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Ezra Cavies Empty Ezra Cavies

Post by Ezra Thu Jun 24, 2021 1:00 am



Alias/Nicknames: Doc
Race: Anthro
Sub-species: Lapin (Moon Rabbit)
Gender / Sexuality: Male, Heterosexual
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: AURA



In general, Ezra is a jovial and kind man who does his utmost to leave any location better off than it was before he arrived. He is the type of person who is generally free with his compliments and goodwill whilst constantly throwing out jokes, anything to get a smile and a giggle from those around him. He also takes a very caring role to those around him, as in addition to his role as a wandering doctor there is a guilt behind his actions that causes him to see pieces of his own deceased family in the people he gets to know.  

Behind his veniere of kindness there is a secrecy he keeps only to himself. Outwardly you might see this in the fact he generally hides his identity as a Lapin by keeping his ears tucked under a hat and his tail hidden beneath a long coat that commonly makes up his outfit while he is out and about. He has seen some of the worst aspects of the relations between the various species and while he wishes to be a force for good for all races in the name of his kin he is also extremely aware that letting on that he is in fact a Lupin could lead to trouble. Emotionally this can be seen as even at his most jovial there is a distinct sadness that can be seen in his eyes. In the most dire of circumstances, when all other options have been expended, this can be seen in brief glimpses of his old self shining through; while he will do everything in his power to end things nonviolently if it can at all be helped he does recognize just like his original self there is no saving some people, that they must be cut like an infection so everyone else can prosper.

History: NOTE: Ezra was born Rasul, but for the sake of easier clarity at a glance I will refer to him as Ezra throughout this history.

Ezra was born on the southernmost reaches of Mackemm Village, and generally grew up with an extremely loving family. His mother and father ensured they lived a modest but good life, harvesting lumber with the rest of the village in the good months and hunting what little wildlife still active in the harsh winters of the frozen north during the offseason. By the age of 15, Ezra was helping with both of these tasks alongside 7 of his brothers and sisters above the age of 10. Two of his sisters of the same age range served as babysitters for the 14 other siblings below the age of ten, whilst 8 more of his siblings had already been scattered throughout the world having come of age. 31 siblings was rather prosperous, even for a family of Lapin, and all in all they considered themselves extremely blessed… but it couldn’t last.

While living at the edge of the village undoubtedly gave them better hunting grounds and plenty of room to expand their happy ever-growing home, it also made them vulnerable. Ezra’s parents were more than capable of dealing with the majority of magical beasts that might happen upon their home where it stood but the most dangerous predators found the home to be little more than easy pickings. The slavers came that fateful night near the end of the less harsh season, as most families busily prepared and stockpiled to the harsh winter to come. The entire family was caught unawares as their assailants broke down the door and stormed into their home. There may not have been as many of them as there were of the Cavies family, but not only did they have the element of surprise most of their targets were naught but children. In the struggle, their father and two of his brothers were killed outright, and all but Ezra, one of his eldest sisters who still remained on the homestead, and two of their younger siblings managed to evade being captured.

The four remaining siblings stayed in their broken home throughout the rest of the night, only risking travel by daylight when they felt the slavers were truly gone. They found refuge there, and many of the menfolk made their way to what remained of their broken home only to find a trail gone cold. Eventually, one of their older siblings would receive word of the atrocity that had happened and take their younger siblings in, all except for Ezra.

In the days after that dark night, Ezra found himself tortured by his own thoughts. He felt himself a coward for running and hiding instead of fighting no matter the fact it would have been an additional untrained child against at least six armed adults. He never even found out if more waited outside… but still, he felt he should have done more as one of the eldest male children. He felt he had betrayed his family, like it was somehow his fault all of this had come to pass. His siblings urged him to come with them, and not once did they blame him, but he blamed himself.

The guilt in his heart turned to hatred, solidifying into resolution by the time his sixteenth birthday came around. He told himself it was to seek justice for his family, but he knows now he sought only revenge. For just over a decade, he trained with anyone who would take him. Mercenary groups, anyone whom he could find that had even an iota of skill, Ezra found. Ezra trained, and Ezra learned, leaving each step of his way once he felt he had gotten all the additional skill he was likely to get from any particular group. He eventually gained some notoriety from his skill with a blade and by the age of 26 he decided after a decade of living only to avenge his slaughtered kin he was ready.

In the darkest period of his life, Ezra put his skills to use. He sought out and slaughtered anyone he perceived as a possible slaver… anyone that didn’t belong in the mountains. Unlike with the mercenary groups where his skills were used on magical beasts, however, Ezra found he couldn’t turn his heart off completely when killing truly sentient creatures with their own hopes and dreams.  He broke a little more with each and every kill, until one fateful night things went too far. That was the day that “Rasul” truly died and Ezra was resurrected; the broken Rasul chose to take on one of his slaughtered siblings' names and threw his identity away entirely. He vowed to try to make the world a better place and to do his utmost to avoid the path of violence unless there was absolutely no other option.

Ezra eventually found his way to Miriad, where he began working at a clinic. Much as in his days or learning the sword, Ezra threw himself entirely into the learning process. From the age of 27 to the age of 31, Ezra learned as much as he possibly could from those who were willing to teach him the arts of healing, and now travels the world looking to learn more from other races and spread goodwill in his brothers name.


+Green Tea

+Acts of kindness

+Making Friends/Leaving a trail of grateful people in his wake





Goal/Aspiration: Ezra simply wants to make up for the mistakes of his past and leave the world a better place than he found it, one patient at a time.

Key Fear/Adversary: Ezra fears he will one day let himself be consumed by hatred again, and that all his efforts to help people will amount to nothing in the end.


Height: 6’0”
Body Type: Thin
Hair: Messy blonde
Eyes: Gray in colour with a perpetual hint of sadness
Skin Tone: Fair-skinned

Overall Appearance:


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Ezra Cavies Empty Re: Ezra Cavies

Post by Iris Sat Jun 26, 2021 8:11 am


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