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Two Stuff Finders Walk into A Cave [Closed | Emi]

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Two Stuff Finders Walk into A Cave [Closed | Emi] Empty Two Stuff Finders Walk into A Cave [Closed | Emi]

Post by Theo Tue May 18, 2021 1:32 pm

Times were hard in this new world. Like his old one, everything took money. Unlike his old one, he had none. All his riches, all his precious shiny treasures were left behind, which pained his very shiny-loving soul. All he had was the tiny dragon carved out of jade that he always kept in his pocket, and while he could probably sell that to get enough funds to get to Rivengate, where he heard there were people like him, he would rather resort to pickpocketing than give up his prized possession. In fact, he'd already pickpocketed a little, but it was only out of desperation! He'd been so hungry... and he was so very good at lifting things off of distracted people. A hazard of his poor raider upbringing back in the land of sand. Thank god he hadn't run into any sand here so far...

Pickpocketing and trying to sell his jello aside, joining the Adventurer's Guild had been his best decision so far! His magic was still in the crapper, and the condition of his body was worse than he remembered, but he could still do one thing well! Treasure hunt! He'd taken treasure hunting jobs all the time, though sometimes he'd ended up keeping the shiny for himself...but not this time. No! He really wanted to take a bath somewhere that wasn't a cold river and eat something other than three-day-old bread and questionably sourced meat on sticks sold in the alleys (he was pretty sure it was rat meat).

The guild had a posting for someone to travel to Viridia Overlook and search for a certain item in the many unexplored caves over the edge of the cliff. As he stood at said edge, he just sorta marveled at the view for a long moment. It really was an otherworldly sight to behold, unlike anything he'd seen back in Ishgar. Unsupported tendrils of land stretched out from the cliff so far that they disappeared into the cloud. Speaking of clouds, other than the land he stood on and the magically supported paths outward, all he could see was fluffy white sheep-clouds in a sea of peach and rose sky. It was a shame that he'd have to climb down and roam around a dank old cave when this was the view of the area at large.

The item being searched for was a Wand of Color Spray. That's all he really knew since he hadn't met the client directly. Theo had only received a warning from the guild lady that this job was basically a free-for-all, posted for many guild members to take simultaneously and even rumored to be sourced out to rogues as well. That might frighten the average quester, but not this jello-slinging wiggle worm! Theo Silversong grew up in tough times, fighting other raiders and hunters tooth and nail for riches buried in the scorching sandy tombs. It was just ironic that his life had come full circle. As a child, he'd been wormholed into an unfamiliar place and had to do anything to survive, and here he was again just around twenty years later.

Excited and perhaps a little overconfident, Theo turned his eyes from the beautiful landscape and to the very narrow path leading down to the swiss-cheese cliff face. "Right! I have a wand to snatch. I hope there aren't any weird pygmies," he chattered to himself, slipping over the edge and shuffling his way against the rocks until he could slip into the yawning opening of a small cavern. "Oh, pretty," he mouthed, looking at the sparkling metal flecks in the obsidian-marbled walls and the randomly spaced mushrooms that glowed a pale purple. The luminous drips of water into small puddles provided a musical soundtrack that made the caves feel less ominous, so the tracks-suited man didn't think twice about slipping his hands into his pockets and sauntering along as if he was wandering around a park or something.

Being rather dim-witted, he still hadn't grasped his situation fully. Like, he knew his magic was basically as weak as when he first learned it, yet it was hard to remember that fact when it'd been so strong seemingly mere days ago. Little jello cups wouldn't help him much in battling the unfamiliar monsters of Vyldermire, but at least his body still did its jiggly wiggly so he could slip and slide into spots others couldn't. Hopefully, that'd be enough. "Oh, color wand thingy! Where aaaare youuu?" he called into the opening, listening to it echo back at him with a goofy grin.


"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Hey, HEY HEY, Bloopy! Can't we talk about this? Do you even have a mouth-- OW, THAT STINGS! Bad Gelzilla! BAD!"

