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Technology in Vyldermire

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Technology in Vyldermire Empty Technology in Vyldermire

Post by Admin Tue May 25, 2021 3:41 am

Technology in Vyldermire Tecnh

Check back here for updates as the lore progresses and more regions are added!

The Mirinah Region

General Technology Information
Technology in the Mirinah Region of Vyldermire is a bit complicated. The mainland of the Mirinah Region isn't set up for the complexities of Rivengate. While there's electricity and running water, you won't find internet or cell phone service anywhere on the main island except Sinhaven, and even there it is spotty when able to be accessed at all. Most technology and people who rely on it are confined to Rivengate, but are able to vacation in the Avalon Islands with some caveats. Slow internet connections and cell service can be found in the internet cafes dotted around the tropical island in the Free Lands, but it isn't available in the streets or hotel rooms.

On the mainland, there are no TVs or radios, either. Most forms of entertainment are consumed live, which encourages communities to interact with each other in their free time and lends to thriving businesses of all sorts. However, on rare occasions, film enthusiasts from Rivengate will sneak a projector, pull-down screen, and old-fashioned reels of film to open areas, snag some electricity from a nearby building, and put on a show for the younger, more rebellious Mireans interested in the suspicious Otherworlder tech. In Rivengate, TVs, radios, computers, and technology of the like are common. While they can be taken to the mainland, these items will receive no signal and are thus useless.

Due to widespread distrust of Otherworlders and any knowledge they bring, most Mireans reject high-tech items. It isn't only the internet and smartphones that the general Mirean populace rejects, but they also aren't fond of industrialization or mechanical vehicles. On the main island, you won't be finding any scooters or cars. Though they are aware of their existence, the air pollution situation in Rivengate has led to the mass rejection of such things on the main Mirinah Island. There are no fuel stations outside of Rivengate and the Avalon Islands, so should someone bring a vehicle over, they'll have to purchase not only overpriced fuel before the trip but also mass quantity to last the intended journey.

It is far more practical to leave vehicles and communications devices at home and make use of the traditional transportation method of carriages and horses and sending messages either by courier or messenger birds. For the majority of Mireans, the slower, cleaner way of life is preferable and safer.

Weaponry in Vyldermire is old-timey as well. Flintlock and matchlock weapons, common dynamite and gunpowder explosives, and blacksmith's edged weapons and blunt instruments are all that will function on the mainland. More futuristic weapons can exist only within Rivengate, but they are heavily regulated due to past incidences with weapons of mass destruction during the war. Any high-tech weaponry taken to the mainland will be disabled by the magic of Vyldermire to prevent the heavy consequences.


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