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Sex on The Beach [wes] Empty Sex on The Beach [wes]

Post by Sebastian Tue Jun 08, 2021 1:34 am

Sex on The Beach [wes] W5itHne

I want to taste every inch of you

Gifted, glamorous, graceful—Sebastian Alarie was someone who had truly earned his place in the world. He set standards and raised them, felt comfortable outside of his comfort zone and pushing people out of theirs, and acted on the potential he knew existed to create something truly exquisite. Surely enough, Sebastian Alarie had already shown and executed such promise at the young age of sixty. He was certainly no no-name in the fashion and beauty industry, but before anything else, he was still a hungry old demonata—and an incubus at that, with needs just like everyone else.

How ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! thought Sebastian, storming down a brightly lit sidewalk in Engloria, clad in his over-but-well-dressed fabrics, confidently donning his distinct and unique black and white aesthetic. His shiny red flats tapped against the stone beneath him as his deceptively sharp teeth crunched away at the butt-end of his cigarette. Needless to say, he looked like he would stomp on any child unlucky enough to bump into him, and then reduce their self-esteem to match their teeny-tiny size. If I had known that these people were spineless, thin-skinned bitch monkeys, I wouldn't have slept with them to begin with!

Of course, with all the fumes he was puffing both out of his mouth and out of his head, it was clear what was making him so frustrated—the unavailability of his sex partners. Sebastian cared little for politics or prejudices, but just as he carried himself through all walks of his life, he could be obnoxiously picky and impatient. He slept with a select few affluent men and women from Engloria, but all of them were conveniently unavailable tonight. He had even stopped one woman's home earlier tonight, but he had caught them in the middle of an argument—apparently, the man suspected his wife having an affair with him. Sure, it was true, but Sebastian could hardly understand the value put on monogamy. To him, sex was just the same as eating a meal, and who cared if you ate at this restaurant or another?

Although his ire could barely match the crime committed, it still left Sebastian without that "meal". Everyone in Engloria was busy and everyone else he frequented just out of the way, but it had been like this for three days now. His hunger was beginning to outmatch his pickiness, and Sebastian was quickly adjusting to the possibility of sleeping with just anybody tonight to get his fill. At this point, anyone would do. Sebastian's face began to flush a little pink as he walked down the street, pausing with an aggravated look on his face and leaning against the building wall.

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