It hadn't taken long to realize that this was a very terrible, very stupid idea. Had he really thought he could just wander around for a day or two in the tunnels under Viridia Overlook without a single challenge? Berties. There were Berties (slimes) everywhere! They almost looked like his jello, but oh god did they sting when they oozed on him and they kept trying to suck him in! He bounced and slid and skidded around the tunnels as fast as he could. He slipped his body into crevices, only to emerge into a new opening of hungry jigglers. His jello ball attacks did nothing but get absorbed, so honestly, the jiggly, mindless enemies were pretty as if stuffed with rainbow confetti, but they were decidedly awful mean goopy gusses bent on eating him alive! He didn't have any weapons. He didn't have much bodily strength anymore. Even running was so taxing that he thought his heart would fly out of his chest and escape without him! So far he'd just been able to make a small, ugly jello thing with legs and horns that led a few of the blobs away, but there were still two slowly advancing on him. They blocked his exit. "AAAIIIEEEEE!! HEEEEELLLPPP!!!" he wailed, icy blue eyes widened in horror, face streaming tears and snot as he came to terms with his fourth death. Without the demon within him, what would this world's afterlife hold for him? Theo was absolutely terrified to find out.

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Two Stuff Finders Walk into A Cave [Closed | Emi] Empty Re: Two Stuff Finders Walk into A Cave [Closed | Emi]

Post by Emi Kazama Sun May 23, 2021 4:11 am

The Wand of Color Spray in Viridia Outlook, huh? As pretty as a spray of colors sounded, Emi was only keen on trading that in for some Vyldergold, maybe even to the Black Market. Surprising as though it may seem to most people who viewed rogues, that wasn't what captured this rogue's attention. It was the prospect of those people from the Adventurer's Guild showing up, of course! There was a challenging glint in her narrowing green eyes as a competitive smirk quirked up at the ends of her lips. If the Adventurer's Guild thought they could get the treasure first and show off their greatness and success to all the rogues, then challenge accepted! She'll show them! "Alright! First quest! Let's do this!" Emi clenched her fist, her competitive nature making her feel pumped as she instantly left in search of this treasure hopefully before those people at the Adventurer's Guild had anything to say about it!

Although Emi spent 5 years surviving as a rogue in the streets, that might be different to being out in the wild. This was her first time doing a quest, but she was too stubborn to ask for someone to guide her. Someone joining her under the guise of hanging out with her would've been nice though. She kind of didn't like being alone, particularly away from townspeople that she'd make laugh at her jokes, but especially with the prospect of monsters. Did that make Emi any quieter? No. Well, maybe a little. "Yeah! Nothing to be afraid of. Pfft! There should be a sign here: Only the BOULDER ones beyond this point, am I right?!" She joked about boldness with a grin as she glimpsed around at the boulders with amusement in her giggling.


There were only so many jokes she could make herself laugh with to lighten the mood of loneliness. Ah..It was kinda sad. The petite girl with green hair gave a sigh as she gazed out the picturesque scenery before her, only mentally admitting to herself that it was actually breathtaking, even if this was snobby Gaiyan territory.  The clouds looked like cotton candy to the former circus clown of laughter, which kind of made the rogue hungry for some, but not as much as she longed for the circus. Emi clenched her orange gloved fists tightly with a determined look. That's okay! That just reminded her that she was determined to prove to them that she would be successful!

"Oh, color wand thingy! Where aaaare youuu?"

"Hm?" Emi snapped out of her thoughts in bewilderment upon hearing that echo and she parted her mouth in shock as the realization struck her that she really wasn't alone. It was only briefly relieving to hear for the laughing thief that wanted someone to laugh with, but her competitive nature held out in the end. "No way! They're already ahead of me?!" With a narrowing of her eyes and a competitive smirk, she instantly bolted down the narrow pathway, "Hmph! Not for long!" Thankfully, she was used to working on balance while trying to use her parkhour-eque tricks to get away from the guards in the cities and the petite rogue's feet were small enough to allow her to shuffle against the rock, barring the few rocks that fell from her movement she tried to make as quickly as possible.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Hey, HEY HEY, Bloopy! Can't we talk about this? Do you even have a mouth-- OW, THAT STINGS! Bad Gelzilla! BAD!"

Unfortunately, the startling commotion that echoed from the cave distracted Emi from securing her footing, causing her to slide down the cliff. "Shit! Shit! Pfft! Aheheh.." She could only laugh in nervousness and at the irony when she actually slipped further below the cave with a slight gasp, thankfully being able to keep herself from falling with a quick, but firm grasp onto the rocks. "Man, this nearly would have a-mountain-ed to nothing!" With a strong grasp on the rocks and recovering her footing, Emi managed to pull herself up lest she fall precariously down the rocky cliff. She was still a few rocks below the cave, but she was going to get up there one way or another. As much as she was up for jumping off cliffs, she had a wand to find.  

