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Bonus Chapter :: Shipment Saboteurs. [Event]

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Bonus Chapter :: Shipment Saboteurs. [Event] Empty Bonus Chapter :: Shipment Saboteurs. [Event]

Post by Daphne Fri Jun 04, 2021 12:26 am


Baby long as you're here, I'll be floating on air cause you're my... you can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I, don't want to wake up from you...
Daphne Rose Ravenwood

To my dearest daughter,  

Even with the distraction of your frivolities with that merchant's faction, I'm sure you are aware of the incident that has occurred in Newdale, if not I have included a snippet of The Chronicler to update you. This is an unforgivable circumstance that our kind finds ourselves in, we cannot sit by and merely allow these lowly beings to stain our land in this manner.

Our family will be taking action against the Church's build, and as per our last discussion, I'm sure you understand how important it is that you do your part.  Any failure to act on your part will be considered a slight on our families honour. And considering the remarkable damage your behaviour has done thus far. I'm sure you would not wish to create any more difficulties for your beloved family.

If I don't hear from you in two day, then your sisters will be coming to visit you.

All our love,

The letter sent by Carlysle Ravenwood was currently scrunched into an angry ball in Daphne's wastebasket in Avalon. A bitter reminder of the condemnation that was forcing her hand at present. A threat wrapped in the offsetting rim of sweet words, 'dearest' and 'love' doing little to ease the venom embedded into its dried ink.

Upon receiving the letter, Daphne had been out of sorts. Not entirely sure what it was they expected of her, would it be enough for her just to attend the protests? To gather signatures as some of her less aggressive Eldritch kind had chosen to do? It felt sub-par compared to what her sisters would likely be doing to try and hinder the church's build. After raking her brain for hours, she had eventually sought out the one person who she felt might be able to provide a little guidance on the matter.

With a summary of her circumstance that would omit the more unpleasant tones of the letter, she would inform Colty of her obligation to sabotage the church's build in some manner. She had been unsure how he would take the news at first, being a Gaiyan and all. But in true Colter Gage fashion, he had surprised her.

And so here they were, in the cover of twilight, on the outskirts of Lyndon Port. Colter's plan to intervene in the building proving to be a stroke of sheer genius on his part. It was enough to satisfy the expectations of her family without actually having to go see them during this entire ordeal. Her legs would swing idly in the air, currently perched on the branch of a tree, she would peer through the cover of the foliage watching the Lyndon roads for activity. Over her entire body was the thinnest layer of her magic, creating a dream-based illusion that was her disguise. To an outsider, she was an entirely different girl, one with shoulder-length brown hair, bright ruby eyes, and pale skin. When she parted her lips, one would even see the tip of fangs poking out, making anyone who saw her assume she was a vampire.

She would roll her head back, the eager anticipation to get started making her fidgety. She looked over at Colty, "It's a crime against nature to cover those eyes," She commented with a grin, running her gaze over his disguise.

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