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A Beautiful Day With [Emi]

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A Beautiful Day With [Emi] Empty A Beautiful Day With [Emi]

Post by Horiuchi Bassui Thu May 27, 2021 3:47 am

A Beautiful Day With [Emi] 2qVZuZN

A Beautiful Day With [Emi] CCiBHDr
"Kaze no sukima ni kikoeru
Komori uta yo...
Yami ni toza sareta kibou
Tera shitekure!"

As a muffled "Sabin Raps" continues to play in the background, his eyes awoke on beat with the beginning of the verse. Rising with a groan and grumble from his silk-like futon, he extended his arms to yawn only to be met with a crack and pop from his back; the otaku yelping in pain in response. He hadn't slept well in his past life, and though this was what he requested? Sleeping on the floor isn't exactly healthy in the long run.

"Hmm...maybe I should get a mattress or something; I can't keep sleeping like this.", adopting a perverted expression, he shifted to his right to unhook his phone from it's charger; immediately swiping to the Vycon App and scrolling down a specific woman's timeline. "Good morning, Daphne", he said with a gross chuckle "What beautiful pics have you uploaded today"? After taking the time to like every picture he could, he shut off his alarm and headed to the bathroom to begin preparing for his day, blasting "Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Mijuku DREAMER" and reciting the lyrics word for word.

Today was going to be a beautiful day.


With Bass having dealt with so much lately, he took it upon himself to reward himself with a walk around the town. Seeing as this town was some weird blend of his world cultures, he hoped there might've been a chance this world also knew about anime. Banking on that chance, he decided he'd explore Rivengate and "see the sights" while also searching for any trace of the golden content.

It had to have anime, right? It had to! And if it didn't? Well, perhaps he'd just have to make some! It'd be an interesting adventure to embark on, right? "Creating an anime in another world?!" Yeah! That's a nice title! He could market that! Standing in front of the entrance to his hotel he'd been put up in for a temporary time, Bass clutched his fists tightly as he thought of a certain white-haired Inu from moment's passed. "Ana, give me strength".

Taking one step forward, Bass was suddenly bumped into and knocked down, landing with a hard, dramatic thud as he howled in "pain".


Looking up, Bass was shocked to see the person before him, his eyes widening with every second he spent gazing upon them. "Holy..."

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tags:  @Emi Kazama

Horiuchi Bassui
Horiuchi Bassui

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A Beautiful Day With [Emi] Empty Re: A Beautiful Day With [Emi]

Post by Emi Kazama Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:44 am


joker's always wild

but I just can't smile without you

"Well, that was a waist.." Emi murmured to herself with a sigh when she managed to get the shorts fitting onto her waist, her curvy hips and the thickness of her muscular thighs causing the shorts to look a lot smaller than was perhaps intended. "Now if I could only keep it abreast!" She tried to center the top with a giggle as she tugged more at the material to cover more.  A gasp escaped her lips and she blinked her eyes in shock upon realizing that there was no material to pull out: the top was too small. The worst part though? It was too late to change. Her knock-knock joke spell that she used to unlock and enter the home in the first place was loud enough to have alerted someone by now.  


The dreaded moment Emi realized that she had committed the crime of breaking and entering for no reason had finally come. Well, it was for a reason, but now that reason seemed to have been gravely miscalculated.. or more like missed the size completely. Sure, she'd been doing this for 5 years, but she wasn't perfect. It wasn't like she had a mirror to notice her size to be able to judge  other people's sizes well enough. It was kind of the same thing as buying something straight out of the store without trying it on; not that she would know much about that given her financial situation, but that's why she was a thief. Emi quickly put on a medium-sized black and pink jacket on top in hopes of it covering a little more, then made her escape. With another quick escape out the window, the laughing thief hopped on the descending ladder and then jumped onto the drain pipe on the side to slide the remaining way down, all whilst giggling to herself.  

In an instant, Emi took off running towards the nearest hotel. Hotels were always great places to hide from in the lobby, but especially to steal from. What's more, plenty of otherworlders here tended to go to hotels, which was exactly who she planned on being the next target for a particular item she needed. Best thing about hotels? They could always just blame the maid and then the people would get their money back! Unfortunately, her small, ill-fitting green top wasn't exactly comfortable to run in, given how much of her breasts were still showing outside of it, causing her to look down and adjusting it while running to make sure it was still covering as much as possible until she accidentally ran onto someone, causing the poor person to topple over onto the pavement.

