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Post by Lilith Mon May 17, 2021 11:36 pm


I'm the queen of broken hearts, break you in a thousand parts
Used to be a shooting star, when did I become so dark?

She liked this song.

The rhythm was smooth and the beats hit hard enough that she could really get into it. Grip tightening as she slowed her spin on the length of the metal pole that supported her, curling her legs back over her head to bring her feet to the ground. Coiling her body up into a standing position before twirling on the spot, pushing her hips back to really excentuate the curves of her ass. The echoe of cheers confirming that they liked that, the pigs watching.

It was a relatively new routine, she had choreographed it herself as a means of entertainment. From what she had seen so far, the patrons seemed to enjoy it, then again they liked anything she did. Her body was a piece of art, and this place was the museum. As she bent forward, she would snake her hands down her thighs, peering out between her legs, delivering a teasing wink as she looked at into the crowd. All eyes were on her, lapping up every moment, every inch of exposed flesh. They wanted her, she could feel the intensity of their arousal from the stage, money littering the floor in appreciation. The tips would be good tonight.

She straightened up, rolling the arch of her back and twisting her hips as she dragged her hands back up her body. Reaching forward, she would grab the pole and stride around it, using her legs to kick off the ground as she pulled herself up it's length. Allowing the music to guide her motions, that had always been her trick. Just enjoy the music, dance without inhibition and leave them hungry for more. Get that Vyldergold, nothing else mattered.



Lilith lounged in the seat of her dressing table, sporting a pink robe, legs tucked in at her side as she counted her earnings for the night. As predicted, another good haul, she could treat herself to those new curtains she wanted. As she seperated another pile, a man's voice could be heard from the doorway,  "Sasha was grumbling about you again, apparently she thinks your 'sexy faces' makes you look desperate." Lilith didn't look over to know that it was Barnabus talking, the club owner, a demon unsurprisingly. He was a beautiful specimen of a man, with long white hair and golden eyes that bore into your soul. A body built not unlike that of a greek adonis, and not a single blemish on the mans light skin. He was currently dressed in a maroon suit, his long white hair draping down along his back. They had fucked a  few times over the years, he and Lilith. Nothing romantic, just when the itch needed scratching.

"We're strippers, we are desperate." Lilith mused with disinterest. She had been working at Limbo long enough to know that strippers came and went, but she was a bit of a veteran. Having started work here at seventeen, now the experienced age of twenty four. Jealousy was not exactly a new story for Lili, heck it wasn't even worth a page in the book of shit she had to deal with in that time. Sasha hadn't been here long, and whilst she had tried to schmooze the other girls, she had quickly found it would not work on the Ravenette. Lili could tell that girl didn't have the stomach for the work, undoubtedly she would quit before the end of the week, Lili had money on it.

"Oh I don't know, you don't seem so desperate to me. I don't think you've been desperate for a while." Barny teased, stepping behind her and rubbing her shoulders. The shoulder rub was welcome on her sore muscles, the suggestion he made however, was not. She glanced into the mirror, scowling at his reflection. "Are you trying to piss me off Bee. I may be a halfling but I could still wreck your ass." He chuckled softly, "Don't I know it. My intentions are the opposite," He answered, moving his hands from her shoulders to her hair. His skilled fingers making quick work of the pins that pulled the do tight against her scalp, undoing her high ponytail and allowing her raven-shaded locks to fall softly against her shoulder.

"What are you after?" She asked, eyes narrowing in suspicion at him. He would grin at her, a smile worth millions, able to charm anyone who fell victim to it. Barnabus would quickly to explain the job that he needed her to do, apparently there was a parcel that needed collecting in Lyndon Port. He couldn't go, so he was hoping to send her. It hadn't taken much to convince her, the promise of payment had been enough to make the girl agreeable to the idea. After an hour of negotiating her price, Barnabus left her to dress. Lilith pulled on her black jumper dress, before yanking on her black boots and grabbing her black satchel. Stepping out into the chilly night, her boots clicking against the stone of Sinhaven's streets. You would think it would be quiet so late at night, but Sinhaven never slept. Not really.

Lili didn't quite understand why Barnabus was sending her and not one of his minions, he had reasoned by saying that he wanted his customers to pine for her a little so that they could do a big night when she got bad. Seemed a little overzealous to assume they would miss her so much after a week, it was possible that he had some ulterior motive but the money had silenced her doubts. In regards to the parcel itself, she knew better than to ask him what it was. To be frank, she didn't really care. Barnabus was a good boss, she trusted him, as much as she could trust another person.

Still, a trip to Lyndon Port. It had been a while since she had left Sinhaven, she wasn't exactly welcome in most places. But then again she had just got paid so maybe she could have a little fun whilst she was there.

Those curtains would just have to wait.

WC: 1021 [Handed in as 2x Novice quests, 2x 500 words, 21 words excess)


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