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Post by Eris Tue May 18, 2021 7:35 pm

You find yourself in the forest near Riverforte, at a bridge over a stream. There is a stranger there, and a large chest blocking your path to cross. If you were to try to pass it, you find yourself unable to climb over the chest. Moving the chest seems also impossible. The stranger comes with a solution.

The water of the stream gently spurred twigs and leaves along with its current. Tall reeds on the banks cheered the floaters onwards as the wind brushed through them. Over the brook arched a low wooden bridge; its pillars crooked and some of the planks missing. Algy and moss turned most of the bridge in a green haze. Upon the bridge stood a large chest, made of stained wood and brass hinges. Laying on the container was a young person. legs covered in long orange socks and draped with the wide pipes of a blue jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was fastened around the chest with leather belts. The arms were covered in sleeves of disk-shaped patches of slate-coloured fabric. Their orange hair was braided on one side, and upon their head, they wore a round hat like a stary halo.

"Bored!" shouted Eris, "why is no one using this bridge?" They were done staring at the blue sky, there were almost no clouds. Eris went from laying to sitting. Their orange braid fell on their right shoulder, the end of the braid scarcely brushed bellow the belt. They gawked down the dirt path, which was cast in the shadow of trees. As the tree's gently bobbed in the wind, they let through sparks of light which made the ground come to life. Eris eyes darted along with the moving spots of light, but they were quickly bored with that as well.

"I should have stayed in the village," said Eris, kicking with their legs against the chest. Thumb thumb... thumb thumb... thu-thumb... thu-thumb... Eris kept kicking quicker, and louder until they threw themselves with a rollover the chest followed by a handstand. They walked off the bridge and jumped back on their feet. Eris glared at her green and sandy hands and pulled up their nose. They began to rub their hands but it did not make their hands any cleaner. They stumbled to stream to wash their hands, Eris then proceeded to hold a staring contest with a fat frog sitting on a fallen branch.

Eris jumped up, did they hear that correctly. Their head darted around. Where did those sounds come from?
Plot: Your character(s) are allowed to look into the chest and receive what they find inside. But there is a twist.
1: You find an epic weapon, you grab it but are now unable to let go of it.
2: You are met with a gust of dust that gets into your eyes.
3: You find a strange-looking helmet with a visor. You try if it fits, but now it's stuck and you can't see anything through the visor. Every time you open the visor and let go of it, it falls back down.
4: You find a pot of strawberry jam. Plot Item.
5: You find a sizable pouch of coins. Plot Item.
6: You are met with the sound and smell of a fart.

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