"Sst.. ahahaha!" The petite, minty haired thief in the orange bandana laughed through the pain, knowing that it was probably going to be a bruise tomorrow. Laughing through the pain always made it hurt less. "Sorry about that!" Emi apologized as she scanned over the person that fell down to see if they were alright, although her dark green eyes lit up upon catching what looked like a phone slightly jutting out of his pocket of his pants, the rectangular shape only confirming that it was the device that she had seen many people use around her to "call" people. It was exactly what she was looking for! "Yeah.. Let's not make a habit of running into each other like this! Hahaha" Emi joked at her own expense with a sheepish grin and bent down slightly to extend her hand out to him, "Here, take my hand!" She offered with a smile and used her strength to pull him up to his feet while her other gloved hand deftly made its way into his pant pockets to grab the phone. "Let's try this again!"  Emi gazed up at the tall boy with a grin, pretending that they were starting their meeting all over again, "I was hoping I'd run into you!" She bit her lower lip as she tried to stifle a mischievous giggle upon deftly unzipping his pants in the process of stealing his phone, ""I just wanted to say...Your zipper's down! Pfft! Hahaha!" Emi tried to whisper it as much as she could whilst stifling her giggling with her free hand, before she finally burst into laughter.

In an instant, the comedic thief emitted her laughing magic in hopes that it would temporarily incapacitate him.  "Welp, I'd better take this call! See ya later, cute stuff!" Emi waved his phone in her hands with an impish grin and then dashed away after tossing him a wink. She ran as fast as she could in hopes of losing him, not knowing just how her laughing spell would affect him. She couldn't leave anything to chance. Sometimes, the sheer will of some people enabled them to run after her while laughing, and sometimes it allowed others to have the effects last for only a short amount of time. "Come on, come on.. How does this work? Shouldn't be that hard if a bunch of people use it..!" Emi tried to press on some buttons with a puzzled expression as she ran, all the while trying to look up to make sure she wasn't going to crash onto anyone. She was determined to call someone very important to her and nothing was going to stop her this time!

  Outfit | Word Count: 894| Tag: @Horiuchi Bassui

:hearts: Caillte

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Emi Kazama
Emi Kazama

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A Beautiful Day With [Emi] Empty Re: A Beautiful Day With [Emi]

Post by Horiuchi Bassui Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:14 am

A Beautiful Day With [Emi] 2qVZuZN
A Beautiful Day With [Emi] CCiBHDr

Well...wasn't this unexpected? When he woke up today, there hadn't been any mention on his daily to-do list of running into such an exquisite piece of ass - or rather, it running into him. With a rough thud he landed on the ground. There was nothing worse than an ache or two he'd walk off later. However, during the moment he--...he'd felt something inexplicably soft in nature; two somethings in fact....Could it have been? No, certainly not. This may have been his Isekai Paradise but he couldn't be that lucky, could he?

"Sst.. ahahaha!"

HE WAS! HE WAS THAT LUCKY! He'd been run into by a girl, the voice was unmistakable! Sure, it could've been a Folix the Dog Boy situation, but what were the chances of that?! Well, as his hazed state came to it's eventual dissipation, the star-gazed otaku had finally set his sights on the origin of his current inconvenience.-- If only he'd known what the woman he'd soon lay his eyes upon would do to him. If only he'd known the spell she'd soon place. As she bent down, her face came into focus; allowing him to use a special power only he and he alone possessed. And as she took the hand of a man lost in though, he began his work.

It was time to place her in a character trope.

"Hmm", his mind was moving at lightning speeds as he took only the last few seconds of interaction and ran it through his database. "She laughed at my pain, but I don't think she means any harm. She's smokin' hot, but not the kind of super model drop dead gorgeous hot. The jokes she's making suck, but it looks like she's really confident in them; wait...", suddenly it came to him, "That's it! She's the popular tomboy in RomComs! She's the main affection of many but will give her affection to the man whose earned it; more than often through conventional means. Her character type is often the dream girl for people like"--

....Time froze move slower until one could imagine seeing driplets cascading from the sky; picture to picture, frame to frame. As their eyes met, as Bass returned from his assessment, Bass felt a... sensation. One he'd never felt prior nor could ever explain or even fathom now. The woman, her hands they...moved in such a motion, in such a way. Even if it was momentary. Even if it was faster than one could blink, he. felt. everything.

There was no need to speak on what she'd done, how she'd done it or the god awful joke that proceeded after. All sound blurred for the otaku as only she remained as the sole focus, the sole matter on his mind. His heart thumped uncontrollably as his face grew flush and his knees grew weak. Her laugh was like a final blow to the heart; in a metaphorical, general and romantic sense. And as his once again found himself gazing at the sky, he attempted to reach for his phone to find that it wasn't there.

And that's when it hit him.

"Oh son of a BITCH!", wriggling as hard as humanly possible, Bass violently shook before eventually regaining control of his body. "When they say you fall head over heels, I didn't think they fuckin' meant literally! Damnit, I've gotta get the hots for a thief of all people?!", looking about in a panic, Bass shook his head of the thought and picked himself up. "I can't think about that right now. I've got to get my phone back! If she takes one look at my secret photos folder, any chance I'll have with her is fucked"!

Assuming she'd turned around and ran, Bass took off running forward in the hopes of finding her nearby. "For an Isekai Paradise, this isn't very paradise-like at all"!

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tags: @Emi Kazama

Horiuchi Bassui
Horiuchi Bassui

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