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Gawdwyn Empty Gawdwyn

Post by Guest Sun Jun 20, 2021 11:28 pm



Alias/Nicknames: alias
Race: Human Welcome Page
Sub-species: Warrior
Gender / Sexuality: Male/Pansexual
Age: 25
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: n/a


Personality: Gawdwyn is a jolly, fun-loving man, in and out of combat. He's almost always laughing and smiling. He is quite blunt when expressing his opinions and desires and only seems to care about the thrills of combat. He isn't necessarily cruel, nor seems to enjoy inflicting pain.  He acts more or less like an ambitious fame-striving artist of martial arts, who desires the fame and glory. He doesn't indeed feel any semblance of sympathy for others, and only considers sparing those who he pities. He hardly shows much of any concern on who he injures or maims those unlucky to challenge him. He very rarely goes all-out and instead chooses to mock most of his opponents, which inadvertently sprouts out the hate other people might begin to bear towards him.  

He has this creed: Live by fighting, Die by fighting. As a fighter, he wishes to grow strong and have more power to spread his fame. He doesn't even mind dying. But what he does not like is losing a fight. Having a loss in his record is something he doesn't like to have.  The only time he will EVER lose a fight is against someone that is inferior to him as he doesn't see it as a fight.

He will respect those who are strong and will will even find some level of commodity and maybe some level of friendship in his own way that he deems worthy. He despises weakness and cowardice. But not of a person's strength, but of their character. If a person shows cheating or some sly tactics then his respect for them will fall or maybe even grow to a hateful fury.

Despite his nature, he has a soft side. He loves praises and doesn't mind being feared or hated. But, if it is a compliment, especially something embarrassing,  he may become flustered.

History: His mother was a lowly servant and born as an illigament son to a high Holy Knight and a noble household. However, being born from a peasant, he lived as a low slave. The conditions that he and his mother lived in was in stable and would do his best to help his mother serving the Nobles as best he can and do odd jobs, basically any way to earn some food and money. The job that he would do was fight. He would even fight weak monsters and other holy knight trainees. The money he gained and the fame he grew were so high that he attracted his father. His father named him Gawdwyn for the skill and talent that he has.  Over time, his fame grew to where the father grew envious and hateful. He fought so much that he fought his own men. He was undefeated to the where no one can defeat him. So his father did the unthinkable, he killed his son. But it wasn't lethal and Gawdwyn killed his father in return by cutting his head off. Many soldiers came and tried to kill him. Dozens of men died until Gawdwyn died but not from defeat but only by blood loss. OR should have. He fell from the 'Holy Knights' and his only thought that kept him from dying was the want to fight more.

Likes: (Please list 3)

Dislikes: (Please list 3)
Embarrassing Compliments
People telling him that he can't do things
Losing a fight
Goal/Aspiration: What drives them?
Being so strong that people call him god
Fight the strongest opponents
To live free
Key Fear/Adversary: What he fears is being weak. | Adversaries are angels.


Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Body Type: Lean
Hair: Yellow/Red
Eyes: Yellow/Red
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:
Gawdwyn Rm5d2GF

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Gawdwyn Empty Re: Gawdwyn

Post by Iris Sat Jun 26, 2021 7:56 am


Hello! Welcome to Vyldermire. I'm Iris and I'll be taking a look over your app today.

Your history will need some edits to come into line with site lore before it can be accepted. As it says in the guide above the character template you copied, nobles can't be made or mentioned in character histories unless you have earned enough REP (reputation is gained from turning in quests) and received direct prior permission from either myself or Nessa. This is to keep the site plot cohesive, so the noble aspect will need to be reworked into maybe just a wealthy man or something much less well-known on the large scale. I'm assuming he's human here, since Gaiyans don't have nobles nor care too much for wealth. They are a society of equals.

Also, I'm unsure about what a Holy Knight is without any racial context mentioned in your history. Under the context that he was human or half-human, I assume you've made up a different type of Holy Knight and made them sound well known/famous, which is also a bit of an issue for lore cohesion just like referencing a noble. For instance, creating such a famed, specific organization in any of our site towns would be large-scale worldbuilding for that area and implies that any other character from the same town as Gawdwyn would also have to acknowledge them, which you don't have permission for. To fix the REP issue and the fact that we already have Holy Knights existing in our lore, toning it down to them being some average town guards, local knights, or some other small-scale group specific to your personal plot would be best.

If you did intend both Gawdwyn and his father to have been Angels (at which point you can't "fall" from being an Angel to a Human so you'd need to either change it back to angel or become a demonata instead) and thus Holy Knights, then his father could have been a general or something and you'd need to rework the peasant/servant mother since there aren't peasants/servants/slaves in Ilyanor. Controlling the actions of that many other Holy Knights NPC soldiers is also not allowed, as they would not have likely attacked Gawdwyn in this way. Also, make sure that Gawdwyn is less known until you've earned the REP to be more renowned.

I would recommend reading over our site lore and sub-species again to get more of a feel of how the races you've decided on generally fit into the unique world of Vyldermire.

Lastly, please spoiler the image used for your character's appearance.

When you're done editing, please bump this thread and I'll return to check it. Please and thanks!

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Gawdwyn Empty Re: Gawdwyn

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat Oct 23, 2021 12:56 pm


Archived due to inactivty~
Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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