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Post by Bleuenn Bosser Fri May 28, 2021 11:25 pm

“Absolutely not”! A warhammer of a fist slammed onto the table as veins stretched out her Grandfather’s time worn skin revealing a hint of the youth that had long since left his now weary skin. Slamming both of her hands down in defiance as she stared her grandfather down. Yet Bleuenn’s whole body barely rattled crockery in comparison to her grandfather's seismic activity from only his hand. “Why not! I have all this magical talent and have been dealing with the monster outside of the city, why cannot I not become a full time adventurer to become a Guardian Knight! You trained my father and he was an amazing warr..”! A piercing glance cut through her body silencing her as she knew exactly what that look meant. “Exactly, ‘was’, just like every other would be hero or upstart. Do you know how many of those fresh young faces live to even see some modicum of fame, not many. The only reason I am able to sit here and enjoy my granddaughter’s cooking and company is due to luck and the lives of others`.

Filling his glass with red wine as his mind wandered to the sheer amount of blood he has split to enjoy the twilight years of his life. “Time and time again I've told you that I want something better for you. You’re beautiful and one of if not the most talented ice magicians i’ve ever seen. Why not join Aura? With your talent I'm sure you’ll go far, maybe even meet a nice bo…” The sharp squeak cut the end off of her grandfather’s words as Bleuenn walked left the dining room and her dinner without responding to her grandfather’s concerns or suggestion. “Bleu, please just listen to me”. Responding to her grandfather with a slam of her door leaving her stubborn grandfather to continue dinner alone.

Sighing as she leaned against the door to her room, Bleuenn dove into her bed squashing her face into her pillow propelling feathers out as she rang out her pillow. It’s always the same, Bleu you can do better, Bleu I don’t want that kind of life for you! He never cares about what I want! Even If I joined Aura and made plenty of discoveries, people would still treat me less than human. No, only becoming a Guardian Knight and defending people like my mother and father did will sway their hearts and minds. Heroes are the ones who get spoken of throughout the eras, not historians or researchers.

Just like everything, time wore down the young witch’s anger as she sat up plucking out a few rogue feathers that implanted themselves into her hair amidst her tantrum. Peering at her door she thought on her grandfather’s words. He is a bit boorish, but I know that he only voices his concerns out of love. Rocking herself out of her bed she left the room to apologize to her grandfather.

The tapping of her bare feet echoed through the darkened house as Bleuenn made her way back to the kitchen. However, her grandfather had long since left, leaving only a plate of food. Temptation hit the young girl as the food caused her stomach to scold her for running off without satisfying it’s demands. Ignoring her stomach pleas, Bleuenn left in search of her grandfather. Making her way towards her grandfather’s room a sharp metallic sound scraped along the edges of the hallway, growing sharper as she drew closer. The sound was not unknown to Bleuenn as she knew it to be the sound of a knife on a whetstone. However, the sound was far more dense than the lightness of a kitchen knife. Peering just barely around the doorframe of her grandfather’s room, her eyes would be met with the cause of the sound. Sitting on the edge of his bed was her grandfather half dressed sharpening his sword. Bleuenn’s eyes traced along the blade towards the guard. She knew nothing about what made a good sword, but her grandfather’s muscular scarred body was proof of many years of hard work and experience, there was no doubt in her mind that her grandfather held an impressive weapon. Scanning the room more her eyes would fall upon medals and accolades along with an old blue and green military uniform. While she knew that her grandfather was once a soldier he never told her much about his service. Overhearing murmured mumblings, Bleuenn’s eyes shot back to her grandfather’s mustached face. Leaning in closer in an attempt to make out what was being said only exposed the young witch as the house creaked against her weight. The glare that came off her grandfather was nothing she had seen before. It was empty and felt like she was being looked through instead of at. Fear gripped Bleuenn as she chose flight even as her grandfather’s features softened.

Sprinting back into her room Bleuenn slammed the door shut, sealing the door with ice, hoping that it would be enough to deter her grandfather from entering her room. Catching her breath, while simultaneously gulping in deep breaths as she tried to slow her heartbeat. She was used to her grandfather’s anger, scolding and disappointment, but never what she had just seen. Even though she knew her grandfather would never hurt her, she saw her life flash beyond her as she was faced with the look of a practiced killer not her grandfather.


Dull oranges and yellows peeked through the dimmed world signalling the start of a new day. While it had taken some time to fall asleep after her encounter with her grandfather, fatigue slowly won. Rolled up in her covers Bleuenn felt safe and secure while she blissfully rested completely oblivious to the dull thumping closing in on her.

