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Look what the cat dragged in [Open]

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Look what the cat dragged in [Open] Empty Look what the cat dragged in [Open]

Post by Kyr Artanis Wed Jun 02, 2021 5:35 pm

Foolish child.

They knew the moment the world became distorted that she'd messed with something she shouldn't have. To the world and its people the Demon of Chaos had stirred again after centuries of slumber; yet to the gods, their plaything had dared touch an ancient power meant only for their Chosen Ones. She was not their chosen one. Not in that way at least. Brigga smiled, watching as the other ones clamored, bemused by the mess their little black sheep was making. Exactly how she'd intended it to be; Discord was her forte after all, and if it was at the price of a few disgruntled deities? Why the hell not!

All it took was to take away that which the demoness had held most dear. A particular soul, and gift it to the other world. It had been fun to watch the panic on Kyrenai's face, how the demoness had searched high and low for the missing soul with tears in her eyes. And then the rage had settled in. Pure, sweet, concentrated rage. Hatred. And that's where the demoness had used magic never meant for mortals to be wielded. Space and time were not theirs to tinker with, but there she was, breaking the very fabric to go there where they'd sent the soul. Maybe Brigga was just silently rooting for the little thing that had once been too perfect in Their eyes. Now it was just perfect in her eyes.

A ring made of shining adamant, blessed with the essence of water.

A final gift for the foolish child.

Look what the cat dragged in [Open] WpsUiZa

The moment she'd slipped through the tear in space, the ripple of time lashed at her, a heavy burden she could barely contain. Pressure was building around her as she was lunged forward like a ragdoll, with nothing left to stop her advance but pitch-black void. Forcing entry meant taking the harder way. The painful way. Painful was in fact a good way to put it, because the traversing of dimensions hurt like a bitch. Whatever magic that remained was being syphoned right out of her the further she was hurled. Intent on biting through it Kyrenai closed her eyes, hoping that she'd soon traverse the last boundaries and arrive in the world her lover had been sent to. Moments before passing out the pressure suddenly lifted.

The portal in the dense woods whirred with power as it slowly came to life, magic gathering within its core until the entire structure had regained its sole function. And then, when the portal was supposed to open, its magic shot upward, as if the energy itself was being propelled into the sky. It connected with something unseen, a ripple darkening the sky as the sound of thunder rang through the area. For a single moment a vivid tear was visible, and from it something bright was flung; bright like a star in the night sky as it came crashing down. Those with immaculate vision would be able to see a figure rather than a meteor within the light, but for all else Kyrenai's unconscious body within the light would seem like just that; a comet about to touch ground with a bang.  

The very friction of her fall sparked a fire, and even though the flames did not seem to harm her, her physique was still being altered as she fell. As if the last remainder of magic was being burnt from her body. The horns on her forehead faded away like golden dust, her eyes and hair alike changing color entirely. Crimson to green, while her raven hair faded to a colorless, stark white. As if her demonic physique was leaving her together with her consciousness. Kyrenai was only faintly aware of the strong currents trying to halt her descent, but she soon enough drifted back into unconsciousness, moments before her fiery body plummeted into the water of the lake below. A fountain of water and steam exploded upon impact, the lake engulfing her body until the flames were doused, but somehow not harming her further. The white-haired former demon didn’t sink, instead being carried by the gentle waves towards its shores, as if it was trying to carefully deliver her to safer places.
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Look what the cat dragged in [Open] Empty Re: Look what the cat dragged in [Open]

Post by Bleuenn Bosser Wed Jun 02, 2021 9:11 pm

Huugh”! Heaving and grunting, Bleu pushed against a giant block of ice. Even though she had placed makeshift ice wheels, the large block of ice was far beyond her capabilities. The alone was already far beyond the witch’s strength alone, but the ice held more than frozen water. Inside was a fully intact wyvern, skewered but Bleuenn’s signature ice javelins that had warped around the wyvern preserving it in the cube it’s creator now struggled against.

That accused guild representative refusing simple talons! Bleuenn continued to huff and puff, she thought about how she was forced to bring irrefutable proof of her kill. ‘You could have just found those’, ‘A rookie like you never could never have taken down a wyvern’. Clenching her teeth, she slammed on the cube taking out all of her frustration on her ice as she thought on the rep’s words. Her rank among the guild may be novice, but the young witch was far from a novice. Her training and actions before becoming a full time adventurer had honed her skills; the three years of adventuring only compounded on her abilities. Yet because of her mixed blood many refused to give her work and when they did it was either a death sentence or something pathetic.

Putting all of her weight into moving the ice only dug herself deep into the earth. Hitting a wet patch of soil caused Bleuenn to slip and knock her head into the cube. Reeling back holding her forehead, Bleuenn stomped and yelled in a mix of pain and frustration. “Fu... flapping… moths”! Pacing around she looked to the sky while taking in a deep breath… What is that?

Holding in her breath the pain dulled as her mind focused on something in the distance. From this distance all the young witch could make out was an odd black tear, almost as if reality was unraveling before her eyes. Drawing out her hands, ice poured out from her palms wrapping itself into a telescope giving her a better look at whatever seemed clawing at her world. Clawing seemed to be correct in more ways than one. The sky cried out in pain as just for a moment as the tear quickly dissipated releasing a blazing star, no a person!

Many questions rattled around inside of Bleuenn's head about what she had just witnessed. However, it was not the place for musing as all that mattered was that a person is in danger. Launching forward ice collected under her feet. Skating through the woods wrapping and twisting around the trees as she rose higher and high.

Breaking through the woods all that remained was the remnants of steam from here the person had landed obscuring her vision. Scanning the lake, Bleuenn could not make out anymore of the magic she detected upon the person's arrival. No, magic I hope I'm not too late. Dismissing any doubts the young witch placed a sphere of ice around her head with another in her hand just before shooting off her ice and into the lake.

As she fell into the water she saw what she assumed to be the person. The formerly on fire person was a white haired woman that appeared to be human. However, what was amazing was that the woman was floating and unharmed. Bleuenn's thoughts were interrupted as she crashed into the water. Resurfaced, she would dismiss her magic as she saw the lake itself gently take the woman to shore. Stunned, all Bleuenn was able to do was swim in place as her mind was overwhelmed by the woman. Teleportation, fire magic and possibly water magic? No, I don't sense any magic from her anymore, perhaps a contract or something more sinister is at work.

Shaking her head, the young witch took herself out of her wonderment as the woman obviously needed her help. "Excuse me miss are you okay!? Can you hear"!? Calling out to the stranger while swimming to the shore, the young witch would catch up with the woman far more soaked than the floating stranger before her. "I don't know if you are able to hear me, but I'm going to carry you"! Cradling the larger woman Bleuenn struggled a bit due to her early activities, however what worried her was the lack of rising in the woman's chest. Quickly setting the woman down as carefully as possible the young witch compressed her chest hoping to remove the water from the woman's lungs. Though as Bleuenn compressed she saw no signs of improvement. Looking at the woman's mouth, she knew what she had to do. She had never touched another's mouth with her own, but her first kiss was not of greater value than another's life. Taking in air Bleuenn leaned forward closing the distance just as she tilled the woman's head back preparing blow into the woman's mouth.

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