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Free Me From Who I Am [Karimah]

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Free Me From Who I Am [Karimah] Empty Free Me From Who I Am [Karimah]

Post by Dio Sun Jun 20, 2021 10:34 pm

Free Me From Who I Am [Karimah] 0kpaBe1

A crow, flying high above the land, circled on drafts of air for a few moments before heading north. Having just feasted on the carcass of a fallen buffalope, it was time to head back to its nest in the mountains. Spring had brought out the plant life, and thus, more options for food. The crow’s beady eyes followed a mouse to its hole in the ground, but left it alone. Below, the plains transformed gradually into hills. The rougher landscape warped the crow’s shadow on the ground as it flew, rippling in draws, tumbling in creeks, scattering over trees.

Hills steepened quickly into foothills with deep ravines and rocky outcroppings. The mountains of the northern part of the Mirinah region rose in the distance, their snowy caps like cold sentinels watching over the continent. The crow circled above a ravine, looking over the area around the tall coniferous tree it called home. Something felt off to it, a presence that wasn’t there before. Swooping lower, it landed on a tree branch to get a closer look.

As it had sensed, things were not right. An intruder had taken up residence, albeit temporary, in the clearing. Below the bird was the creek, tumbling furiously with the spring runoff. On a large, flat boulder on the shore, a cloaked figure sat with its legs crossed. The white fabric stood out like a patch of snow that had fallen among the lush green. It hid his body from view but the hood had been pulled off. Long, luscious blue hair fell from his head and almost touched the rock. It was near the same color as the flowers growing on the shore just inches away, a soft blue.

The person could almost be taken for a human if it weren’t for the sharp blue horns protruding from his temples and the pointed elf ears peeking out from under his hair. That, and the intense energy emanating around him that was unmistakably Demonata to those who knew what it felt like. The air felt heavy and sharp, a sense of uneasy wrongness that permeated every breath one would take.

The crow cawed out a warning into the air, piercing through the sound of rushing water. Dio clenched his fingers, digging fingernails into his knees. He grit his teeth, a pained look causing harsh lines on his beautiful face. The crow had broken his concentration, snapping the peaceful bubble of meditation he was barely holding on to.

Dio took a few deep breaths. He had to stay calm, peaceful, and focused. The physical pain he was in was taxing enough, but the emotional pain was almost worse. He determinedly refused to let himself thoroughly feel the anger he wanted to express. Anger at himself, his mother, his father, his brother. Anger at the world for its unfairness. Why did it seem like the odds were against him at every turn? Why did he have to have a brother intent on killing him mercilessly? It was there in his heart, a deep hatred he couldn’t let free. The demonata blood in his veins loved hatred, thrived on it. He wouldn’t let it.

The hybrid took deep breaths through his teeth, letting out a quiet hiss with each exhale. His eyes were closed, the thick eyelashes wet from the tears that were beginning to leak down his perfect cheeks. Focus, he told himself over and over, desperately clinging on to the control that meditation lent him. Letting himself be still and using the power of controlled breathing would speed up the healing process thanks to the elf blood in his veins.

Unbeknownst to Dio, blood was seeping out from his wound and through his robes. It trickled down the boulder, turning the gray granite into red on its way. At the bottom, it dripped into the rushing creek, swirled away into the cold depths.

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