A deafening impact rocketed the young witch out of bed as splinters of wood and ice fragmented throughout her room. Giving no time to collect herself a simple leather protector and traveling attire engulfed her face. “Up and at em Bleu it’s time to start your training”! Dazed and confused Bleuenn lazily rolled the clothing off of her face as she blinked at her grandfather. “Training, what I thought you did not want me to become an adventurer”? Rubbing her eyes as she looked at her grandfather who merely gave her an open grin before walking out of the room. “Come on hurry up if this had been an ambush you’d be dead”. Still half asleep, Bleuenn shuffles over to her door to push it closed or at least somewhat closed before putting on whatever was so recklessly thrown at her. Slipping off her nightgown and unraveling the clothing she was surprised at how simple but refined the clothing was; most of its refinement was due to the white ruffled top that went under the leather chest piece. Though the young witch was not too keen on the thigh high leather boots and shorts that accompanied the ensemble, but, she doubted that she would be wearing it for too long.

Exiting her room with a yawn as she moved her door back and forth noting that her grandfather had removed part of the frame that kept her door closed. “It’s about time here”. A flash of orange caught her attention as her reflexes caught whatever was thrown at her. “Eat it on the way and make sure to take the bag with you on the way out”. Her grandfather gave her no time to question or respond as she investigated the orange. Bag what bag? Bluenne’s question would answer itself as she was met with a large rucksack holding all manner of practice swords and gear. “Hope it’s not too heavy for you though the adventuring life is full of burdens”. Flashing her grandfather an annoyed glance as she was aware of what he was trying to do, but even so if she could withstand his training and challenges he would have no choice but to allow her to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Taking hold of the bag as she grunted against the weight, what is in this thing? Leaning over to slip the back onto her back only caused her to spread her legs out to stop herself from being crushed by the sheer weight that was on her back. Bleuenn looked up at her grandfather who merely grinned as his granddaughter looked as if she was about to be crushed. With a grunt she straightened out her back and began to slowly start to walk out of their home.

While they traveled to their destination, her grandfather constantly teased and poke at Bleuenn in an attempt to break her will and stop her from continuing on. Though unfortunately for the old man she pushed through the pain and taunting as she was used to having others not expect anything from her and she knew that she could become an adventurer no matter what her grandfather had in store for her. It felt as if they had been walking forever. Even though they had long since left the city, the walking did not stop. Grunting as she pulled the rucksack back onto her shoulders as the straps were beginning to bite into her skin. “Where are we going grandpa, if we’re just training we could have started once we left the city”. With a chuckle her grandfather looked at her, “Grandpa, you must be getting tired, as you never call me that anymore”. Pouting at the old man’s words only caused him to break out into a full laugh. “ Don’t worry we’re almost there, I'll explain when we get there”. Relive washed over her weary body as the knowledge of knowing that they were almost there gave her one last spike of energy to make it to the end.

“We’re here”. Upon hearing those words, Bleuenn instantly threw off the rucksack as she flopped to the ground. Panting, her body screamed out in pain scolding it’s master for pushing it far beyond its capabilities. Looking around in an attempt to ignore her pain; the area did not seem very special or interesting. A flat open grassy field hidden just out of sight by circling trees. The young witch was not particularly interested in camping or anything at the moment. leaning her head against the grass she wanted nothing but to relax, however as she looked up she saw a sword falling. Her body froze as the blade sinked into the ground just overtop of her head. Bleuenn grasped as she thought she was going to die, cold sweat ran down her face as her grandfather leaned overtop of her. “The trip’s got you tuckered out already, we have not even started yet”. Looking up to her grandfather still shell shocked by her near death encounter. “What’s with that dead fish look? If you're going to be an adventurer you're going to have to get used to facing not only your death but others. Now, time to get up”. Without waiting or consent he pulled up the worn out would be adventurer standing Bleu up like a candle as her muscles had already begun to stiff. “Oh no good if you don’t start moving you’re going to turn into an arrow”. Drawing his sword as he pointed it at her. “Come on, pick up that sword, let's see what I have to work with”. Groaning, Bleuenn picked up the sword in her left hand and rose it at her grandfather with a quizzical look. “Why do I have to learn how to fight with a sword when I have magic”? Resting his sword on his shoulder as he scratched his chin, “Well I don’t know let me see”. Shuffling around in his pockets he pulled out a strange gem like object. With a click a strange feeling passed through Bleuenn. What’s this my head feels furry and my mana is twisted in turning on my body I feel like I'm going to be sick. Placing a hand in front of her mouth she tried to fight back the sickness as she retched. “Now what do you think young lady”? Shaking the trinket her grandfather readied his sword once again. “How are you going to defend yourself now? Without magic you are just a helpless little girl”. Staring daggers at her grandfather as he stared back. She knew he was right, but she was not going to let him dissuade her from following her dream.

