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Chapter 2. Beautiful Nightmares [Colty] - Page 2 WKc5tYV
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Chapter 2. Beautiful Nightmares [Colty]

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Chapter 2. Beautiful Nightmares [Colty] - Page 2 Empty Re: Chapter 2. Beautiful Nightmares [Colty]

Post by Colter Thu Aug 12, 2021 11:23 pm

֍ Aut Vincere Aut Mori ֎

Colter’s eyes opened as he felt Daphne snuggle closer towards him… but it was not Colter who was peering out at the girl, but rather the one she had spurned. Remington. He’d watch her carefully as Colter’s eyes adopted a fare more eerie hue of pink. He’d watch her closely, disgusted that this was the result of all of his efforts last night. Gritting his teeth, the dark leviathan slithered back into its deep dread filled pit, as the irises of Colter returned to their normal ominously glowing hue. His first action was to lean forward to tenderly kiss her on the forehead, having become resolved in his goals after last night. He was here merely to help her feel okay in her own skin. Perhaps one day he’d get someone of greater substantial value.

But he doubted this. No one had ever made him feel let alone wish to be attached. Anyone that thought it was just the sex was a fool. They weren’t there for the parts that were hidden. The times where these two simply sat and talked and enjoyed each other’s presence. There was something more there for Colter. But it wasn’t uncommon for men to develop attachments faster to women they genuinely liked. The thing about men, though, was that they were very good at hiding their intentions. Colter sadly, had that opportunity stolen away from him with absolute reckless fury. Which was hilarious in a way, but he didn’t want to dwell on it. He was awake now. And that meant that it was time for this man to start his day correctly.  Especially after that…

Second nightmare.

He’d reach up and stroke her hair out of her face. Knowing that his actions were not going to be misconstrued since they made the intimacy seem sexual more so than romantic. A good move on his part earlier. He’d hate it if he wasn’t able to touch her like this. Though… there was never a way to completely remove the sensuality out of such intimate touches. He had only hoped by feigning ignorance, that would be enough to appease her. “It’s time to get up, we have a contract we need to do in a few hours.” He was calm in his voice. He had taken a contract for the pair and perhaps going out into the public would calm her mind. Clearly being alone with him was far too much for her to handle. He was never going to accept it if she linked pain to him.

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Chapter 2. Beautiful Nightmares [Colty] - Page 2 Empty Re: Chapter 2. Beautiful Nightmares [Colty]

Post by Daphne Thu Aug 12, 2021 11:23 pm


Baby long as you're here, I'll be floating on air cause you're my... you can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I, don't want to wake up from you...
Daphne Rose Ravenwood

Daphne grumbled in protest at his words, snuggling in closer to him. She wasn’t ready to get up, not when being pressed against the firm body of her Master was such a wonderfully pleasant sensation. Her body was still a little out of sorts, still a little fatigued after yesterday's efforts. But unlike the man under her body, Daphne’s sleep had been uneventful and allowed her to recover somewhat. A perk of the sandy island meant that if she used her magic here, she at least got to sleep it off properly - not like on the mainland.

She would peel her eyes open, peering up at him with a pout on her face. Blinking a few times as she took in the perfect structure of his features. Fuck, he was pretty. It didn’t matter how up close and personal she got to the fae, he was the definition of handsome. The tenderness of his touches was enough to light a soft flame in her belly, aching for more. Her hand would roam across his chest, tickling it idly with her fingers. She turned her head, leaning into his throat once more, nipping him delicately on the neck. Before whispering softly against his skin, “Don’t wanna.” Leaning back her honey-hued eyes would stare defiantly into his, before purring his title with playful disobedience.  “Maaaster.”

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