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Entertaining Encounters [Emi]

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Entertaining Encounters [Emi] Empty Entertaining Encounters [Emi]

Post by Alfalfa Walden Fri May 28, 2021 10:14 pm

Miriad was a city she hadn’t visited as often as she wanted to; and when she had it had always been with the circus. The one of the only places where she was allowed to venture a tad bit further from the camping grounds than usual; as opposed to the cities where Anthros weren’t as welcomed. Sheltered from Vyldermire’s human population and their hateful gazes for years, at least in daily life. Somehow they didn’t seem to mind as much during the spectacles of the shows and acts she did. As if then at that point, her heritage was part of the costume she wore, and her talent one of theirs. But both her father and brother had been extremely strict when it came to leaving the circus grounds, and was rarely allowed out on her own. Not that she had minded, but ever since that inkling feeling had settled deep inside of her, Alfalfa had found herself yearning to venture and wander more and more. So in a spur of the moment she’d cornered her father with a most innocent request; if she were to master the newest Wheel of Death routine with Albafica in the next week, she’d be allowed to wander around Miriad without chaperone next time they toured the area. And sadly for Alfare, Alfalfa did exactly that. He saw how his chipper adoptive daughter became the essence of pure concentration, learnt the routine by heart in a day and settled down on the details by the end of the fifth day.

Too bad for him, promise is debt, and so when the time had come for the circus to round back to the beautiful city of Miriad, he had to let her go. At the very least Alfare could rest assured that his youngest wouldn’t have to worry about the usual discrimination; rather he worried for the townfolk, hoping Alfalfa wouldn’t make things too hard on herself. Maybe he should’ve started sheltering her a tad bit less...maybe. Or not. The young Anthros, despite her size and imposing physique, was a lot more vulnerable and shy. And let’s not forget awkward, pokerface aside.

Yet with freedom gained she’d set out, given the due time off to explore on her own for the first time in forever. She’d been leisurely strolling along the road towards town, only to find herself being side-tracked completely by the gigantic bodies of water nearby. She couldn’t ignore this sudden itch to hit the beach instead, actually making a beeline for the sandy shores a dozen meters into town. Town could wait. Beach now.

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Alfalfa Walden
Alfalfa Walden

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