perfectly able to learn even more. The perfect tool.

Dr. Raelin, and his father before him, made countless clones, chasing perfection, fame, and riches. The source material was a young woman who was inhabited by a very special spirit that was sought by many powerful people. He essentially aimed to make a flawless vessel for such a spiritual seal, fixing an issue with contrariness that the original host possessed. As each clone failed to inherit the spirit and otherwise came out flawed, he would either deactivate them or sell them off and try again. 7 was the last of a batch of 'perfect' clones to be sold to some corrupt officials, but she always had a flaw. The pressure to be perfect and feel nothing never perfectly took, and she often displayed mild anxiety when faced with failure. Her six sisters were sold to the officials, believing one of them would have the spiritual seal, while 7 remained behind to be Dr. Raelin's personal assistant. She was sent on ever manner of job to bring home money, then cleaned up the lab and served the scientist when she was unhired. He was unbelievably cruel to her, though it took her a long time to realize that. Growing tired of his failure staring him in the face, he tossed her out on her own as he had so many other clones before her.

It was then her life truly began. Though it was scary to someone stripped of their will and humanity, she developed a love of food and fashion, things she treasured deeply. She met a man named Johann that gave her the name Sivvy and a home in his guild, where she met her best friend Amalie. Between the two of them, Sivvy slowly discovered small parts of herself, cautiously hopeful she could grow into a person like her friends. After moving guilds with said friends, a fateful mission put her on the path of a young, demon-contracted man in named Artemis Dagger, who would serve to grow her as a person more than anyone else. It was through him that she learned emotions like selfishness, sadness, happiness, anger, pettiness, and so much love. They were slow to grow and be understood, but before she knew it, she'd fallen in love with her friend, and he'd been in love with her for quite a long time.

From this point on, the trials they'd face had only just begun. Sivvy was dealt a devastating defeat, and Artemis, scared of his family's dislike of her and commitment, distanced himself from her in her greatest time of need. Not standing for it, she confronted him and they progressed beyond the rough patch, but it set them on a road they couldn't turn back from. The Dagger family found her inadequate for their heir, not to mention that Sivvy's and Artemis's guilds were on opposite sides. He would choose her over everything. The Daggers tried to sell her back to Dr. Raelin, who had now deduced that his 'failed clone' actually possessed the spirit he'd been seeking for so long. After a violent end to the encounter, they would disband both of their guilds and go on the run as fugitives. As the Daggers closed in on them, Artemis would make a deal with his demon to trap his father's soul in exchange for letting him and Sivvy be free. The demon opened a portal for them to escape into, and thus they began their new adventures in the world of Vyldermire.

❀ Ornate dresses

❀ Food

❀ Dragon stuff

❀ Logic

❀ Anxiety

❀ Aimlessness

❀ Sleep

❀ Being useful

❀ Being irreplaceable

❀ Being enough

Key Fear/Adversary:
❀ Inadequacy

❀ Inferiority


Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Pink (usually)
Eyes: Carmine (usually)
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:



Alias/Nicknames: Holly, Holy Holly, Priestess, Seer
Race: Anthros
Sub-species: Kitsune (Inari Messenger)
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Pansexual
Age: Appears Mid-twenties
Alignment: Adventurer's Guild
Faction: N/A


Personality: Hollow is a very spiritual being. Being a Mystic, she's always had a special connection between the natural world and of the world beyond as an Inari Messenger. She feels she's seen and felt the Great River, and though she's never seen or heard Fleuve'ir, she does claim to hear the whispers and feel the intentions of the minor gods. In the northern parts of Mirinah, she's known as either a godsend or a nuisance, but she will not be deterred. The kitsune is stubborn to a fault and will use her sneaky ways to accomplish what she came to do no matter what. She's altruistic and extremely kind and helpful to those who deserve it, but she can be quite harsh and even hostile toward those who renounce Fleuve'ir and his branch gods, whom are mostly Eldritch and some humans. Still, she must remain diligent with humans if she hopes to bring them around to the way things are meant to be (even if they are a big sin risk), though Eldritch are viewed as lost causes and menaces. She renounces violence (so far), though, in favor of love and tolerance and freedom. She's very free with emotions and love, and though she can be quite coy, ultimately she's an alluring kitsune who enjoys the attention and knows what she wants and how to get it while remaining dignified. Holly loves looking good and can't resist a sexy outfit and makes sure to take care of her body despite her love of food. She's also extremely good with kids and would love to have a whole bunch when her travels come to an end, so she frequents orphanages when on her way to the next chapel.

History: Though Sivvy is a clone, her source DNA has a Vyldermirean version. Hollow (Holly) is an anthro priestess hoping to rise to goddesshood one day. She travels spreading the teachings of all the gods she knows, offering salvation and an prayerful ear to anthros and gaiyans, and reluctantly to humans who aren’t awful. She hopes to stand in the gap and protect anthros, sometimes resorting to violence to “send offenders to their gods” for judgement. She is actually much older than she looks because, through her devout prayers and special connection with the gods, she received a blessing that saved her from a brush with death as well as extended her life (when the woman Sivvy was cloned from died, her energy was mysteriously transferred to Vyldermire and instead of coming in physical form, it combined with her Vylderversion's lifeforce). Her evangelism allows for a lot of travel, which she greatly enjoys along with her good works for people and repairing of chapels.

❀ Nature

❀ Hard work

❀ Charity work

❀ Eldritch

❀ Loss of faith

❀ Rope

❀ Visit every chapel

❀ Help people

❀ Keep Anthros safe

Key Fear/Adversary:
❀ Sin

❀ Underground slavers


Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Curvy
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Purple
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:

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Sivvy and Hollow Empty Re: Sivvy and Hollow

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Tue Jun 29, 2021 10:36 am


Sivvy and Hollow ROjNQKP


Sivvy and Hollow 63344_s

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