Gripping the sword tightly, Bleuenn charged at her grandfather pulling the sword back to swipe at him. Though in one simple motion he lifted the sword to her neck halting the young witch’s assault. “Letting your emotion drive you is no way to fight”. Pull his sword away from Bleuenn’s throat he would walk behind her. “Come on, show me that stance again” Wiping away the bit of blood trailing down her neck, Bleuenn took the stance once again. “Hold the sword like you're going to give someone a handshake, but keep it firm and loose”. Her grandfather would make alterations to her stance, more bent knees to how her fingers were placed on the grip. Her grandfather Stepped back to get a full picture of her current stance. Bleuenn held herself in place as her grandfather examined her form, but she could not stop herself from swaying due to the anti magic that radiated off of the strange trinket.

“Sorry, forgot to turn this thing off. Though did not expect it to affect you so severely”. With a click, relief washed over the young witch’s body. Bleuenn felt refreshed as if she had been in spring even though it was just her body returning to normality. “Right then, now let's try some attacks since you seem to think swinging a sword is like chopping down a tree”. In one quick motion, her grandfather brought his sword down. It was so fluid that Bleuenn was unable to see the start of the attack. Trying her best to follow after her grandfather’s movements they continued to strike until her arms could no longer move.


The training was hard but fair, her grandfather expected nothing but perfection and would drop Bleuenn back down to the basics if he saw her slacking or learning bad habits. Days and months passed as their training continued. However, it was not all swordsmanship as in between training her grandfather would teach her survival skills as the greatest enemy of an army is disease and hunger.

The cry of steel against steel echoed throughout the grassy field. Sparks brought about the climax of Bleuenn’s attacks while her grandfather deflected or dodged away from her attacks. Trapping her blade her grandfather went on the offensive, pressuring and keeping her off balance. Trying to create distance was impossible and there was no way she could overpower her grandfather. Only one thing to do, using the force of her grandfather’s attack she would launch herself back. Fire off an ice javelin would halt her grandfather’s charge as she crashed into a pile of snow to not only cushion her fall, but to break eye contact. “Using magic again the whole point of this training is to make sure you are able to protect yourself at all times”! The old man’s screams were met with silence as mist formed around the area. Bleuenn knew that she would never be able to beat her grandfather in a close encounter as his strength and speed and skill are far beyond anything she could achieve in the physical aspect.

Sending multiple ice javelins at her grandfather in different intervals, she hoped that his lack of full sight would be enough to score a hit on him, but she knew that it was wishful thinking at best. Cutting through or darting around her projectiles, the lack of direct line of sight did not seem to hinder her grandfather in the slightest. “Such simple tricks are not going to work”! With one slice the sheer force behind her grandfather’s swing was enough to blow away the mist. With one dash he was able to close the distance forcing the young witch to hold his blows back with ice wall after ice wall as her grandfather cleaved through them like a knife through butter. I have to stop his momentum. Covering the ground in ice as she skated away. Not only will this allow her to create distance, but hinder her grandfather’s speed as unlike herself he has no way to traverse the ice with ease. Though once again her grandfather’s brawn was far beyond simple tricks. Raising his sword he would strike the ground, cracking all of the ice around the area as the earth quaked, knocking Bleuenn down and turning the tables on her.

Firing projectile after projectile at her grandfather. Though it appeared as if she was attacking out of desperation there was a method to her madness. As she kept her grandfather busy with projectiles she directed one of them towards his leg, freezing it to the ground. With her grandfather rooted to the ground a sigil formed under him as she prepared her ice mine. “I have to focus on my strengths not yours”! Preparing to detonate the explosion soon backfired as her grandfather dug his sword into the ground and fling the ground her sigil was attracted to at her. Bleuenn’s defense of magic was not enough to fully protect against her strongest spell as the force cracked through her dome blasting her across the field and into a tree.

Coughing and heaving as she struggled to look up at her grandfather as he smashed off the ice on his leg. Using her sword to prop herself up Bleuenn stared her grandfather down as he slowly closed the distance. I used practically all my mana on that last attack and I can barely stand. How am I supposed to win against someone this strong!? Bracing herself against the tree the young witch looked up at the white capped mountain that blankly stared down at her. Giving her grandfather a smirk she tightened her grip around her blade and lunged forward. She knew that her stab would simply be deflected even if she was completely healthy. However she took how she appeared to her enemy into account. With the last of her remaining mana she rocketed herself forward with a blast of freezing wind surprising her grandfather. While it was not much she saw the tip of her blade bit just barely into the side of her grandfather’s face as he was just barely moved his head out of the way. Flashing her grandfather a grin just as she shot by him. At least I got a hit in. Chuckling to herself while her body hit the ground hard as she had used up all the mana and energy she had just to get a mere scratch on her grandfather. Her body felt numb and heavy, she could barely keep her eyes upon, but just as her consciousness faded she heard the words you pass.

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