The rogue with mint green hair blinked her eyes up in surprise as she mentally tried to register that startling echo from the opening of the cave just now. That almost sounded like the same person from earlier. It sounded like he was with a monster! Emi's competitive nature ebbed and she was suddenly overcome with a sense of concern for whoever made that noise. The petite girl tried to climb up faster when she stopped when she was met with something on the ledge above that easily distracted her. She actually had to blink, as she wasn't sure if it was a mirage out of hunger for what she was seeing. "I can't be that hungry..Is that... jello?!" She murmured to herself in surprise with a bright smile that she bit her lower lip, trying hard to hide the laugh as soon as she saw larger blobs chasing after it out of the cave. Thankfully they didn't see her below the ledge, and she was able to climb up on the ledge successfully as soon as they all waddled away.  "...Pahaha! It was the WHOLE jello family!" As soon as she caught her breath from the climb, she burst out laughing with a slap on her bare thigh below her striped, green and orange shorts.

The sound of sobbing was soon heard from within the cave, which caused her smile to immediately turn it's rare form of serious. "Hey!" Emi narrowed her eyebrows as she boldly called out to the entrance of the crowd and blinked her eyes in surprise to find two more of those blobs that she saw earlier approaching someone, then quickly grabbing two rocks from the floor and throwing it at both the blobs, missing one of them but successfully getting the other. The petite rogue watched as the rock slammed onto one blob's gooey surface with a jiggle before the rock slowly oozed inside its body. Either way, it was a momentary distraction away from the guy. The blob creatures stopped in their jiggly tracks and turned to the direction of where the rock was tossed. "What, you don't like rock?! Well, that's your per-rock-ative! Hahahah!" Oh, Emi couldn't help but make that joke. It was just too perfect! She laughed at her own joke until she paused with a smile of amusement as the blob jiggled silently towards her. "Hmm..These slimestones don't have a funny bone in their body!" She remarked jokingly with a smile then narrowed her eyes with a challenging glint in her green eyes. "Time for the Punchline!" The bold rogue balled up her fists, ready to punch it with her brass knuckles that glimmered in the light outside the cave entrance as she dashed inside the cave to defend that person from danger. Heroism wasn't typically in the description for rogues, but it was for Emi Kazama.
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Two Stuff Finders Walk into A Cave [Closed | Emi] Empty Re: Two Stuff Finders Walk into A Cave [Closed | Emi]

Post by Theo Thu May 27, 2021 11:22 am

"What, you don't like rock?! Well, that's your per-rock-ative! Hahahah!"

"Hmm..These slimestones don't have a funny bone in their body!"

The sound of laughing and crying combined was always an odd one, but that was the exact noise Theo was making. He was an emotional man with an attention span no bigger than the rock she'd thrown to distract his two attacker blobs, so even though he was terrified and not thinking clearly, her jokes distracted him and tickled his funny bone. "Nnngh...haha *sniff* per-rock-ative!" he...soggled? Gibbed? Craughed? Whatever he was doing, it was just a really soggy chuckle and lots of sniffling.

But then he noticed what she was doing and finally pulled him from his panic over mortality. She was gonna make his mistake! "AH! HEY! Don't punch them!" Theo squawked, trying not to wheeze as he ran up behind the slimes that were now advancing his minty-haired savior. His mind was usually clouded when trying to protect himself, but it almost always magically cleared when someone else's wellbeing came into play. "They sting, see?" he warned, holding up his arms and hopping so she could see him over the larger blobs. The sleeves were dissolved, leaving ragged fabric edges and reddened, angry skin visible for her to see as he waved them.

This wouldn't do. Even if there were only two blobs and two of them on each side, how did you fight something you couldn't hit? Though just moments later his wilted magic seemed all but useless, without even thinking he bounced up to the ceiling of the cave and stuck, using his sugary stickiness to crawl above the slimes before his jiggly form bounced back down beside her.

Could he have done this all along to escape? Yes. Had he thought about it? Absolutely not.

"If we had some sort of protective goop like they do, we could probably fight them off," he commented, though by 'we' he kinda meant her. He wasn't feeling super great. His skin was pale, he was in a cold sweat, and he just couldn't seem to catch his breath. In fact, he wasn't sure that he could run even though the exit was behind them. If only there was some armor in here! "Oh. Oh! Here!" he reached over without really waiting to see if she was willing, touching a finger to her forearm. He intended to cover her in a suit of jello armor, but all he had in him were basically jello gauntlets. Would that be enough?

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