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Flashback [Quest w/Sacha]

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Flashback [Quest w/Sacha] Empty Flashback [Quest w/Sacha]

Post by Elloise Tue May 25, 2021 6:09 am

Flashback [Quest w/Sacha] 8x094qM

Flashback [Quest w/Sacha] QQEdP82
T'was the break of dawn and the Gaiyan people were steadily strolling beyond their slumbered states. Farmers would begin farming, gatherers would begin gathering, protectors would begin protecting. Yes, today was expected to be another quiet and peaceful day within this neatly pocketed town.-- That was, until she appeared.

Despite it not having been long, the people of this town had nearly forgotten about her save the few loved ones. Without her daily antics, there wasn't anyone to disturb the workflow of the day. Was it boring? Sure. However - in the eyes (most) of the Elders here, this was for the best. When she'd announced her grand desires, most of the townsfolk hadn't thought much of it. But, with hard work and consistent determination, she gradually proved the doubters wrong. Now, though they missed their loud little Fae, they would enjoy their quiet when they could; settling in to--

"She's back! She's back!", the sound of a panicked fae echoed through the town as they flew through the gates, "Code E! Code "! At the mere mention of the letter, the towns guard immediately responded by ringing the town alarm; everyone entering their "battle stations" in preparation for the destruction that approached...



[Hoptus Forest, a short distance from the town]

After travelling for an undetermined amount of time, the duo of Elloise & Sacha had finally made it to the home stretch of their journey to the forest. With an assortment of snacks, roadside games, and campfire songs to guide them, it felt as if no time had passed at all when they traveled. Something about Sacha's nature made it easy to speak to him and - as his elder, easy to direct him as well. Though they hadn't any encounters on their way thus far, she knew that eventually they'd have to fight something. Him being as kind as he was and perhaps as gullible as well was a imperative to their dynamic working. It'd allow her to call the shots, which for her combat style? Worked out swell for her.

As the two were walking along a dirt path within deep forestation, they'd occasionally hear shuffles in the bushes but nothing ever seemed to attack them.-- They couldn't help but feel watched and Elloise made mention of this often in their travels. That being the case, they hastened their travels and made sure to evade any dangerous areas up until this point. Now they were but a few minutes away from the entrance to her home; the place that cultivated her and so many like her, she couldn't wait.

"Ahhhh! I can't wait, I can't wait!", fluttering about in circles, Elloise was sure to keep the pace as she spoke, "I've got to see all my friends and family if they're here. Some of them may be travelling but that's okay! I can see Elder Logos - oh, he might not be here either! If he is though, I'm sure he'd love to meet you"! Looking back to Sacha, Elloise offered a hearty smile as she continued to go on.

"I'm not sure which Elder it is that required the flower but I know where we're going to get it. When any Elder needs a flower, it's usually for medicinal or research purposes, and those kinds of flowers are only in dangerous places.", suddenly feeling proud of herself for returning an adventurer, she gave a bratty chuckle and mischievously rubbed her hands together, "I bet they'll never see me coming! They'll be all like! Huuuuh?! Whaaaa?! And I'll be all like, MHM! Yeah! That's right! It's me! It's Elloise! And they'll be like, they'll be like--", she let out a burst of energy with scream, curling in before expanding out like an explosion, "AAAAAAAHHH! It's gunna be sooo coool, Sacha! Aren't you excited"?!

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Flashback [Quest w/Sacha] Empty Re: Flashback [Quest w/Sacha]

Post by Sacha Mon Jun 07, 2021 5:19 am

Despite the long walk to the Hoptus forest Sacha was more than happy to be here. Going on an adventure with his friend Speedy E meant, there would never be a dull moment for the entire journey! Secondly, this would be the second time he had encountered more fae other than E herself! Thinking back to his prior adventure here at the fishing hole, his mind wandered to Elder Logos and how the Creature of Olde was doing these days. As his thoughts fully reverted back to reality, Sacha noted that E had mentioned Elder Logos herself!? Could she have met him somewhere else before he had met her?

”Wait wait! You are telling me you know Elder Logos too?! I met him here in the forest a bit ago before the festival! I was out here fishing and I caught him on my line! He then made a funny joke, but Speedy E I am telling you I was stunned! He was so large yet he fit into what appeared to be a shallow pond. Boy was I surprised!!” Sacha laughed lightly rubbing the back of his @Llenellyn Wyddicc neck, his blushing features were hidden well by the edges of the scarf.

Resuming his active listening, Sacha really did like how E described her village. These people seemed to be really nice, he had never met so many Gaiyans in one sitting before. From the information provided Sacha determined that more answers would come in due time. First, they had to get to E’s village and meet with these people! No doubt they might hold a celebration at her return! Oh, how exciting would that be?! E sounded like the perfect hometown hero everyone would love to see again, especially after defying all odds against her.

”I have no doubt that these will gladly welcome you with open arms. Someone's got to miss you no doubt! Who could possibly dislike your energy? I find it quite invigorating and it makes me want to get cruising!!” Sacha exclaimed as he gained some pep to his step, seeming to skip now instead of walking. Doing a small spinning circle his arms flew into the air as he let out a yell of his own like E’s ”YOU WATCH OUT FLOWERS THE DUO IS HERE TO TAKE YOU IN!!”


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