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Post by Cole Mon Jun 07, 2021 1:50 am

The Devil Wears Alarie [Pomme] EiVlgYc

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

ALARIE. It was such a simple and yet exotic word, one that wouldn't make a person bat an eye if they had only thought of it as such. But when sewn into fabric, printed onto packages, and brightly labeled on storefronts, the word suddenly became more than just that. Alarie was prestige, it was modern, it was the very best of its industry, and it not only created trends within groups young and old, but it also redefined what the standard of beauty was. Yes, perhaps Alarie was nothing short of art itself.

It was easy enough to walk into one of many Alarie stores and find the perfect fit, but working behind the scenes of it all was nothing short of grisly. Like most industries, some were harder to work in than others, and the same could be said for the fashion industry. Although Alarie was a major contender in that industry, if not dominating it, such prestige and perfection didn't come about overnight. It was impossible to succeed in this company if you were only there to put a roof over your head and food on the table. If the passion wasn't there, the quality and commitment the company demanded from its employees could be crushing. It was for that reason that many who tried their luck with Alarie seldom made it, and those who did but weren't braced for the work didn't last long.

* * *

After disappointing sales with Alarie's latest line of fashion, the company let off the lead designer and the team that worked on it, which happened to be upwards of several dozen people. In hindsight, the sales weren't at all bad, just lower than the high standards of the company itself. So, needless to say, there were some openings, and after just a few long weeks of speeding through applicants at interviews, Alarie's newest employees were set to start their very first day of work at the place it all began.

Everyone quickly scrambled to where they were supposed to be inside this enormous but elegant and aesthetically pleasing facility—those who worked with the fabrics were out and about with their clipboards and sewing tools, the ones who handled marketing and sales worked intensely in their department, and the select few who were talented enough to have their own designs made under the Alarie name seemed to be in an entirely different world of their own. Not only that, it seemed that everyone had an assistant. Even assistants seemed to have assistants!

The fabric department was a large and dedicated department, full of people who were tasked with the most precise and tedious of work, but was also the place with the highest rate of advancement. Most of the designers came from this place, as exhausting as it could be. And boy, was it exhausting.

"Good morning, everyone!" announced one middle-aged man with a bob cut, black, rimless glasses, and a clipboard. He stood at the very front of a large room, where his voice bounced off the walls and could be heard by everyone at their own separate but identical stations. "I know that this is the first day for many of you, but that does not mean it will be any easier! You should know what to do after your orientation some time ago, but if you have any questions, ask!"

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