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Post by Pimwadee Sun May 30, 2021 1:41 am



Alias/Nicknames: Pim
Race: Otherworlder
Sub-species: Lapin
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Hetero
Age: 21
Alignment: AG
Faction: AURA


Personality: Pim is a calm being and highly spiritual thanks to her devotion to her religion. She is a strong believer that all blessings stem from the earth and that life is a gift to them from the gods. Her devotion is what fuels her magic and what powers her abilities. Due to her laborious upbringing, she is always keen to work and quite servile in nature, she does not understand laziness as a concept and believes giving aid to others always enhances one's blessings. Pim will often try to befriend those around her, believing in kindness first. She is someone who tries to follow the path of pacifism and doesn't believe in fighting, she will however if pushed i.e. self-defence or protecting others or the Earth.

In terms of love, she has little notion of romance, coming from a land where arranged marriages are the usual tradition. She was once engaged to a boy when she was eighteen, but he ran off with a girl from another land. The pain of the abandonment riddled deep within her heart and so her family with pity in their hearts, permitted that she would select her own husband. She had yet to choose a suitable man to wed, no one ever quite making her want to commit in such a way. Pim has little understanding about love and relationship, only that of which she had read in books and has yet to experience love herself. If she did however find someone, she would hope to be treated with respect and wants to be allowed to travel. One of her greater fears about marriage being that she will be forced into the obedient lifestyle that most Lhukian women are expected to follow. Such as staying at home, raising children and obeying their husbands every whim.

History: Pim is a girl born and raised in a country known as Lhuk (an au replication of Thailand), a humble land off the coast of Ishgar in a world known as Earthland. Initially, she grew up poor, working in rice fields and doing all she could to aid her family. However, thanks to her father's hard work, as their country attempts to expand and trade with other countries, he was able to work his way into becoming an advisor to the royal family. It was through this connection that her older sister caught the eye of a prince, and thus at his will, they were arranged to be married. Thus by the association of her sister, Pimwadee has been renamed as an honoured Princess of Lhuk, however, in her heart she is still a humble farm girl whose only wish was to travel the world. Which is exactly what she decided to do once their family came into wealth.

When Pim was twenty, she managed to convince her family to let her travel the world of Lhuk, a negotiation that came with the promise that she would find a man to marry sooner rather than later. And so, she set off and explored the foreign lands of Ishgar, making plenty of friends along the way. However, after several months, it was time to return home for a visit. It was during the journey back to her homeland that the ship upon which she had taken passage was swept up into a curious and terrible storm. The boat was sucked into a ferocious whirlpool in the sea and Pim was lost from the world of Ishgar...

At least, that was what she thought.

Pim would awaken in a strange forest, and whilst her memory was intake. She noticed some strange changes to her physical appearance, whilst her general look remained mostly the same. She was suddenly a human-like creature with rabbit ears and a tail. Later she would learn that her soul fused with the body of this realms alter soul of herself, meaning she was no longer a human but a Lapin. After her arrival Pim would set off in search for answers, missing her homeland terribly she would travel through Mirinah and eventually find her way to AURA. A research facility that was currently trying to work out how to travel between realms, she would take it upon herself to join the facility, despite her dislike for the city of Rivengate's modern tendencies.

- Travelling:: She loves travelling to different places and learn about various cultures/lands.
- Spicy foods in large quantities:: In her culture eating is a major part of socialisation, and so she can eat much more than a normal person. She has a special fondness for spicier cuisine.
- Music & Dancing :: Pimwadee loves to dance and celebrate through dance, she will always enjoy a good concert and loves songs that allow you to move your body freely and with vigour. (Not that she's any good at dancing)

- Destruction of nature:: Pimwadee is saddened to see the earth destroyed for the sake of humanity's greed and technological progression. She understands the want to grow, but also despises chopping down forests and poisoning the land in the process.
- Racism:: She is especially proud of where she's from and hates when people are offensive about where she's from. Upon arriving in this world, she finds the bigotries amongst its races very disappointing.
- Cold Weather:: Coming from a country that's hot, Pim can't stand cold weather which unfortunately when travelling she comes across often.

- To see the world:: After spending her entire life in her village, she is determined to go out and see as much of the world as she can. She wants to enjoy the worlds glories and see the most beautiful sights that she would never be privy to in her land.
-  Knowledge:: She wants to learn about people and their lives, she enjoys meeting others and hearing their stories. Acquiring knowledge about their experiences and lifestyles.
-  The Cessation of Suffering (Nirodha)::  Whether in this life or the next, Pim tries to progress herself towards liberation, by abstaining from greed and desire. However, she is often conflicted by the want to enjoy the current life she leads and indulge in some of its pleasures.
- Trying to find a way back to Lhuk :: Pim loves her home country and wants not just to return but more to create a path to this world. So that she can travel back and forth between the two.

Key Fear/Adversary:
- The world's beauty being destroyed by humanity::  Pim fears that humans will bring forth the destruction of the earth and worries that it may be too late to salvage it.
- Never finding a way home :: Self-explanatory.


Height:  5 ft 2
Body Type: A petite slender frame but still curvy
Hair: Purple .
Eyes: Amethyst
Skin Tone: Deeply tanned

Overall Appearance:

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